Allman, Gregg - Can You Fool Lyrics

Well you can take all of the money that you made and but it in the jar
Drag out a map that will show you is heaven very far
You take all of the medicine you need 'til ya find out who you are
Maybe you can figure why that woman wanna be so cruel
But ya, ya just can't forget her, can you fool

Well those winter nights and the city lights and the crying of the train
Everyday is a straight up gray
Every memory's a fade
And then ya finally use the sense God gave ya
To come out of the rain
Still you can't figure
Why that man is got to be so cruel
But ya just can't forget him, can you fool

Oh, love is long and love is hard
Love brings lots of pain
She was here
Now she's gone
Lord, bring her back again

Well you can take all of the money that you made and

But it in the jar
Drag out a map that will show you
Is heaven very far

And you can take all of the medicine you need 'til ya

Find out who you are

Still you can't figure why
That man he got to be so cruel
But ya just can't forget him, can you fool

No you just can't forget her, can you fool

Aw, can you fool

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Allman, Gregg Can You Fool Comments
  1. Danny Lara

    Beautiful album

  2. Cheryl Slayton

    Elijha looks just like Gregory in these pics.

  3. sam t


  4. Matt Arnold

    Comedy at it's best. Can giggle every time I hear this tune.

  5. Randy InCanton

    And i own 2 copies. Some really, really good music on this lp.

  6. joel gardiner

    r.i.p.    your tunes are timeless

  7. Misty W

    This is an ill-conceived album by 2 people who are very talented in their own right but should never have recorded together. It's too bad they couldn't find a happy medium. Meanwhile, this is a well-written song - pretty song recorded by others; Glen Campbell for one. That said, this album cover is cool; very cool. Personally, I'd like to hear Gregg record a Gregg arrangement of this on his next solo album.

  8. M.McK

    This album was pilloried at the time although I suspect it was aimed at completely the wrong market and was probably judged by those whose opinions were shaped by the popular media of the day. The album cover and the pair's nom-de-plume wouldn't have helped in the slightest, but this is one of the strongest soul/R&B albums of the era. Really well played and really well sung, their relationship was at a state by this time where they could emote with a true resonance that really helps make this album genuinely more heartfelt and better delivered than most albums of it's ilk. And the band are peerless. A true classic. It's a crying shame that it never got another release and certainly that it never made it to CD.

  9. Evelyn Hayne

    they sound so good together


    Evelyn Hayne agreed! My fave song on this album!

  10. kajunmoon

    Paul.. Two the Hard Way is a studio album by American singer-actress Cher and the fourth studio album by American rock singer Gregg Allman released in November 1977 by Warner Bros. Records. The album, billed to "Allman and Woman", was a critical and commercial failure and has sold less than 550,000 copies worldwide. WIKI ..ask them.

  11. paul r. vickers

    Isn't 550,000 copies more than enough world wide a GOLD lp/cd????

    JM BlackSone

    In that time, that number of copies sold, was considered flop, now, it is considered a successful album xD
    And a GOLD certification by RIAA i for sales of 500k copies only in USA

  12. Charles Chandler


  13. Greg Boardman

    Cher's got a unique voice.... greg boardman band

  14. Clay Simerly

    Now he has his life right I heard they have a good friendship with each other !

  15. Pam nvrgll

    Lyrics are Awesome... Take all the money that you made and put it in jar! Take all the medicine that you need until you find out who you are. Awesome.

    Johnny Rocco

    I also love the lyrics. It took me years and millions of pills to find out who I was. I had a cd with Gregg, no Cher, this song would bring me to tears, I had so much pain, almost died, but with the help of the Good Lord, the right dr, I found myself, the pain is gone, and I can see clearly now. I'm blessed.  

  16. kajunmoon

    I think so too,to bad Gregg loved his drugs more than her.

    Marlene G

    @kajunmoon  Wrong! He loved the South and asked her to move there, but  she refused to give up her DAMNED Hollyweird phony lifestyle.. She knew what he was doing right from day one, but that didn't stop her from bringing him in her bed. Even after there divorce, she was the one calling him at 3:00 am


    +Marlene G Stand corrected ty :)


    Your thought process speaks volumes. Why should Cher give up her career and family to move "down south"? Why diidnt Gregg stay and stick it out if he loved her that much? Because he was weak and a drug addict.

    Marlene G

    @Tagg63 By all means don't lose any sleep over my "thought process"

    BonnieMarie Davis

    @Marlene G horse manure. untrue entirely. you have no idea.

  17. Joe Yengel

    best ever



  19. Mike Zvirblis

    It ain't bad at all. But people joked about it when it came out & it quickly became a bargin bin record.

    christian Camlin

    The country was not ready for them in 1975. They wanted to dislike this album because they liked Sonny and wanted to see them back together again .

    Brenda Watchorn

    Bargain bin my ass,they were able to make great music together, and I believe they will again. Gregory and Cher were solemates. I listen to there beautiful duets every day,I wish they'd have worked things out.because a love like that never dies.God bless and rest your beautiful sole Gregory, and I love you Cher, I'm like you I do whatever I want, and I don't take nooooooo well and never change I think you are amazing, lovely lady.God bless you and your beautiful family members. Xoxox.

  20. alan belth

    how does cher's voice suck in this? she sounds fine

    sam t

    people are full of envy , especially the weak and losers!

  21. Bonnie Hayes

    Always loved them......

  22. Chris Clothier


  23. Val Myers

    Love the song and Gregg singing it, but Cher is not at her best here, IMHO

    Ken Perk

    I liked her better at this point rather than when she started sluring her lyrics.

  24. Britta Burklin

    Love ABB. I never listened to this before and glad for that

  25. Winners Dog

    so do I....still play my vinyl


    ....and why wouldn't you...?

  26. EcstaticMomentz2

    I love the part TAKE all the MONEY that you MADE and PUT IT in a JARrrr....really predicted inflation !!!

    BonnieMarie Davis

    no; nothing to do with inflation. just a nice image. no one was thinking about economics, just survival.

  27. deborah cooper

    how strange....I-think we did look a lot used to tell meyjay....hmmmm....always loved her voice...and her songs.........nice post-baby.

  28. Carla Rajca

    I like this song.

  29. Madonna Borromeo

    The good days for good lyrics and music are things of the past...they really had a good thing goin musically fer shore....WOW...AWESOME STUFF HERE.

  30. GrumpyBeasley

    How cool is that!!

  31. GrumpyBeasley

    Thank you! I'll head over to Radio Shack and check it out!

  32. Just Judith

    @Grumpy :D FYI, there are now turn tables that have a USB port to allow you to transfer your LP music to disc and hard drive. I've seen them for under $100 at Radio Shack.

  33. rennyminou

    Hammacher Schlemmer (sp?) offers a LP to digital system. I think they offer several options.
    BTW, this music is not nearly as bad as they critics say. It's kind of like the GD with Donna.

  34. gpg20s

    From Allman's "My Cross to Bear" I quote "That record sucked, man". The cover is even scarier than the music.

  35. kajunmoon

    they really do dont they :)

  36. GrumpyBeasley

    @kajunmoon I'm not sure how to convert vinyl!! I don't even have a turn table anymore.

  37. Lynn H

    @GrumpyBeasley I used too. And I love it still :) the tune and the missing vinyl!

  38. Tbor1000

    Back when Cher was super hot and Greg was partyin, you can hear it in his voice.

  39. TheNigelr

    Awesome is what this is!

  40. LovTheNose

    awesome !

  41. Kimfosterga

    The whole Gregg and Cher album ROCKS and I wish I could buy it on CD. Loved it then, love it now. I bet it would sell like a mutha if you could buy it new today.

  42. George Hirst

    I might have the album somewhere. I use to have the LP. I flopped hard when it was released mostly because the whole Sonny & Cher legacy was inbeded in everyone minds and still is but now that Sonny is deceased, it is more interesting by todays standards to hear CHER perform with her 2nd ex hubby, Gregg Allman and father of her son, Elihah Blue Allman.

  43. EcstaticMomentz

    @kajunmoon Dear kajunmoon, Many of the DEADSY videos were fan made, including the Colossus non-live video version by EcstaticMomentz and the content.

  44. kajunmoon

    @EcstaticMomentz I was talking about the art..did Elijah paint those pictures?

  45. EcstaticMomentz

    @kajunmoon The music and vocals are, if you're talking about the video?

  46. kajunmoon

    @GrumpyBeasley OH MY GOD.............can you post the album please??

  47. GrumpyBeasley

    I actually have the original vinyl album!

  48. Victoria Blackstone

    they´re both amazingly talented , but very different people..I think Cher was in need of some down to hearth love at that time..but it just didnt happen..

  49. EcstaticMomentz

    @kajunmoon Are you talking about the song itself or the video? If you are talking about the video, no the art is there was not made by Elijah but the song and the lead vocals are.

  50. EcstaticMomentz

    @kajunmoon Aw, Thanks! That is a very good idea ! Those choices are up to the Artist !

  51. kajunmoon

    @EcstaticMomentz Is that his work on DEADSY - Colossus ???

  52. kajunmoon

    @EcstaticMomentz Hi friend, I think Elijah is awesome...I would love to see his art..I envy you...Do you think there is any way to show some of his art on YouTube?Maybe have his music in the back ground? That would be way too awesome....

  53. EcstaticMomentz

    This whole album made me begin to love Gregg vocals and CHER even more. I now think Elijah has the most amazing male baritone in the industry and know he is doing art now and saw his first Show in L.A. but also hope he releases new vocals that showcase his fantastic voice too. This song was one of the memories or showcases of my LIFE ~ GOD BLESS

  54. rightondude

    @Alvin4NY Whatever. I just can't stand her voice. She's a good actress though & a good person.

  55. Alvin4NY

    @gatortailor I don't know. Cher really loved him and found a piece of herself in him, the down-to-earth-never-leaving-ground-reality-side of her. It was a tough match, with her public image, but she took it one step further with Black Rose, the band she founded with Les Dudek. Have no idea what the final straw was, that drove them apart, but it must have been needing to focus, and earn a living, for her and her two kids. Priorities can kill a fun loving romance.

  56. Alvin4NY

    Best photo of Gregg Allman, ever.

  57. kajunmoon

    @gatortailor yeah cept for having Elijah Blue listen to him playing and singing with Deadsy.

  58. rightondude

    I'm glad they split. Bad idea Gregg.

  59. insyncmusic

    Gregg Allman / Cher - vocals
    Neil Larson - keys
    Rick Hirsch - slide guitar
    Fred Tackett - acoustic guitar
    Bill Stewart - drums
    Willie Weeks - bass
    Gregg Allman - organ

    Ken Perk

    Willie Weeks is a really nice guy.

  60. Winners Dog

    what a beautiful song

  61. terry white

    my cousin wrote this song......michael smotherman....all the way from a little town in west oklahoma called home town too


    terry white Your cousin wrote a beautiful song, by far my favorite song on this album!

  62. anne otto

    Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!

  63. Brandon Foster

    I love this album--have since it was new. They should re-release it on CD and make a million bucks.

  64. Magiq

    How nice such sweet music.

  65. EcstaticMomentz

    True, it did not do fantastic on release, but NOW this LP sells fore MEGA on eBAY !!!!! :D This entire album is sooo soulful, honest, placid and amaazing :) ROCK ON ALLMANS N CHER

  66. kajunmoon

    Thank you so much !!

  67. EcstaticSynergy

    I LOVE this song! And OH WHAT an INCREDIBLE Photo you have chosen! How GORGEOUS!! <3