Allman Brothers Band, The - Pony Boy Lyrics

Don't worry for me
Well I'm all right
Lord knows I"m having,
A natural good time,
Pocket full of money
Gonna boogie all night;
There ain't nobody tell me that's crime

When morning comes and it's time to go
Pony boy carry me home
Pony boy carry me home.

All right mama,
Let me see you do that thing now

Band is jumping and so am I.
I'm just groovin', can't stop movin',
My ole man's got that ole eagle eye
But he is just waitin', we're celebratin'


I feel a change coming on
Come on, mama!
Here it comes now
Papa's with you now;

Look out the door,
There beside that tree.
Well, that's my pony, looking after me,
Front feet doing the shuffle
Back feet, too.
Blow them good old Georgia blues.


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Allman Brothers Band, The Pony Boy Comments
  1. Barry Roberts

    I'm embarrassed to been ABB fan all my life never listened to this song.. damn good jam

  2. August Schneider

    It's all good.

  3. Scott Moore

    Whom gave this seven thumbs down were fuckin idots

  4. CDaniel J80

    As an Allman Brothers fan first, I've always loved Skynyrds Ballad of Curtis Loew but this is just all around on a much higher talent level.


    home cooking baby ,cant stop tappin my feet

  6. namleets57

    In 1973 my favorite played it every time I went to my local watering hole. Brings back a lot of memories when I was 16

  7. Hugh Sumner

    Lawman's giving me that old evil eye.pony boy carry me home.

  8. Christian Sibbald

    The Greatest Slide Guirist with A Great Voice! Miss The Old Friend Dicky Betts The Jazz Guitarist Saint Christian Sibbald Never Forget A Man of Spirit Thanks Miss Yeah!

  9. John Natale

    Played at my 40th birthday bash love The Allman Brothers Band

  10. James Mack

    Such an under the radar gem

  11. Scott Moore

    Awful damn hard to let em go, can't and won't!!! Best friend gone also dug em til the end!!!

  12. Scott Moore

    Joe you're damn right there, Their sound after Duane was with Dickey!!!

  13. Scott Moore

    One Dickey's finest!!!

    judy Girl

    Best song he wrote...I almost think that Gregg helped him...

  14. Scott Moore

    One Dickey's finest!!!

  15. Lady Stardust

    Énorme ce son rock bien sudiste southern blues rock ya pas mieux !

    Paul Shorr

    Tu prêches!

  16. Joe Jermann

    Band never sounded the same without Betts.

  17. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    Dope ass song. Dickey Betts is great

    James Mack

    Jimmy Page 1971 word

  18. egojosepio

    Una joya!

  19. Joel Serey

    Frickking hot dobro!🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  20. Michael Doran

    Damn, usually I come to the comment section for my entertainment

    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977

    Michael Doran ikr dead asf

  21. Mikko Huovinen

    Guys I have a feeling this isn't SOPHIE