Allman, Gregg - Devil Got My Woman Lyrics

Well, I'd rather be that devil
Than be that woman's man
Yes, I'd rather be that devil
Than be that woman's man
Oh nothin' but the devil
Changed my baby's mind
It was nothin' but the devil
Changed my baby's mind

Well, I laid down last night
Get my natural rest
Yes, I laid down last night
To get my natural rest
Well my mind got to rambling
Like a wild geese in the west

The woman that I love
Took her from my best friend
Yes, the woman that I love
Took her from my best friend
Don't you know he got lucky
Stole her back, again
Don't you know he got lucky
Stole her back, again

Well, I'd rather be that devil
Than be that woman's man
Yes, I'd rather be that devil
Than be that woman's man

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Allman, Gregg Devil Got My Woman Comments
  1. William Hairyes

    The solo is dobro or sax?

  2. Andrew Flood


  3. brotherleelove

    Check out Geoff Muldaur's version.

  4. Daniel Rogers

    Rest in Heaven Bluesman

  5. Dude OK

    Better than I thought it would be. Still garbage compared to the original by Skip James.

    jr 55

    The extra instruments ruin it.

  6. Marilee Denr

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year lol Marilee

  7. Marilee Denr

    Everyone was older than me..

  8. Marilee Denr

    Love this. Miss Gregg

  9. Pam King

    Amazing cover! Thank you!

  10. Marilee Denr

    I miss Gregg

  11. Stephanie Sandlin

    A desecration. The rhythm section is offensive. That's what happens when a rock musician butchers a blues song. :/

    Robert Clements

    You know jack shit!

  12. Stefan Schleps

    Gregg Allman, RIP. 8th December 1947- 27th May 2017. Thank You.
    It started with a Peach.....WALSTIB!!!

  13. Adamfront

    Stunning version.

  14. Katrina Pennington

    Remake of Skip James

  15. Ray Farrell

    Gregg allman just like his brother Duane Allman can sing with the best vocalsts white or black all day lond.

  16. Joe Buckle

    cover of Skip James from the 1930's

  17. Angel Hermida

    RIP gracias

  18. Richard Patik

    Gone too soon. Miss you, Gregg Allman.

  19. Rev Eddro


  20. Cleo Kelly

    you got the wrong lyrics stupid... (I'd rather be the devil, to be that woman man)

  21. DJ GOTT

    This dude stole this from Skip Smith(black blues artist 1931....stop stealing. .no black steal yo yall even create your own music


    It's called a "cover." It's from an entire album of covers, all of which were credited to their original composers:

    TheBasedProphet aka NU GOD

    Tomas Rasser preach brother r.i.p. Duane

    Joe R

    Don Dawson skip James tard...


    fallspeed ^^^ Exactly! if anyone knew anything about the Allman Brothers or of Gregg Allman, you'd know this whole album was covers of other songs. RIP Gregg, god of southern rock!

    kayra sururi

    It called COVERING not stealing, you fuckwhit

  22. Karin Nitsche

    This base drum sounds like the heartdrums of the Native American, would be beautifull if they would play together. so deep and warm the sound.

  23. Clay Simerly

    different but very catcher than I thought ...  

  24. James Mack

    different but interesting

  25. Dario Velez

    forrest gump is was here,,,,,

    Carol Griffith

    what do you mean.? I guess I missed it...

  26. Heidi Little

    lyrics please?

    Stefan Schleps

    A mans friends wife is very beautiful, she gets involved with another woman. And his friend finally gets his wife back. But Gregg would rather not go through such pain. But he did, and in his case. She didn't come back.

  27. screeningmimi

    Who else could have done justice to these songs, much less improved upon them...Gregg Allman is always the BEST.

  28. Angie Tucker

    I saw Greggory in Lake Tahoe, was the last stop on the tour. I was sad at first because of obvious health problems he has had. He blew that away and the evening became nostalgic. after reading his book I saw I havent heard all of his music. now I'm going to get all his albums. It's always been about the Music, His true Love. I love you Gregg and hope nothing but the best comes your way.

  29. ElNavajoDeColorado

    This is good....

  30. Lorena Vanessa

    Very nice, but Skip James is much better.

  31. 1022rebelreddog

    plenty of ghost in savannah ga. too..

  32. spudcustardx1

    I guess its between Gregg and Bonnie, for second and third

  33. RM Puig

    Doyle Bramhall II on guitar.

  34. Derek Rogers

    My God in Heaven!!! This is sooooooooooooooo good!!!! Skip would approve...

  35. emiliamota

    Great, great, great cover!!! Thanks for uploading!!!

  36. MrBlueSkyMrNight

    This guy knows what the fuck he's doing - wow.

    Cheryl Slayton

    Of course he does he is Gregory L Allman.

  37. kevlar441

    Gregg is the greatest MALE blues singer there has ever been. Janis Joplin ranks up there with the many women. John Lee Hooker is right up there - but Greg is the best there's ever been!

  38. Antje Dirksen-Post

    The whole album is excellent! Glad to hear him back to the roots. This is where it all started.

  39. Jonsie Hatfield

    Soul-stirring....Gregg, thank you.Otherwise, I'm speechless.



  41. comvoice one could ever touch Skip's version, but Gregg (with the help of T-Bone) has surely made Skip proud.

  42. krissy nashville

    Gregg is amazing.. his voice sounds great and this CD has a totally funky feel, awesome players and musical selections.. so glad he is back.

  43. Joaquin Peres

    @Freethinker12341 him and chris youlden

  44. charrmmee

    totally agree w/ur 1st statement - he burns everything

  45. NostalgicDays88

    @irishXmunchkin LOL I saw the album in Borders today. First time listening to him.

  46. charrmmee

    @freethinker12341, i agree but in reverse order. base drumming blows me away

  47. irishXmunchkin

    i heard this the 1st time at barnes and noble...PERFECT reading song!!!!!

  48. arielle hunter

    Way cool version !


    RIP Greg I've been a fan since the first time I heard of Southern Rock as a kid sometime back in the 70s . Thanks for the memories.