Allman, Gregg - Before The Bullets Fly Lyrics

You know I hate to leave you babe
But I just can't waste my time
Well you've got this jealous husband
And I'm far too young to die
I must move on away from here
Just before the bullets fly

I've always been a gambler
Takin' chances all my life
Always smashin' those love affairs
Just like shootin' dice
I staged the game girl
That's what keeps me satisfied
And I can leave it in the nick of time
Just before the bullets fly

I lost my first bet
When I was twenty-one
Found myself in New Orleans
On the wrong end of a gun
The stakes keep getting higher
But somehow I survive
By knowin' when the need became
Just before the bullets fly
I'm knowing when the need became
Just before the bullets fly
I'm knowing when the need became
Just before the bullets fly

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Allman, Gregg Before The Bullets Fly Comments
  1. ruben oscar angiolini

    Great song!!!

    Southern Rocker

    Check out the rest of this great album:

  2. Mike Zinner

    Dan Toler was an awesome player. He was twice as good as Dickey Betts.

  3. Pete Kay

    Dan Toler,the Man ! Licks,tone,control,bends,inspiration,sound,everything...!!!

  4. Pamela Knowles

    Phenomenal Gregg!!

  5. Raymond Jackson

    Thanks for liking my comment ✌️

  6. Raymond Jackson

    One great album

  7. JustAintThatWay

    No doubt it this IS a killer lead guitar performance. Always thought Toler "held back" some w/ DB - and understandable couple different ways ;-) - but he REALLY shines here/hear.

    Southern Rocker

    I thought Dangerous Dan did an awesome job on this album, really unique sound and style, and lots of passion! I haven't heard much Great Southern, but I'm sure he had to take a backseat to Dickie. It must have been intimidating for him to play with a legend and I heard Dickie had the ego to match! Gregg always assembled top-notch backing bands, and this lineup is my favourite...

  8. Pete Kay

    perfect cover!

  9. Guitarmageddon Media

    Cool song

    Southern Rocker

    Gregg really knew how to assemble great bands!

    Southern Rocker

    "Dangerous" Dan Toler, RIP, is one of my favourite guitarists because of his unique style. He really had his own sound, and his technique was on par with any of the great guitarists, he is missed...