Allman Brothers Band, The - Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea Lyrics

Lately I don't know where I went wrong,
But the spell of that pretty young girl is far too strong,
Between her fine perfume and angel face,
My whole world became another place.
The dark side of her intelligence was so strong,
Soon there'll be no difference in right or wrong.
Next thing I know I had a key that unlocked her door.
I could not wait to hear the siren song,
The beginning of the end of my happy home.
Sailin', sailing 'cross the devil's sea, oooh, hooo,
too blind in love, too blind to see.
Heard them say the payback's double-fold,
Just can't seem to remember who I bought and sold.
I'll probably still be here when you come around next year,
Trying to climb from this deep dark hole.
I'll be damned if I just don't feel I'm growin' old.
Sailing, sailing 'cross the devil's sea, ohhh, hooo,
Too blind in love, too blind to see.
Cause she was eviler than evil, slippery like a fox,
set me up with pain and woe and, I swear it won't seem to stop.
If I could just remove her hook from deep from within my soul,
Swear I'll leave and not come back, just let me out that door.
Sailin', sailing 'cross the devil's sea, ohhh, hooo,
Too blind in love, too blind to see.

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Allman Brothers Band, The Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea Comments
  1. Jeff Goodman

    I saw the ABB at Sandstone amputheater in KC,KS sept 10, 1995. Last show of the tour and Dickey Betts said they would give us 110%...and they DID!!!!

  2. Michael Grillo


  3. MRbjr8

    Saw the bros play this during the HORDE tour w/ John Popper, it was pouring rain, venue was 6 Flags in Agawam, Ma - Warren comes on and says, "I don't care what you were watching on TV this week, we are the real thing, we are the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND! The place went crazy

    Mark Garno

    I loved these guys since Eat A Peach and I was already too late, HOWEVER....listen too this BAND!

  4. Cullen John Davis

    Fucking AMAZING Album

  5. Prisoner Zero

    What was the radio playing in 1994 that they felt was better than this??

    a)Rap and Seattle grunge that nobody can remember or understand the words that depicted woman as Whores or worse and glorified death and drugs.


    you're 100% correct.this is THE best abb tune imo.they still pretty much play the same horseshit on the radio today as they did in 94.along with a lot more no talent un- listenable garbage that I classify as auditory rape

  6. Wayne S

    Live is much better...faster tempo