Allman, Gregg - In For The Night Lyrics

Snuggle with me mama like you used to
Weather's kind of cold, but I don't care
Slip off your old red flannel nightgown
Getting to feel like fall
Hey we're a fallen pair

Well there's a bluebird
Flying home to Mobile
Camping in your cornfield for a while
Seems he just backed into a square meal
And he's in for the night

See that fine yellow moon a rising
Through the frost along the window pane
All of your shooting stars
Are in the wrong direction
Well I love you darling
But you just seem to change

Strut with me mama like you used to
Weather's kind of cold, but I don't care
Slip off your old red flannel nightgown
Getting to feel like falling with a fallin' fare

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Allman, Gregg In For The Night Comments
  1. Donna Spradlin

    God he was a fine looking man

  2. Nancy Sorkowitz

    Chartered accountant.....sounds like he was thinking of Robert Plant.

  3. Judy Ragen


  4. Tom Meredith

    Like Wow Man....
    Far Out!

  5. Velvet Brewer

    Alan is such a jackass your long hair would get in there face. Like he'd have long hair as a dentist. Why is it everyone who interviews him sounds like a first class ass! Gregg your the bomb. Don't let those dumb ass get you down brother.

  6. wavygr

    "GOOBER" it is a private joke for a few.

  7. Laura Mounier

    I'm not much for blonde men, but, Gregg Allman was an exception. He was the entire package; beautiful both inside and out. Rest in Peace Mr Gregg. Thank you for the years and years of fabulous music plus the countless memories that get stirred up along with it. Forever grateful, forever in our hearts....

    Glenda Graham


    judy Girl

    Gregory Lenoir Allman, one of the most talented men to ever walk this earth, and I am including great American and musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, etc. world wide. He had it all in his soul, poet, singer, musician, humble sweet person, leaving us with a huge body of music to enjoy...Laura Mounier, not to mention, nature was very good to this man. He is so darn handsome....I am at a loss for words...I guess that falls under the category of Charisma...!

  8. Billy Bees

    The one yahoo who did a thumbs down has no soul God bless you Gregory Allman

  9. miriam wright

    Ironically, Alan Thicke died before Gregg Alman!! May they both rest in peace.

  10. bevvolee

    Talk about "HOT". My dreams are shattered..............

  11. Le'Vin Moser

    Always so beautiful! Always missed.

  12. Jo Ann Thompson

    RIP Gregg we love you

    Anne Collins

    Always & Forever.

  13. Marie Di cristoforo

    my favorite song midenight rider .loved gregg almond a fox!!!!

    D Chris


  14. Michelle Baker

    Love Gregg Allman , What a true southern gentlemen ❤

    Anne Collins

    He honored & married his women.

  15. Mama T's world

    Thanks for sharing, love southern rock !

  16. Troy Winter

    Jax don't kid yourself. You could be twice as handsome as Greg. I doubt you could get are probably a 40 year old living in your moms basement and whining about your crappy life. Grow up put your big boy pants on and get a life.Maybe your mom will feel better about leaving her cat alone with you.

    Glenda Graham


  17. Tammy Sigmon

    Alan Thicke was a total scum sucker. The apple don't fall far from the tree, because Robin is even worse! I wish Gregg would've showed him not to fuck with a southern boy!


    I NEVER tire of hearing this song!

  19. jaxflfreebird

    Gregg's got his tv sneakers on. This guy makes me sick. He was just too damned handsome to be anything but chick banging druggie rock star. If I could only be half as handsome I'd get some respect from the chicks. I could have been a chick banging druggie rock star too if I had his looks and talent. It ain't fair man.


    Hey chin up soldier!! looks aren't everything!! women dig a good personality and intelligence too!!
    OK nevermind. You are indeed unfortunate. Well there's always blow up dolls and Vaseline.

    Deplor AbleDixie

    He didn't want to be a chick banging druggie rock star an interview he said he kept getting married because he wanted to have a friend, even if he had to marry one. he said the wives/gf's were infatuated with whatever they thought he was onstage. but when he was just this dude at home and none of the starry stuff taking place..they really didn't care to get to know him as a person at all. it was pretty sad actually.

  20. Russell Foreman

    Thicke is a fuckin' trout!!

  21. youtuuberoxx

    haha sooooo toasted!

  22. chalemi

    Gregg could actually still hit the high notes back then. His voice was like back in the '70s. Doesn't have that voice today.

  23. Friedtoenails

    Alan Thicke is quite possibly the most useless douchebag in world history. As a Canadian, I am embarrased by his incredible level of douchebaggery. See his "SkyDome Opening Ceremony" for true badness.

    Laura Mounier

    hehehehehehehe...kkkkkkkkkkkkkk "Douchebaggery" and it doesn't red line it like an unknown word that needs spell check. It's a good one!

  24. mt2314

    That's "Dangerous" Dan Toler to you son.

  25. mwallack

    If I'm not mistaken it's Dan Toler on elec,. guitar (from Dickey Betts Great Southern band)

  26. Aaron McCoy

    is that steve cropper on electric guitar