Allman Brothers Band, The - Stand Back Lyrics

I recall once upon a time,
Livin was so easy and I felt so fine.
But, my, my, my right before my very eyes,
Satan came with fire to burn me,
Wouldn't listen when they warned me.
A dagger in my back while she's calling me honey,
Wouldn't stand back, for neither love nor money.

Thirty minutes after my ship set sail,
She put up a sign and my house began to wail.
But, why, why, why I couldn't see it in my little girl's eyes?
She had such a way to fool me, Lord she had a way to fool me.
And I would ask the woman, "Can you find it in yourself to please stand back?
You ain't gonna rule me."

Just when all began to fade,
I reached out, threw the Ace of Spades.
I put her on a train to the Everglades.

Now that it's all over and gone,
Somehow I just don't feel so alone.
But, lie, lie, lie it seemed like such a waste of time.
She did not ever seem to know me,
But, now it's much too late to show me.
But, if I ever see that woman walkin down the street I'll just stand back,
And try to move away slowly.
Oh, yeah.

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Allman Brothers Band, The Stand Back Comments
  1. cbgbny white

    lived this x4...we never learn huh..thats bc the little captains lead us into battle ;)

    Southern Rocker

    with his purple helmet

  2. djclay33

    This song deserves 2-3 million views...! Actually a whole lot MORE!!!!

  3. MB T

    So lucky to hear it - these guys know how to play southern rock...

  4. MB T

    Best tune ever!!

  5. JustAintThatWay

    Brother Berry laying down that nasty lowend lookout now.

  6. Flavum

    The first of many cool things about this song is that the intro slide riffs are doubled. Duane playing with Duane. How cool is that?

  7. M.V Nascimento



    Wouldn’t listen when they warned me

  9. 53jakey53

    Best "burnt by a women" song eva!

    cbgbny white

    yep lol

  10. Carla the Destructor

    Muhahahahahahahaha (that's my evil/ mad scientist / Woman- Satan laugh)