Allman Brown - Ancient Light Lyrics

That ancient light, weigh
Weigh on your shoulders
And the river of time

Love is all that's left to lose
Love is all that's left to lose

Lust, love, I'm not alone anymore
Lust, love, I'm not alone anymore
This ancient light
This ancient light

Their voices are resting
In your bones
And the river of time

Love is all that's left to lose
Love is all that's left to lose

Lust, love, I'm not alone anymore
Lust, love, I'm not alone anymore
This ancient light
This ancient light
This ancient light
This ancient light

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Allman Brown Ancient Light Comments
  1. Vitor Campos

    quem é Brasil 2019

  2. Sebastian B.


  3. JBSoulmates

    Teen Mom brought me here...
    Such an amazing song!!!

  4. Hannah Sunstrom

    I listen to this song over and over its hard for me right now.

  5. Thandeikka flake

    Such a beautiful song and so few recognition.

  6. Jamile Itou Cornedi

    Thank you Criminal Minds.Thank you The Good Doctor.

  7. Sanam Singh

    Anyone from Shannara Chronicles 😂😳

  8. OasM

    I thought it was ed sheeran 😮

  9. Matahi Tei

    2019 and the shannara chronicles brought me here too!

  10. Lilibeth BC

    Mentes criminales.

  11. lukke 159

    Esse cara tem a voz muita boa, e as músicas dele são muito profundas.

  12. Tancredi

    The Good Doctor everywhere....

  13. Ludggero Djiidiojf

    i love your music... Brazil 2019 <3

  14. Juliana Goncalves

    Simplesmente maravilhoso 💓

  15. shirley Nufor

    the Shannara chronicles brought me here. who else?

  16. Esther Christianson

    marshall mathers three d. please come to temple city, los angeles. there's even a store (its like a skin care place i think)
    Called "Revival".
    You know?
    I imagine you in the building across the street from Apollo's.
    In fact, would you go to Apollo's? They have free wifi, and the owner is a kind man. He kind of cares about homeless people in a distant way.
    There's a group of old men that get together EVERY day and eat there in the large corner booth right below the flat screen T.V.
    Whenever I go there, I put your music on in my headphones and attempt to make the biggest vibrations I can.
    2 times I made the table tremble the whole time.
    I focus on the trees outside and look through all the holes their leaves, branches, twigs, etc., make, into the sky.
    Then I repeatedly glance into the windows of the building directly across the street & imagine you in there peering back at me.
    I'm absolutely Nobody, & This, & Me ( I swear I'm not trying to brag about it but, you know?)
    When you go to Appollo's, I suggest you get several Apollo Junior burgers.
    They are only $1.49 each, but really delicious.
    Try not to use the restroom because it smells severely strongly of cabbage soup that has been boiling for a couple of centuries.)
    I look forward to seeing you,/ meeting you...whether its this lifetime or the next one. Its all leading up..
    I love Hecate too.♡☆♡☆♡

  17. Juliette Dln

    After all these years it still takes my breath away

  18. deborist benjamin

    Rarely do I waver from KUSC but Criminal Minds brought me here, but love The Good Doctor too...

  19. Val Robinson

    Criminal Minds brought me here. "LOCKDOWN" episode. Great song played at the end of a amazing scene. Thanks

  20. Ross Cairns

    Good taste in music brought me here.

  21. Noelia Servo

    Can someone tell me what genre of music is this? Please

  22. Araib Butt

    The good doctor brought me here, this song is incredible ❤️❤️
    Lost but i'm not alone anymore ✌️❤️

  23. Sebastian Walker

    The Good Doctor

  24. x Ma


  25. Matthew Harris

    The Shannara chronicles brought me here

  26. Chicoblanco

    I heard this song from criminal minds years back but hmmm i’m gonna comment and see what are y’all are here for... So how many of y’all are here for Criminal Minds? I feel so sad for that inmate Devon. Or are you here from The Good Doctor? Never seen the show.

  27. Sienna Maderazo

    Criminal Minds

  28. Johan Jefferson

    The Good doctor 🇧🇷

  29. Éva Emília Németh

    Very nice! 👏😊

  30. QW3RT33

    Came because of UnREAL season 2 episode 8

  31. Paco Myers

    The good doctor 2019.

  32. Jenny Ali

    What a beautiful voice. This song makes me dream

  33. Hana Muhammad

    Research got me here.. nice ⚘

  34. Syndreas IV

    OH MY GOODNESS! As soon as I heard the chorus I realized that I've heard this song before but I don't know from where. 😊

  35. DB Bannana

    My dad just started watching The Good Doctor. That's what brought me to this song.

  36. Ann Glez

    Oh, esa antigua luz, pesar
    en tus hombros
    y el río de tiempo
    el amor es todo lo que queda por perder
    el amor es todo lo que queda por perder

    oh oh ooowwwh
    oh oh ooowwwh

    perdido, amor, no estoy solo nunca mas
    perdido, amor, no estoy solo nunca mas
    está antigua luz
    está antigua luz

    fantasmas, sus voces están descansando
    en tus huesos
    y el río de tiempo

    amor es todo lo que queda por perder
    amor es todo lo que queda por perder

    perdido, amor, no estoy solo nunca mas
    perdido, amor, no estoy solo nunca mas
    está antigua luz
    está antigua luz
    está antigua luz
    está antigua luz

    oooh ooooh oooowwwh
    oooh ooooh oooowwwh
    oooh ooooh oooowwwh
    oooh ooooh oooowwwh
    oooh ooooh oooowwwh

  37. Summer SK

    So beatiful

  38. Keep And Profiteur

    The good docteur nice filmed

  39. Ronell Brown

    the good doctor

  40. jean walter

    listen 1.5x, this is live 🖤

  41. BlueHalcyon

    So excited about seeing you play in December!

  42. Marcathur Julio

    Well, I first heard this song from tv and quickly used my song detector app to find it and add it on my Apple Music playlist , and I’m so in love with it I even bought it from iTunes just in case my Apple Music subscription end so I could still have access to it .

  43. Naf' Manson

    the good doctor S01E09 (before the surgery 29:27)

  44. Kim Fujoshi

    TGD 👏

  45. Poppet Anya

    The good doctor brung me here 😍😍😍

  46. Gergő tekergő

    Please could you give me some idea how can I make "the knocking" effect for my first acapella?

  47. Iris

    #criminalminds <3

  48. Zun Aung

    The good doctorrr

  49. Lucrezia Borgia

    Ascoltata durante good doctor fulminata!!!!! bellissima

  50. Neal Richhart

    What a great artist, can't get enough of your voice

  51. Chantal Tiblas

    Unreal not criminal minds this song is beautiful💟❤

  52. Geraldine Harris

    So late a old criminal minds show brought me here 3years later good shit

  53. Kaylin Thomas

    New fav cause of criminal minds ☺️

  54. Jazminh Cedeño

    I'm here by Criminal Minds but... the song it's so beautiful, I really love it 😍

  55. Damien Gradel

    Très bien dans le film "les hommes du feu "

  56. Chèri

    This song &' your voice are beautiful , you deserve to be more known🖤

  57. Izzy Davis

    The good Doctor the show believe it or not brought me here I love it😍😍

  58. Andy Steiner

    Wow the Allman Brothers have really changed their style!

  59. Munsaka Mwanajiti

    The Good doctor brought me here 🙌🏾😪♥️it’s such a beautiful song

  60. tahira parveen

    Hey, I hope your doing well, I wanted to ask why are all your tour dates in UK?

  61. Redstargaming87 TX

    This ancient light
    This ancient light

  62. Mari

    Who also 2018???!

  63. Divya Depp

    Beautiful Song and Singer. Thanks to Unreal

  64. skyline fetia

    awesome work, Well Tom and jerry brought me here, lol

  65. Peter Productions

    The Good Doctor brought me here. These lyrics are both creepy and beautiful at the same time.

  66. Stephanie

    Great video and song. Beautiful

  67. Dorine V.

    TheGoodDoctor brought me here. It's utterly beautiful!

  68. Miglė

    The Good Doctor brought me here!!❤️

  69. Eridane Forneris

    Criminal minds <3

  70. shakethatash

    Thanks Criminal Minds 👌

  71. Khaled Alharbi

    Who come here bucz the good doctor

  72. Michelle Kacki

    This song is RICH, thanks to The Good Doctor soundtrack I found Allman. Allman we have an enchanting video location in Nashville if you are ever here and looking for place to film :-) Cheers, Shelly

  73. Daniel Shamu

    UnREAL thank you for bringing me here.

  74. Jodson Sousa

    The good doctor 😀

  75. WayTooAddictedToFandoms

    This song is so pretty! I love the background humming, and the drums or whatever is making that beat is so cool sounding!

  76. Subhrangshu Ghosh

    The Good Doctor brought me here.

  77. Jemison John

    The Good Doctor brought me here.Sounds beautiful

  78. DarkFuneralD

    The Good Doctor brought me here, this is a masterpiece ❤

  79. Alexander Shaw

    The Good Doctor brought me here but I heard it first while watching The Last Kingdom (at least I 'think' it was). I swear that these TV shows have the best assortments.

  80. sean leonard

    The Good Doctor

  81. Anah Luisa

    I love this song ...

  82. Calvin Fisher

    remember this post two years from now when allman brown is popular. i was here at 5 thousand subs.

  83. Hiruni Perera

    The good doctor brought me here...amazing..feel so haunted....

  84. Aneesh Raghupathy

    #TheGoodDoctor ❤

  85. Chelsea Marie

    Anyone from the good doctor ???

  86. daddyland

    The good doctor!!!

  87. LilaGeist

    Heard this on The Good Doctor...amazing song and an instant favorite! Got the rest of your catalog straight away!

  88. Kayla Haynes

    Everyone talking about criminal minds but im here cause of the good doctor

  89. Denise Bagley

    Heard this on The Good Doctor and had to know what it was. It's absolutely beautiful! I love your voice! ♥️

  90. D2K NoVa

    The good doctor

  91. Dawood Sakarwala

    Heard this song on The Good Doctor.....Nice song

  92. David Masai

    Heard this song from The Good Doctor and I loved it👌🏿

  93. hibsboy 19

    Heard this song on the good doctor great song

  94. cleverclogs70

    The Good Doctor brought me here.

  95. Lucas Delhove

    The Good Doctor.

  96. rocktheworld010

    The Good Doctor brought me here. Beautiful song, Allman. It goes so beautifully with the show as well. Keep it up!

  97. Brucinho

    The good doctor.

  98. daling430

    Heard this song in The Good Doctor and knew immediately that it's Allman Brown. Very unique.

  99. Moheedee

    The good doctor , i couldn’t even continue watching the episode without looking the song up first .