Allman Brothers Band, The - Please Be With Me Lyrics

Upon my word what does it mean
Is it love or is it me
That makes me change so suddenly
From looking out to feeling free

I sit here lying in my bed
Wondering what it was I said
That made me think I'd lost my head
When I knew I lost my heart instead

So won't you please read my signs be a gypsy
Tell me what I hope to find deep within me
And because you can't find my mind please be with me

And of all the better things I've heard
Loving you has made the words
And all the rest seem so absurd
Cause in the end it all comes out I'm sure

So won't you please read my signs be a gypsy
Tell me what I hope to find deep within me
And because you can't find my mind please be with me

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Allman Brothers Band, The Please Be With Me Comments
  1. Jon Lieberman

    Lol who are the 45 Tokyo's who don't like this? LOL AT YOU

  2. Mike McHugh

    This song, those vocals, that slide...Wow. Hittin' the note(s)...

  3. Sharon Friedman

    was driving a rented 4x4 in the snow, with the late great Johnny Sandlin, a little nervous riding shotgun, he wanted me to meet the late great Scott Boyer of "Cowboy," who wrote this song in some old in Sheffield, Alabama, and I almost drove that damn blazer into Scott's house in Florence, AL!

  4. Dusha Zhatka

    WOW! Incredible.

  5. Al Bowman

    Who the hell gives this a thumbs down? SERIOUSLY?

  6. Robin Wilson

    It was a friend's comment on Eric Clapton's version of this track that brought me here - both great music! Love the dobro playing.

  7. maclove 52

    Oh my word, what does it mean?
    Is it love or is it me
    That makes me change so suddenly?
    Looking out, to feeling free.

    I sit here lying in my bed,
    Wondering what it was I'd said
    That made me think I'd lost my head,
    When I knew I lost my heart instead.

    So won't you please read my signs, be a gypsy.
    Tell me what I hope to find deep within me.
    Because you can find my mind, please be with me.

    Of all the better things I've heard,
    Loving you has made the words
    And all the rest seem so absurd,
    'Cause in the end it all comes out I`m sure.

    So won't you please read my signs, be a gypsy.
    Tell me what I hope to find deep within me.
    Because you can find my mind, please be with me.

  8. Samuel White

    Still perfectly, beautifully listenable in 2019 😑✌️

  9. Robert Baskin

    The emotional stature if Duane Allman...boy. It's incredible.

  10. greg.i

    Such a killer tune never forget brother duane

  11. ech1966

    Maybe my favorite non ABB song Duane ever did. Great country song

  12. TheyCallMe MISTER Wheat

    I bought 2 copies of the album (Duane Allman's 'An Anthology') this song was contained on when it was released at the end of 1972. I was going to give a copy to my then-current girlfriend for Christmas.
    Well, we broke up just before Christmas so she never received her copy. Before I knew it, 10 years had passed, then 20. I kept it, unopened, for 40+ years, stashed away in closets and suitcases. I kept it wrapped in a beach towel, away from the light and the prying hands of others.
    Then, back in October 2016, before the 45th anniversary of Duane's death, I put it up for sale on E-bay. I also put ads on various Allman Bros. websites.
    I received thousands of inquiries and bids. I was overwhelmed by the response. I had no idea how much Duane's music meant to so many people.
    So, what did I do? Nothing....I still have it tucked in the back of my closet. I think one day, unless I REALLY need the money, I'll roll up a large joint, grab a dark Heineken, open up the album, put it on my turntable and just....REMEMBER.

  13. David Richardson

    Duane made everyone better. There is no doubt.

  14. Donald Goss

    Thank you, Nakul. Hope you are still around. Take care. 5 years later..

  15. Darrell Somers

    Never be another like Duane

  16. Deb Ericksen

    Eddie Ericksen

  17. Deb Ericksen

    I did get to see the Greg Allman Tour with special guest Cowboy at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic NJ Dec. 1974. I was 15 at the time, one of my favorite shows. Wish I could go back in time.

    Deb Ericksen

    Eddie Ericksen

  18. Robert Russell

    Oh Dear God does it get any fucking better than this ? I mean really people .

    Michael Hubbard it really don't..

  19. Bonnie's Bands


  20. mark stitzer

    Love it

  21. Raging Mo

    Listen to this all the time when I’m sad n alone. Beautiful song❤️ comforts me

  22. Hunter Roudenis

    Why is this such an unknown song ?

  23. Abby Purre

    nice version but clapton s version is better

  24. Dave Fiano

    I’ve been in love with a new song “Take Me Back” (Sarah Jarosz). I realize it’s because it’s a tribute for lack of a better word to this song I’ve loved for almost 50 years. Damn. I’m getting old lol.

  25. Dave Callton

    A ton can be said for Scott and Tommy. Great 1970's talent and honestly good guys.

  26. Scott Moore

    Brother Duane the best ever, what more can I say!!!

  27. Alex Bennett


  28. Bobbin' Williams

    The lyrics in this song, man. How does someone even think of such utterly breathtaking poetry, like, where does it come from? So beautiful, I can't stop crying.

  29. wasfazed

    I believe if God picked up a dobro, this is how it would sound

  30. Cosmic Chatter

    that slide resonator is so beautiful. what a great song

  31. Sabin Sundas

    Duane 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  32. John

    Even the slightest chance that you’re reading this, I love you Mi Amor.

  33. CK Cost

    I love you Pat

  34. Dana Hill

    Like a fine wine, it just gets better with age.

  35. Rachel Haddad

    This is MUSIC

  36. Forrest Sweasy

    That is how God would play the dobro.

  37. stefan persson

    Duane is the boring guitarist, there are so many great interesting guitar players, not this sorry

  38. Jose Enrique Agutaya

    Eric Clapton's version brought me to this great song,I like them both.

  39. Most Peculiar Mama, Whoa!!

    Dripping nostalgia.....Duane's Dobro guitar work is second to none. So evocative of a point in time that is long gone, a softer time when "cowboys" played in garage bands, then became shooting stars.

    Simple yet beautiful.
    All the more poignant when you take into account Duane died just weeks after recording this.

  40. kanino

    I check your channel and find very good music a forgotten groups i notice you like uli jon roth,frank marino, and randy hasen i recommend too robin trower i m a fan of jimi hendrix like you i supposed . Thank you for upload this fantastic music. I like Duane Allman too for me its very special guitarrist a genius.


    Thanx Kanino....I do have a few Trower songs on my channel...You have Great Taste!

  41. Pamela Rivers

    Beautiful, just beautiful

  42. Charlie Dellacalce

    scott boyer and tommy talton brother. duane

  43. Toni Francis

    Wow. I’ll listen to this every day. Duane’s sweet playing.

  44. Casey Desmond

    47 years to the day. Remember Duane Allman.

  45. George Boand


  46. Jonathan Barton

    Just beautiful

  47. queyntelover

    Thank you Sky Dog for your music!

  48. Brian Carruthers

    Duane Allman.
    So sad we lost you so early.
    You had so much to give.
    What we heard lives forever in our hearts.
    I'm sure you're jamming together with all the other folk we've lost upstairs now.
    Thank you so much for posting this video onto your site.
    Brian Carruthers.
    A very appreciative Englishman.


    If I'm down I listen to this, and it lifts me up.  So beautiful

  50. Greg Williams

    The best slide player of all time RIP skydog...

  51. matt p

    Finest acoustic guitar playing I've ever heard.

  52. Nellie Belle

    I haven't heard this in year! Tears....❤️

  53. nobu taka

    To pray for the repose of one's friend's soul.

  54. richard finlayson

    wherever you are Jason , miss you mate.

  55. jorye617


  56. Barbara Butler

    💕 💞 💓 💗 💖

  57. Ice Bob

    Love this song

  58. Mike McHugh

    Such absolute beauty and mastery in the playing of this 24 yr old man. Words cannot fully express the admiration and respect for Duane...

  59. Jake Nash

    Sounds just as special now as it did in 1971. We lost Scott a couple months ago, RIP Scott.

  60. Jonocynic9

    RIP Scott Boyer 17/10/47 - 13/02/18

  61. jhosethingable

    so i will watch it 28 k more times, memories of front porch summers in Atlanta, thanks alan, always, for great inspiration from great tunes.

  62. Raymond Faron

    Beautiful, makes me miss Duane Allman all over again

  63. hivicar

    One Way Out the fine recent rich bio by Alan Paul on the Allman Brothers Band, has Butch Trucks describing deepest and saddest moment with this song weeks after Duane devastating crash pg 161.

  64. Jeffrey Seagull

    Totally Majestic Tune!!! Beautiful Video, too!!! For Spore!!! I meant, For Sure!!!🕊 Thank you for posting this!!!

  65. Pressure Drop

    27 thumbs down?

    Ann Hancock

    Yea , cowboy had the Eagles sound down before the Eagles did.

  66. Tat Jim

    So epic...pure love.

  67. Eldie Valenciano

    The Legend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Natural Dad

    As a teen I grew up in Jax watching All these guys from the beginning and their music has been a tremendous influence on my life. Later in life this is the song I sang to both my kids as their lullaby, every night to put them to sleep. Today I sing it to my grandson and he nods out peacefully responding the same way my kids did! It's a beautiful song and an intricate part of our lives!


    Love ❤️ this song 🎼Cowboy was a great band they have about four albums out that are fantastic and beautiful From the early 70s incorporating Duane into this song

    Donald Dawkins

    I have done and do the same thing. Duane would like that I think.

  69. SJ SMITH

    One of my favorites!

  70. Susan T

    RIP Scott Boyer passed February 13 2018 Vocals on his song played with his band Cowboy Tommy Talton lead with guest Duane Allman this great recording

  71. Larry Engelbert

    Great song!

  72. Eldie Valenciano

    Legend at Work ! Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$%$%%%%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    RIP SCOTTScott Boyer, founding member of the band Cowboy (toured with Gregg in 74) has died.

  74. Jeff Dyer

    RIP Scott Boyer

  75. oldblue247

    RIP Scott Boyer, sad to hear of his passing last night, a wonderful songwriter and musician

  76. wasfazed

    R.I.P. - Scott Boyer

  77. Margeir Ólafsson

    Scott Boyer (October 17, 1947 - February 13. 2018) American guitarist and singer and songwriter. a founding member of the bands Cowboy + the Decoys + The Tiffany System. (aged 70)

  78. Bobby Lee

    Rest high on that mountain Scott. You are loved by many. Till we meet again my brother.

  79. stillwaterrn

    Headphone tune

  80. Jon Lieberman

    Duane can never be forgotten

  81. Claire Harper

    This song still squeezes my heart and takes me back to a simpler and gentler life, that seems both eons ago and just yesterday.

    Jim Crutchfield

    This is a sweet song, but 1971 was not a simpler or gentler time: nostalgia just makes it seem so Remember Viet Nam? Nixon? Segregation? Love this song, but be careful.

  82. samspace81


  83. Sharon Stark

    Of all the different versions I've heard this is my favorite. So beautiful with Duane on the Dobro.

  84. Pevsfreedom

    Ugh this one rips at the heart strings. I'd be damned if it weren't an homage to Duane himself from friends and family (and fans).

    Pamela Rivers

    I get cold chills every time I listen to this song.

  85. Bing Bong

    My wedding song..

  86. Michael Patrick

    some of the finest dobro playing on a truly beautiful early 1970s song. great band, great track - to think what Duanne could've done had he not died so early!

  87. Randall Landfair

    It (attention) Itself is dreaming continuously (needs) minding while awake for lies(illusions) to remain unnaturally real, because biological instruments (I's") must eat to survive its temporary existence with me! LOL!

  88. Tom Monfron

    I'm 17. Born in 2000. Grew up listening to my dads Grateful Dead, Black Crowes, Ry Cooder, Little Feat, and of course Allman Brothers records on an iPod he "bestowed" to me. I grew playing every conceivable instrument aside of brass and woodwinds. And man, it pisses me off that trash like 5th Harmony and John Legend are considered the top acts right now. Sure a good voice can be great, but when there is lack of grooving rhythm and instrumentation in a song it simply packs less of an impact, personally. And the fact that everybody today is considered talented for their lyrical "ability" is shameful. I wouldn't even think of ten "musicians" on the billboard 200 (the worst conceivable way of finding great music btw) who can play a musical instrument other than maybe 5 chords on a piano and guitar.

    Get your shit together music industry, cuz I hope to God you have something better up your sleeve.

  89. stan van derl ugt

    Geweldig. Groeten uit Utrecht, Holland

  90. Paul Parks

    Real music for real people ! This generation has no fucking clue man.

  91. alby3115

    17 deaf people listened to this then.

  92. Pappa Michael

    Good Lord! Please Thank God for sharing this genius with us!!! We are not worthy of Duane! Thankful though...

    Pappa Michael

    I cry, not for what I hear, for what I missed!

    Pappa Michael

    OK this music touches my soul! I cry for the gypsy!
    What I sould give to party with Duane!

  93. rawblues

    I saw Scott Boyer today with Donnie Fritts playing in Florence. Scott played this. So glad I went.

    Angel Wal

    rawblues this is funny. I listen to this cut once a medicine. Never read the comments until now. Would have loved to see Scott and Donnie together. Was just listening to a Donnie Fritts and Billy Bob Thornton penned tune called "If You Build Your Own Prison You Gotta Do Your Own Time"

  94. Tommy Devine

    A beautiful song of conscience thoughts-I first heard it 1976-just great!

  95. Darryl Mull

    Scott Boyer, Tommy Talton and the great Duane Allman. Man, Macon rocked in those days.

    Kathy G.

    I lived in Macon during seventies and eighties. Used to listen to Cowboy play this at a venue that used to be called the Varsity but was renamed later. I love the music that was birthed in Macon, going back to Otis and Little Richard.

  96. cayogator

    those years were my "haydays" great times and music.............................

  97. koji takaki

    カウボーイ いいよね。

  98. claudia Bean

    can't even put into words the feelings...