Allman Brown - Between The Wars Lyrics

Between the wars we dance
Between the wars we left
Don't wake me yet
Don't wake me yet

Between the wars we'll stay
Fading echoes spin away
Lost in memories, in memories

And still the rest
Hasn't happened, hasn't happened yet

Don't wake me
Don't take me yet
Don't wake me
Don't take me yet

Between the wars we'll stay
Fading echoes spin away
Lost in memories, in memories

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Allman Brown Between The Wars Comments
  1. Prētty_ Pøisøn

    Who else here didn't support Simon and Clary dating ?
    Clary and Jace are just meant to be together

  2. Nadia Gabriele

    Shadowhunters seson 2 EP 4 🥰😭💔💔

  3. Jake McEachern

    Listening to this song while high is absolutely amazing

  4. vivian França

    it impossible i like of a music

  5. P. Zanav

    Doesn't it say "until the rest, hasn't happened yet", instead of "steal the rest"?

  6. Yasmine Ker

    Clary 😥

  7. beffiesue2384

    All Though Shadowhunters Jace & Clary Brought Me Here.. Ive Loved Allman Brown Since I Heard His Song Ancient Light On the Shannara Chronicles...(Wil & Amberle)

  8. Luana Ferraz

    Oh my gosh 😍🥺❤️

  9. Cj Hughes

    Lyrics are wrong correct them please

  10. Belen Lopez

    Love this song❤️

  11. xx SHASHA xx

    Well now that everybody says that Shadowhunters brought them here, it brought me too :D (I did not cried)

  12. James Adrian Panganiban

    Shadowhunters has the best soundtrack

    Julie Hutton

    James Adrian Panganiban they really do. Every damn song

    P. Zanav

    There's no doubt

    Leslie Bautista

    James Adrian Panganiban ugh I love shadow hunters , I’m on season 2

  13. entertain7us14


  14. kenpachi

    shadowhunters brought me here

  15. Bob Perley

    Love the background pictures. It says an infinite amount of beautiful things to me...

  16. Charity Rich

    Don't wake me
    Don't take me yet get's to me everytime 😭😭😭😭

  17. Julia Gomes

    Onde eu acho a tradução?

  18. Vitoria Castro

    SO eu do brasil

  19. Idcel Morales

    Shadowhunters when Clary save Izzy from the demon inside her. After all that Clary realize that her mom Jocelyn is gone

    Darkwolf 131



    Idcel Morales just finished that episode and I was mesmerized by the song that I just had to find it

    Toni Caffierro

    Can someone tell me please what Episode this is?

    Ashley Portwood

    @Toni Caffierro season 2 episode 4

    Toni Caffierro

    @Ashley Portwood

    Thx 😘

  20. Anna Eller

    I love the melody, forget the words doesn't make any sense!

    Toni Caffierro

    Anna Eller


    wee knox

    The words make so much sense!! In a nut shell your about to die but your not ready yet! Your clinging on to every memory you have and longing for all the memories you have yet to make and your not ready to go hence the line "don't take me yet"...... well thats what I take from it anyway.


    Anna Eller everyone’s opinion on what the lyrics mean is different; it’s all about perspective

  21. Pari 1603

    0:55 I think it was 'still the rest.. hasn't happened yet'...makes much more sense😊..not sure though..😅

    kookies.and. cream

    #Illest Bitch Alive ;p xD