Allman, Gregg - I've Got News For You Lyrics

You said before we met
That your life was awful tame
Well, I took you to a night club
And the whole band knew your name

Well, well, baby, baby
I tell you I've got news for you
Ah, somehow your story don't ring true
I wanna tell you I've got news for you

Well, you phoned that you'd be late
'Cause you took the wrong express
And then you walked in smiling
With your lipstick all a mess

Well, well, baby
Let me tell you little mama
I've got news for you
Ah, your story just don't ring true
Yeah, I've got news for you

Ah, you wore a diamond watch
Claimed it was from Uncle Joe
When I looked at the inscription
It said "Love from Daddy-O"

Well, well, baby, baby
I wanna say I've got news for you
Ah, if you think that jive will do
I wanna say I've got news for you
Well, somehow your story don't ring true
I've got news for you

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Allman, Gregg I've Got News For You Comments
  1. Jason Cohen

    I prefer this version:

  2. Jimi Wilder

    Blues... real beautiful Blues

  3. Pamela Knowles

    Brilliant gorgeous performance. Gregg is in Perfect form that Voice...

  4. eugene fried

    every damn comment: words mean........just SONGS nothing else for YOU to THINK about

  5. Sharon Stark

    Love this! First time I've heard this song.

    judy Girl

    It is so way old...they should have put the true composer of the song. Billie Holiday did it too....


    Pat travers does it nice too

  6. Rochelle Randt

    Having listened to several renditions of this song. I think this one is the best. One of the most distinctive voices in music

    Jason Cohen

    You've heard this version?

  7. cultfan 52

    Listen to Ray Charles do this song ! Gregg Allman nails it too .

    Jason Cohen

    Give Jerry LaCroix a listen (with Edgar Winter's White Trash)

  8. Roseanne Salyer

    Thank you for this post. I forgot about this album, but I'm smilin' now because I have this song back.

  9. Peter Wyman

    Love this version, but the greatest is by Jerry LaCroix singing it with Edgar Winters White Trash.


    +Peter Wyman Different kind of versions, and I Love White Trash and Jerry too. This one is more laid back blues. Jerrys' is blow your lungs out blues. Both great but for my money Gregg will always take the vocal trophy. Thanks for the post.


    Come on man, you know Ray Charles crushes all these white boys

    judy Girl

    @lionofjudah321 I don't think he crushes Gregg and I don't think that Ray thought he crushed Gregg...

  10. ManagerGuy1


    judy Girl

    He damn sho' does...and I am sorry Mr. Ray Charles, Gregg does it better...Also the song, took the smile and turned it upside down, Gregg does that too. Saying Charles is the only other person that recorded it...they forgot about Miss Billie Holiday...

  11. Speedo Jones

    and thats Hank Crawford from Ray Charles;s band on alto sax

    judy Girl

    Yes of course it is...they had the upmost respect for one another....

  12. Speedo Jones

    He captures the feeling and soul of Ray Charles;s brilliant original

  13. Muzman60

    Why the change for Whipping Post?  I like the new version on the CD.  I guess you don't agree?

    judy Girl

    You like the older version of Whipping Post rather than the kind of Reggae version that is on this CD? They are just different, and he uploaded them both...this uploader covers it all and when he finds something that was previously unidentified...look out! He has uploaded several versions of Whipping Post. It is interesting that you enjoyed that version the most...I thought it was good, but, I prefer a couple of other versions. I mean, the ABBs and Gregg and his band, never did a song the same way twice....

  14. Corvair Lane

    woo I didn't know Gregg could make his gritty voice soar like that!!


    Then you better start listening to more Gregg! My favorite voice of my generation. Sings from the soul.

    judy Girl

    @djclay33 ;) xoxo.

    judy Girl

    Gregg throaty growl is great for the blues...but, I have heard him sing the blues...just to make you cry...without the throatiness...he just has the FEEL...he has the's in the heart.

  15. JonahS777

    Its great! But I do prefer ray ;)

    Dan C

    Ray was one of Greg’s idols.

    judy Girl

    @Dan C you are correct now, can you please spell the man's name correctly too? GREGG!!! And the respect was mutual...they both rocked out the blues.

  16. Glenn Johnston

    Turn it up. Louder. Now...just sit there and be blown away.

  17. nick norris

    All I can say is GREAT !!

  18. screeningmimi

    What a great bluesy funky song from THE master of blue eyed soul!
    Thanks so much for sharing it.

  19. Talis Aden

    This is so HOT!.

    Outstanding voice.