Allman, Gregg - I Love The Life I Live Lyrics

I see you watching me like a hawk
I don't mind the way you talk
But if you touch me somethin's got to give
I life the life I love and I love the life I live

So if you see me you'd think I'm wrong
Don't worry 'bout me just let me go
My sweet life ain't nothing but a thrill
I life the life I love and I love the life I live

My diamond ring and my money too
Tomorrow night could belong to you
The girls move me at their will
I life the life I love and I love the life I live

I may bet a thousand on a bet this time
One minute later I can't cover your dime
Tomorrow night I might be over the hill
I just want you to know baby the way I feel

You see me walkin' as I pass you by
Don't talk about me 'cause I could be high
Just forgive me if you will
But I life the life I love and I love the life I live

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Allman, Gregg I Love The Life I Live Comments
  1. susy cruz

    Hell yeah I love to see to skydog here.

  2. Monsieur Renard

    I love the full-blown r&b sound of the album. Also Scott and Gregg chose some stellar songs to cover. This song perfectly fits the newly reborn Gregg. Very inspiring.

  3. Logan Smith

    3:20- 3:45 is beat part of whole song! Its bonafide nasty!!!

  4. Glenn Goren

    Super Duper Dope

  5. Clint Wensley

    Soo miss you

  6. Hippie Love

    Saw him New Years 1975 or 1976 in fla on the beach and I can’t remember which town . But I was so close to him , I was star struck .

  7. Randy Stallard

    God blessed us with the Allman's, just simply put some of the best music ever, ever, Amen!!!

  8. Nomadcreations

    I came across This song Doing a google on Gregg Just To Learn, I didn't even remember him Being  Dead! Double RIP, GREGG, a hard Core TRUE to The Heart Musician  Who Even  In all The Horrendus problems In His past, … He Knew Lived a Satisfying Life & When cancer Hit Him He Took It Like a Real man, Bravo Gregg & Your Strengths!!!, Sadly Missed In The Music community. & More Songs To L:isten   To In My own Health Shut-In-Isms with Myself NO Music Talents Of Any Kind.

  9. M L

    video is great with this song. bonifide NASTY

  10. Patricia MR


  11. gerry Orangefan

    The voice of an angel.

  12. YO MAMA

    Still missing our Brother Gregg! I guess I always will till the end ...

  13. Rick T

    blues at its best thank god he hung on to finish , just one more group of magic

  14. Donald Marshall

    Greg felt the sorrow of the blues and the sorrow showed through his music:
    Greg's father was murdered, when Greg was very young. Greg began experiencing detrimental hardships which many people never encounter until well into the age of 30 or more years of age; Greg Allman, began practicing ways of vocalizing expressions of these struggles that involved copping with crude hardship. It will make a man out of a child in nothing flat.
    Many people have an abundant life styles, yet so many people have so little life, it is a lot for Greg (or anyone) to expect it, to be, a personal burden to bear, alone; Seeing the sorrow of deserving people being deprived,bothers most people, however, emotional sorrow bleed through Greg's expressions, (sounds of sorrow that wrenched a person's gut and twisted their soul in knots) ... Greg worked each syllable of his words with prominent accents and phonics slurs, until he created sounds that chilled words into becoming much more than a definition. His words became a cry that expressed anguish and appeal; showing a variation of emotional expressions through Greg's blues applications ... Greg laced his wailing calls of mercy and his full bodied sounds of glory through all his songs, whether the songs were Rock, Country, Jazz, or just pure Blues. In Whipping Post, you might believe that, by the end of the song he (Greg) had been actually tied to a whipping post, at some time,... each blow of a cracking whip cut welts into his skin, as he strove to suppress and endure the pain, but his suppression gave way to become wailing pleads for mercy.
    (Tied to the whipping Post ... tied to the Whipping Post ... tied to the whipping post)
    The Allman Brothers Band became drawl to Macon, Georgia, Where Otis Redding is buried. The Allman Brothers were drawl by Phil Walden, who was effected by Otis Redding ... Jaimoe performed in Otis Redding circle of musicians before meeting Duane; Phil observed a sort of spiritual intervention, and reached immediately to sign Duane Allman to Phil's Macon, Georgia studio. While Otis Redding and Greg Allman sang differently the emotional impact their songs conveyed through their expression of words do profoundly effect humanity.

  15. johnny memory

    the one the only.

  16. Raymond Clark

    The best it gets, I love it!!!!!!

  17. Deana Williams

    I’m so grateful Gregg and friends gave us one last album. Saw him for the Back to Macon tour the year before he died. Best show ever!

  18. bigblue1762

    Great Video Was listening to the 2009 at Beacon yesterday. Miss them all!!!

  19. TheHeliumkid

    smokin' joe kubek's version of this song

  20. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    God , I love this guy. Its been almost a year since his passing. Still hard to believe. Rock on you southern man with your fabulous music..

  21. brigo rio

    2018/03/04 i like this

  22. Sheila Barron

    Oh Yes Oh what a song to💃💃💃 with your Baby just Sway Away Rest in ☮️ Gregg🖤🔥💙

  23. James Mares

    Who is the Baritone Sax ? I love the sound of it it has so much guts. Is it Sho Nuff nasty

  24. eric ezaki

    Saw the Allmans in 1967 at Expo 67 for 5 bucks

  25. Shelly Watson

    Great footage of the early days with Skydog! RIP Duane and Gregg.

  26. Sheila Barron


  27. Eldie Valenciano

    The Legend at Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$%$$$%%$%$$$$$$$$$$$$

  28. glenn murray

    thanks Gregg !

    Lance Wright

    O-yea!! All this an dicky betts ain't playin red guitar!!!

  29. Ken Amaro

    I'm still sad

  30. Daweon B


  31. drummingmatt4444

    That snare drum is killing me! What an obnoxious ring that distracts from the song. Haven’t heard any as painful since Metallica’s St Anger ! My ears!!!!!

  32. s smedz

    He was my fav. What a catalog of times wow

  33. SJ SMITH

    Miss you every day! Gregg, love ya always!

  34. YO MAMA

    Miss you bro! 2018 is here & your soul will live on in your amazing song(s)

  35. Scott Papel

    I still miss him very much I loved his music since day one peace to u gregg

  36. swiss Onthewater

    father and son

  37. Bob Brogley

    I had the pleasure of seeing Greg and his band in Pittsburgh about a year before his passing. One of my favorite shows from over the past thirty years. Saw the ABB several times. I love his music and will miss him.

  38. adamjames43

    Dude could sing the blues as good as any black guy...and that's a major complement

  39. Carolyn DeLautre

    I know he was loved by so many, but wondering if his voice was really appreciated -- hitting all those notes, that resonance that goes right through the heart of me. Can't imagine a time when I won't miss him.

  40. witchi13

    Will miss him forever.

  41. krazziee2000

    never gets old ...

  42. Alex Brewer

    Makin REAL music right up to the end. God Bless His Soul.

  43. Doug Peterson

    Bonified... that is sho nuff nasty...

  44. TheRomundus

    The answer to "how great is great".

  45. bobby styles

    Damn right

  46. Gloria Fortier

    man that is so frikken awesome

  47. Josiah Quincy

    Listen and learn from his voice youngsters.

  48. Keith Russell

    A very old soul that was kind enough to share his music with us. Gregg has just moved on. He'll always live on.

  49. Lauren Russell-Pank

    RIP Gregg & thank you for the excellent, beautiful music.

    Raheel Khan

    When a song makes you cry you know it's a good song..

  50. Larry DuVall

    pretty cold for a white boi in these harde tymes

  51. Steven Villani

    I love the life I live what a great saying from a great music man wow that's nasty bonafide nasty miss you Brother

  52. maremmable

    Love, love, love this! So grateful for this video!

  53. Burt Arthur

    Bless your heart and soul Gregg! I have from the first time I ever heard your voice and your band play...and your brother Duane! Rest in peace...from the bottom of my heart!

  54. SJ SMITH

    Legends never die, they just learn to fly! Love ya Gregg

  55. SJ SMITH

    Man Gregg, Duane, Butch and Berry gotta be jamming to a heavenly choir upstairs. There will never be a tighter band then ABB!

  56. Ed White

    'Havin me some good times'- and the part at the END is AWESOME.

  57. Ed9870

    This is such a great record. Miss you, brother.

  58. Richard Lee

    Thank you!

  59. Ginger Walker

    Oh love it, love it! That laugh and so so thrilled to see Devon in there! Devon and Elija (hear him on Crimson & Clover, great voice) have the talent and chose their own paths using it! They aren't faux look alike sound alike little clones! Southern Blood is a gift to fans, a great album. Gregg surely is smiling down, happy with the album and Devon, Brooklyn who can tear the house down vocally and musically, and Elija keeping it real! All is Allman well!💖

  60. Paul Burke

    great vintage footage of the band... and Gregg really knew how to capture each lyric, word and phrase... classic tune delivered on point !

  61. Scarlet Harris

    Love hearing Gregg and miss him terribly !!

  62. harlon57

    1970, I walked into a house with a guy I'd met shortly after moving to a small town in the midwest. I was thirteen and he was my first new friend in a new town. The guys in the house were listening to the Allman Brothers Band on a record player. I was blown away. That never changed. My best friend is friends with a guy on the board of the Big House Museum, and he just went to the album release party for this album, and the city giving the keys ceremony....sure wish I'd been able to make that trip.

  63. Greg Zzzz


  64. Paul Stewart

    Muddy was smiling when he looked down and heard Gregg singing this one. Damn sure singing it right.

  65. Paula VanDeusen

    Miss ya Gregg

  66. Margot Groove

    I miss him 😔 BUT happy to hear his new music! 💗💕💞💝

  67. SuperAtlantis1

    Damn good cover by Gregg. Love his voice.

  68. sophie w.

    god this is amazing! i miss this man so much. does anyone know where the footage from 3:17 is from? lovin the look of that show.

  69. Clint Wensley

    Downloaded my copy of album last night...........amazing work.

    Rick T

    yeah love em ( music thief's ) I mean stream


    that laugh...

  71. Garrett Carrico

    One of the best

  72. John Rocklin

    When I was about 15 or so I hitchhiked to the Westchester Premier Theater in Tarrytown, NY to see the Allman Bros. First of all I was blown away by how good they sounded "Live"..... It was better than the records & this was a first for me although I saw the Allman Bros at Watkins Glen but was only 10 years old & too young to be able to appreciate it in the same way. After the show I made my way to the back of the theater and Met the band. When Gregg came out much later than the rest I was about the only one left out back waiting to meet anyone. Gregg came out with a pretty lady on each arm and he was wearing a full length fur coat !! I told him my younger Sister Alysa was a huge fan but couldn't be there and asked if he would sign something to her. He said, " Little Brother, I am dog tired and need to sit down for a moment but if you wait right here for a few minutes I'll come back and sign something for your Sister". I waited about 15 or 20 minutes and figured he was not coming back off the bus. I started to walk away feeling very let down but only took a few steps before feeling a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around, Gregg said, " What's your Sisters name little Brother" ? Godspeed Gregg and bless your kindness to me that night 40 years ago.

    Paul Burke

    That's a nice story - Thanks for sharing.....


    Awesome story

    Justin Bowman

    You are my hero bro. They were so damn good

  73. Suzanne Reilman

    ...'Dat is sho-nufff-bonafide NASty'..! Dat is sho-nuff-bonafide da badddest cat t leave dis jungle since SRV ! ☮❤️⚜

  74. Gregory Larry

    Very cool. I don't think I've seen some of that footage of the original Allman Brothers Band. Is that available or I guess it's from the ABB vault.

  75. Mark Garno

    Absolutely stunning. Damn I miss these guys and this band.

  76. Donna Doble-Brown

    Gosh, just when I got thru a day with listening without tears I see this . . . .just wonderful! Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. PS I think this song is sexy as hell and it's up at the top of my faves from this album💚 #ALWAYSmymidnightrider

  77. Winter Blue

    Brand new!!!!!
    Gregg 💋

  78. Marcelo Pimenta e Silva

    Comecei com as bandas clássicas como Lynyrd Skynyrd e Thin Lizzy, mas The Allman Brothers e a voz Gregg Allman é o máximo que posso chegar... É a luz, a redenção e a evolução pura da alma. Thanks Allman, thanks Gregg, rest in peace forever!!!

  79. Anita Honeycutt

    Gonna be a lot of memories and tears here tomorrow night at The Big House. Never knew a life without Gregg and The Allman Brothers in it, Macon, born and bred. Rock and Roll Heaven certainly has a terrific band 🤘❤🎶🎹🕇

    Clint Wensley

    My Big Heart goes out to the Big House, glad I was there a few weeks ago.

    gerry Orangefan

    I visited the Big House, a great place.

  80. Susan Predis

    Can't believe he's gone. But oh what he left us with.

  81. colleen donovan

    Good God! this song... this man!

  82. Aviv52

    Nice cover of a Muddy Waters song. He always knew where the good stuff was.

    dan fors

    Aviv52. in case your interested..
    it's a Willie Dixon song originally


    Technically you are right but the song was most well known through Muddy's interpretation. there is some question of how much Willie Dixon actually wrote and how much he bought off others (like AP Carter).


    Aviv52 Willie Dixon was credited as the writer.


    I understand that he was credited as the writer. That doesn't mean he wrote it. He was notorious for buying songs off of people for a free dinner and a few bills.

    Tony McMAHON

    You have to credit Mose Allison here for bringing this song to public awareness

  83. putnpaint

    I always knew how much I LOVED his music !!!
    But I never realized how much I`d miss him.
    Still guts me to know that I`ll never again see Gregg step out from behind that Hammond, strap on a guitar(Grow Legs !), and sing Melissa for us..................Thanks for all the great, ageless music !!!

  84. gregg wernli

    That is "NASTY"........sure and all is man!!!


    Great video and I did not loose it this time.

  86. Ruth

    Rock in Peace, cowboy! #SouthernBlood

  87. UF FAN

    Man it's hard to believe that he's gone i miss him and is voice good god his voice I just can't believe it we miss you Gregg Allman #SouthernBlood #MidnightRider

    Marlene GB

    UNC FAN ,,,you can't even tell he was even the slightest bit ill. Lord have Mercy, right to the end.....UNBELIEVABLE!!

    NJ Travis

    He's not gone. He's still teaching me.

    Dave Lesiuk

    Always loved his music and the Brothers. Did not understand really that his voice is silent now.

    Lisa Weaver

    He was so inspired by his brother Duane to carry on . But a hard road of life he chose to endure with a talent.

  88. lawrence lambert

    A humble talented trailblazing LEGEND !!! RIP GA Godbless.

  89. Shawn Williams

    RIP Gregg Allman #SouthernBlood

  90. egapekim

    I Love it!!!