Allman Brown - Stone Lyrics

And I carry your name
Like a stone in my mouth
The taste of you wherever I go
Wherever I go

Tattooed on my skin
Those words that you wrote
Your voice wherever I go
Wherever I go

And now that you're gone
I'm the ghost
And when I drink
I drink to the lost

It's better to have loved
Oh, and to have lost
Than to have never loved at all
Than to have never loved at all

And now that you're gone
I'm the ghost
And when I drink
I drink to the lost

It's better to have loved
Oh, and to have lost
Than to have never loved at all
Than to have never loved at all

And I will call your name
And I will call your name
And I will call your name

And I carry your name
Like a stone in my mouth
The taste of you wherever I go
Wherever I go

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Allman Brown Stone Comments
  1. TD Immanuel

    Every time I listen to this dude i just relax straight away... brilliant talent!

  2. Daniel Cross

    Yo thanks for turning out great stuff

  3. J BeAt {To My Own Drum} - OG Indie Electronic

    Super beautiful! I really love it♥♥ Your voice is so smooth. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. CJ Wheeler

    Heard Sons and Daughters...And bought every song he had available on iTunes. Incredible.

  5. Alessandro Juliano

    Voz profunda, simples. Muito bom!

  6. Chelsea

    ridiculous. I'm in love

  7. Dallas Dwayne

    If You haven't heard his song Sons and Daughters, You need to hop on that asap.


    @Dallas Dwayne
    Thank you, great recommendation

  8. drmaxful

    He sounds a bit like a male Rachel Sermanni, don't you think?

  9. Yin Gaara

    thumb up buddy just... pfff words... so awesome :'(

  10. Kieran Dacey

    would love to do a song on here!

  11. Sunny Jules

    man.. this is something.

  12. nottybratz0307

    In love with his voice

  13. Mahogany Sessions


  14. Allman Brown (Official)



    the misty taste of these tunes in the fog of morning.. thanks man🤟🏼

  15. theoriginalconnormagid connor magid

    when he says "Ghost", i shiver.

  16. Isurftilldawn

    Frick he's got a golden voice, eh?

  17. Chuck Adams

    sounds a little bit like ray lagmontagne. sweet sound!

    steven Tirrell

    Chuck Adams I can hear that for sure! When I heard sons and daughters i thought id missed something from Damien and lisa

  18. Tretteoyne

    This song is simply amazing.

  19. Vanessa Wash

    *Chills*.... Wow, incredible.

  20. Droptop Wizop

    Im gonna go ahead and say i need a tab for this.

  21. Il Grigio

    Mahogany Sessions : my daily bread !!

  22. Raja Malhotra

    The sound quality is ridiculously good in all your videos! So are the musicians. Could you tell me what you're recording them through? And what camera you're using?

  23. MaryZet93

    Failure. ;D

  24. happylarry

    how did it go?

  25. Kat McLevey

    I'm hearin some Ray Lamontagne

  26. MaryZet93

    I have an exam tomorrow.. but I just can't stop listeining.. I'm f***** up.

  27. Sailor Lawrence

    so damn good!

  28. evans yow

    I'm in love.

    pure and total homo love.


  29. Niall Maclennan

    It's funny cos his name is Brown and he is...well.....erm yeah.

    Beautiful song tho. Done good Brown!

  30. Cillian Farrell

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the video i did for this talented guy, its slacking the views and deserves so much more!! Check it out, its on my channel - Mexico - Allman Brown

  31. Ali Haider

    This is amazing

  32. Edilia D' Alvarez

    without words <33

  33. Ashleyy Parkerr

    You can tell he's so into the song, like the whole time he is thinking about that one person and how much passion he has for it. That's all a true artist really needs. Plus the song and his voice is incredible.

  34. onecapturedheart

    fantastic song. do mahogany only do one song per artist or are there others?

  35. Georgia Baildon

    as soon as he started singing, oh my god i was mesmerised

  36. Johnny Jarko

    This is one of the best things I've heard in a long time! Woah!

  37. Acoustix10

    Thankyou! Is there anywhere I can download this song? It is amazing.

  38. Mella Sparrow

    Beautiful :')

  39. Allman Brown (Official)

    Hello Acoustic10. Here is the tuning for you.

  40. Acoustix10

    this is absolutely beautiful! does anyone know what tuning this is in?

  41. Lewend Mayiwar

    Really cant think of any words to put in this comment box that could possibly describe how amazing this is. Huge fan from Kurdistan!

  42. Rachael McCuaig

    Beautiful guitar

  43. staub wolke

    Wonderful Voice! <3

  44. favoritanton

    GREAT performance but the sound has really bad artifacts, like it's been time stretched?

  45. Sean

    Mahogany sessions never ceases to surprise us with such talented artists

  46. Emma Murray

    thank you mahogony sessions! what an artist! perfect voice

  47. Raphael Garcia

    There is this genuinely rich and soothing tone to his voice. I bet if you heard him live in an acoustic setting concert you would legitimately hear a pin drop.

  48. Autotune Church

    Something is wrong with the audio. It sounds like a mathematical error or some bad time stretching.

  49. James Stewart

    I see azis... But serious mode

  50. Greg Welsh

    Oh my. I'm so glad that people like this share their wonderful talent.

  51. The Fox & The Wolf

    Simple, but absolutely beautiful. I envy artists like him, who can stay in their own little world while playing their songs in front of others.

  52. petrosile

    Beautiful voice,Music is enchanting :D

  53. Nikki Tanezi

    Perfect lyrics, amazing voice!

  54. Sophie Cunningham

    I played a gig with this guy in Shoreditch, thought he was incredible then, and now he's on Mahogany Sessions! yes yes yes!

  55. ilovemusic

    Yes :/

  56. Luc Little

    wow. loved this :)

  57. HaileISela

    beautiful music, but does anyone else have a constant cracking in the audio?

  58. Paulina Oldland


  59. Luke Graham

    You guys never disappoint. This dude is fantastic.

  60. Samuel Carter

    hang on, did someone on the internet just agree with me? #faithrestored ;)

  61. Patricio Subiabre

    This is pretty good! sounds like damien rice :)

  62. Anya Dreiling

    Beautiful voice and smooth sound looove it :)

  63. crashtrophe

    He reminds me of Damien Rice too!

  64. crashtrophe

    Wow, this is incredible.

  65. melcosta92

    Amazing *.*

  66. Samuel Carter

    Damien Rice? is that you?

  67. dawgyv72

    This is absolutely beautiful. Great job Allman and Great job Mahogany for bringing him in

  68. Woody Johnson


  69. stage menua

    great voices...melodydramatrical..soundout...

  70. DonnLouie Moreno

    This Song Is Great!

  71. GregOgunMusic

    great song.

  72. Luke Cole


  73. Seb Haywood