Allman Brown - Hollows Lyrics

3 am and I'm at your door again
And the witching hour has always been our friend
My body never listens to my heart
It just follows your voice out here in the dark

Do you really want me?
Do you really need me?
Or is this just lust again?

Don't ask no questions, you won't hear any lies
I'll just rest my head right here on your thighs
I'll wait 'til your breathing slows to sleep
And I'll let myself softly back outside

Do I really want you?
Do I really need you?
Or is this just lust again?

Again and again

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Allman Brown Hollows Comments
  1. Mustafa Esad Dere

    26k views?? Really, this is my new most underrated song so

  2. Paulette Dilks

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So gently. A daemon lover?

  3. Idcel Morales

    I heard this on Pandora and it great song ok i really love this one and Between The Wars 😁🙂🤐

  4. Demgne Teguia Flora

    Amazing song!

  5. Tyler Stephen Brown

    Found this on spotify discover weekly nice song!

  6. ayeshanasir

    The video fits perfectly with the words. Well done.

  7. Milaf

    oh my god your voice is so amazing!! i'm in love with your voice and your songs😩❤️

  8. Rosalia Crivello

    really love this song.. remind me some beatiful memories ... <3

  9. Mojo Joy

    I can't find this song on Spotify, will it come please? I love it!

    Allman Brown (Official)

    It is on Spotify. Just type in Allman Brown. It's on The Your Love EP

  10. mike d

    You're better at acoustic songs