Allman Brothers Band, The - Rockin' Horse Lyrics

"My gaurdian angel wears a hard hat,"
Said the boy with the microphone
"Else, I wouldn't be standing here today
Ever since I was a young a boy
I couldn't leave well enough alone
Always trouble standing in my way

Up, down, anywhere but in the middle
Off the wagon, under the wheel again
All or nothing - never could do just alittle
Never could leave it alone

Got to ride that rocking horse

Hard living be the death of me
Lead me to an early grave
To die in the saddle must be my destiny
But to ride this rocking horse I must be crazed

Good clean fun is just my imagination
Down and dirty that's the way the game is played
This hard life has caused me aggravation
Never could leave it alone

Got to ride that rocking horse

Can't leave it alone
Got to ride that rocking horse

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Allman Brothers Band, The Rockin' Horse Comments
  1. Zoran Nosovic

    najvise od svega

  2. Zoran Nosovic

    pa i ja😂

  3. Zoran Nosovic

    ovo moja keva voli

  4. Zoran Nosovic

    oni su moji junaci mladosti i starosti

  5. phish pua

    Is that oteal?

  6. DT's Digital Den

    I mean damn. Did anyone know John Goodman was such a solid singer and guitarist? The band's not bad either.

  7. peach head

    Really sick to have that much fire power on stage.. phenomenal

  8. Scott K.

    5:21 Derek playing some of Govt Mule's, "Blind man in the Dark".  Nice touch!

  9. Willi Gari

    At 3:00 "ladies and gentlemen, our good friend, Mr Jeff Beck!" Awesome :-)

  10. Eldie Valenciano

    The Legends Live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sdean4816

    Warren can play with the best of them. Derrick too....

  12. Eldie Valenciano

    Yezzzzzzzz indeed ! @$%'"*¢€•√÷{=°¥€¢©®®®®®®™™℅℅℅℅√

  13. Jackson Neesley

    Love jamming to this!!

  14. James Ramsey

    I've got goosebumps........amazing : )

  15. R Lee

    Check out 2:40 Warren goes from playing lead with his fingers to using a pick. Never loses the flow. awesome. (BTW Best lineup in years.

    Willi Gari

    R Lee there's a reason for that... that's where her starts playing Jeff Beck licks, which honestly are the highlight of this whole awesome song.

  16. Justin Green

    it is shocking how many dixie cups gregg can accrue on his rig during a show

  17. Kevin Ahern

    That guitar Warren is playing should have been carefully set down and retired after that jam...and never touched again! It has seen the magical pinnacle of a true jam!

    Justin Green

    Trey plays better solos at soundcheck during 3.0 Phish before a nap


    As Santana would says " that's supersonic music" when you don't even know eww what you are playing.

  18. Jimmy Giles

    I have thought this but never said it out loud.......this lineup with Derek and Warren rival Duane and Dickey................there I said it ...............or .............typed it.

    Adam Tremmel

    Jimmy Giles I would have to agree with that.

    Mark O'Brien

    No arguments, here!

    Ryan Hall

    No argument here either.

    Rajat Subhra Banerjee

    Yes, they really do. I was such a huge Duane fan that I stopped listening to post-Duane ABB. Then I accidentally heard this duo a few years ago (on YouTube) and became a huge fan of this "new" ABB. :)

    ann cooley

    Anyone learning to play a guitar in America from 1975-1995 grew up listening to and trying to play like Duane Allman. Derek and Warren equal the Duane/Betts "thing." How many Allman Brother guitar players are on the Rolling Stone Top Guitar List? Duane, Dickie, Derek.

  19. Levente Kövécs

    the guitar Gods, and the Bass Titan!!!!

  20. Levi

    That bass player is seriously into his job ain't he!

    Scott Teague

    Oteil be trippin

  21. p1nzor

    I'll go second, This is the fucking shit. The world is definitely upside down man.

  22. H Timezone

    I'll go first, This is the shit okay. The world is upside down man.