Allman, Gregg - Island Lyrics

I think we need an island
'Cause we can't get along
In this place that we're on
And honey
When I wake in the morning
If I could see your face
If I could see your face

And I've covered the whole world
Searching for a way to get to you
Will it be this way forever
Ooh, I feel the night is breathing
Closer than ever
And I can't believe we're no together

I need to get some answers
'Cause I can't understand it
We both know it's wrong
And honey
I wanna die completely
We've dragging it out too long
Much too long

And I've covered the whole world
Searching for a way to get to you
And I can't believe we're not together

I think we need an island

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Allman, Gregg Island Comments
  1. Pamela Knowles

    Beautiful only Gregg could do ,sing my Sweet Island,🎼🎹🎶💕

  2. Susan T

    I know they bonded he adored her so

  3. Kit Cotter

    Haven't seen Island or Julie since Manhattan Beach... Island was only 8 or so... the band came thru & Gregg got her up on stage. Beautiful kid, great song.

  4. Gary McKenzie

    That song is so much like my daughter and myself

  5. Eric Bolt

    God I miss this man.

  6. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Beautiful song that only Greg could make it that way.. Rock in Paradise.

  7. Cynthia Lischick

    Island was a beautiful little girl and Julie did her best to keep it all goin in Sarasota. We love her too!

    Mika Heinonen

    im living in Finland ,but Still here greggs mind is living

    Delialah Kurtom

    I have turned into a woman and I owe it all to my father. He was my life. He raised me

  8. Debbie Parr Noblitt

    The love of his life.

  9. charrmmee

    such a hauntingly beautiful & deeply meaningful song. wonder if that bridge was ever formed between gregg & island. i surely hope so.

    Lisa Murphy

    charrmmee : He said “she” was the love of his life...

  10. Conrad Lin

    great album love this tune and Just Before The Bullets Fly mmmmm i remember seeing them in Lake Tahoe in 1988 when this lp came out man what a show

  11. Patricia Martin

    I have always loved island really hits home similar stsituation with my daughter in Sarasota. I am friends with chaz trippy who was with Greg.
    And hey greg I live in Nashville, come see me.

  12. Magamiam

    August The Twelfth, 2012
    What a treasury of a deepest lyrics
    Thanks so very very much for having posted it really
    Happy METHENY day aye !!