Allman, Gregg - Can't Get Over You Lyrics

I've heard it said before
That you don't care no more
You just pick up tracks
And don't look back
And walk right out that door

I tell my friends it's easy
She's never on my mind
My life is so much better
Since that day I said good-bye

And I' tell myself I'm free
But I'm only foolin' me
Cause no matter what I do
I can't get over you

Well I tried to hide my pain
With a taste of fast lane
But ain't no use... to shake you loose
I still feel the same
I thought I could forget you
But that was just a lie
I'm just not the same without you
I don't even want to try

And I' tell myself I'm free
But I'm only foolin' me
Cause no matter what I do
I can't get over you
I can't get over you

I don't know how it started
I don't know where I stand
I just want to be back in your arms once again

And I' tell myself I'm free
But I'm only foolin' me
Cause no matter what I do
I can't get over you
I can't get over you
I can't get over you

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Allman, Gregg Can't Get Over You Comments
  1. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #3 on the mainstream rock charts in 1988!!!

  2. Darlah Kelley


  3. Karen Berino

    This song gave me my life. I'll try to be as concise as possible. Maybe you die-hard fans will appreciate it. I was an assistant my whole life, wanting to be more. With perseverance and passion, I got a chance. Now, I know this won't be popular in the current climate, but I used the fact that I knew the A&R guy who was overseeing this project wanted to - well, you know, 'get' to me. Greg Allman had NEVER recorded a song he or his band didn't write. But, this guy invited me to come over to his office and play him some songs for the project. I took the challenge because I knew I had the writer. I just didn't have the song. But I had a boss who believed in me and helped me find it. When I heard it, I knew it would work. So, I went into that office - the guy was all flirty and not at all in the frame of mind to hear a hit song. In fact, as he told me later, he was sure I didn't have anything at all.... Fast forward - not only was this the only song not written by Gregg and Co. that they ever recorded - it debuted at #4 and went to #1 second week out. I won the respect of that A&R guy and launched a career in the music business that I never imagined possible. It's been over 25 years, but I'm still in touch with the guy who wrote that song, plus other songwriters I had the privilege of working with and having success placing songs with. This is a true story. I went on to leave the industry, have kids, raise a family. So, it's not the whole story of my life, but it's a very big part of it. RIP - Gregg. I never got to know you and you never got to know me and the big part you, unwittingly, played in shaping the fabric of my life.

  4. Ric Matteson

    Great album. Saw this tour in WPB. Front row it was excellent show. Dan Toler amazing!

  5. Karl Zaremba

    I believe that is Dangerous Dan Toler picking those strings. He doesnt really get his due but he was a big part of Greggs late 1980s career resurgence.

    Russell Gates

    Karl Zaremba Dan Toler and his brother were what made his band successful very great guitar player. Mixing rock with/jazz highlights set GAB totally apart

  6. Jolene Loveland

    I think this song would also sound great with a little Rebenac spice, just to embellish it's full flavor! A natural.

  7. Wendi Hilliard

    so many memories

  8. flyzerogravity

    I might get over all those women that broke my heart if it wasn't for songs like this... so good! my fav song to jam to on guitar... i wear it out!

  9. Leslie Cantor

    Awesome song from Greg Allman, great job, very upbeat and terrific lyrics!

  10. Donald L. Marshall

    Can we get ART off of the playing field of SPORTS; After all, ART is not a SPORT. Also, ART was not intended for social demonstrations of topics. ART is a decoration. Music decorates an environment with sound, pleasing to the interests of the listener. Though topics may be ARTFULLY addressed in song, the artist is not an activist. ACTIVISTS employ the songs of ARTISTS, and the ARTIST is not obligated to the ACTIVIST or cause of what a song may ARTFULLY address.

  11. petriokas

    Their best album! great song..