Allman Brothers Band, The - One Way Out Lyrics

Ain't but one way out baby, Lord I just can't go out the door.
Ain't but one way out baby, and Lord I just can't go out the door.
Cause there's a man down there, might be your man I don't know.

Lord you got me trapped woman, up on the second floor;
If I get by this time I won't be trapped no more.
So raise your window baby, and I can ease out soft and slow.
And lord, your neighbors, no they won't be
Talking that stuff that they don't know.

Lord, I'm foolish to be here in the first place,
I know some man gonna walk in and take my place.
Ain't no way in the world, I'm going out that front door
Cause there's a man down there, might be your man I don't know.
Cause there's a man down there, might be your man I don't know.
Cause there's a man down there,

Lord, it just might happen to be your man...
Lord, it just a might be your man,
Lord, it just a might be your man,
Oh baby, I just don't know..

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Allman Brothers Band, The One Way Out Comments
  1. Adam Gerwin

    Who’s playing the SG at 2:40?

  2. Fred Humes

    who ever said they didn't like this song are assholes, it just don.t get better than this. this is one of the best songs ever. and i listen too everthing

  3. debi shelton

    THAT'S some Rockin' and Blues~~PICKIN'! :)

  4. Robert Gannon

    Me too Vern!

  5. madmikeastoria

    too bad this is dubbed,but listen to the sound of two drummers. I never knew that until I watched this video EXCELLENT SONG

  6. larry lomascolo

    you would think done in a studio,no ,,philmore east whata gem

  7. Lil Cricket

    catch my panties ... Fling!

  8. Jesse Naugle


  9. Haley Murray

    Gregg Allman was the best Blues guy ever .

  10. markie1aa


  11. Larry Maschke

    Duane allman,Dickey Betts, and Greg allman, dosnt get no better than this.excellent

  12. James Madison

    Played that album to death. Seattle 1971... Or so.

  13. George Jasper

    Not sure where the video is actually from - at least two places, or were we not supposed to notice Dickie's guitar changing between a Paul and an SG?

  14. Martin Sbriglio

    Classic in every way

  15. Marc Frost

    The granddaddies of southern rock—-CLASSIC!!

  16. John Eagerton

    The Brothers will always be in my head...but trace the song back to its roots and check out the Elmore James version to learn what truly inspired the Allman Brothers.

  17. George Boand


  18. Johnny thunder iowa

    MEN Rocking !!

  19. Ron R.

    One of the greatest ever written. Period.

  20. RemoVegas



    Read the info on the vid.. there is no footage from the Fillmore closing show so he created his own. Close your eyes if it offends you so much.

  21. Vince Q

    Of course it's a great song, but I'm amazed how fast Duane And Dickey switch from playing a Les Paul to an SG in .02 seconds and back again, and back again ....


    The video is cobbled together from clips of the concert, or various concerts. The playing and singing does not match the performance. Still good to see.

    Vince Q

    I know. I was being facetious.

  22. Charles Garrett

    "Looks Like Dwayne Allman And Dickie Betts To Me.".......And "Jeff, You Are Absolutely Right."....Charles.....

  23. HighandDry

    That’s the shit.

  24. Alex Mitchell

    This is a great cover, but I still prefer Elmore James' original.

  25. Charlotte Jones

    Thank you

  26. nesnejls

    One way out and trapped on the second floor. That's not a good feeling.

  27. Jay Mailloux

    They kick this songs ass every time

  28. Joe Hay

    Greg was a true blues singer.

  29. Mark Davis

    542 people need a frontal lobotomy about now... or maybe they've already had one. How could anyone vote thumbs down on this performance? The amazing musicianship has been well noted in these comments, however, the incredible soulfulness of Gregg's voice here is just as noteworthy.

  30. John Williamson

    DAMN WHAT THE ....why are most of these films out of sync...shit !


    There is no live footage of one way out with Duane so this guy made a vid of a few different shows. Most of the shots without Duane are from a '72 show and the Duane footage is from '70 Love Valley Festival.

  31. Jonathan R. Zeko

    There’s something wrong with this footage. I recognize the recording from the album, but you see Dickey Betts playing different guitars during the solo. First he is playing a Les Paul and then later he’s playing and SG. In sum, the footage does not match the recording. They tried to get it as close as they could.

    Robert Hill

    Jonathan R. Zeko Yes and Greg’s singing is not from this video for sure. It’s a pastiche.

  32. Duranj004

    Duanne Allman The Best

  33. dicarlo57

    in order to properly play the guitar one must contort the face, as can be seen.

  34. Julio Agosto

    Saw them when I was 16 at the Forum in Inglewood California man did we have fun that night when the concert was over we headed to manhattan beach to a party stoned out of our mines..... geez the things we done back then, crazy KIDS! go figure lol lol.

  35. Michael Griggs

    Dickie Betts is probably the most underrated guitar player ever!

  36. Del

    that voice

  37. Marvin Hancock

    I'm 60 years young people allways asking about and complement my gen s music and wishing that could have been there the times share good but I wouldn't won't to go back it doesn't exist anymore as far as the music learn to play REAL instruments throw all the electric Tron toys away

  38. Edward John

    Cruising around town in big Ed's metal flake green '54 chevy with American mags in 1972, listening to this on 8 track full blast with a folded matchbook cover stuffed in there so it wouldn't skip... Good times. Best live recording on the planet imho...

  39. trekex7

    Great band!

  40. David Pate

    Saw skydog as Allmann Joys while he was session muso in Muscle Shoals with Eric, Percy and Aretha, what's not to like!

  41. northerniltree

    That man at the front door was me, and had I known what was transpiring on that top floor with my beautiful wife, that damn Allman boy woulda been more shot up than a Swiss cheese, yessir.

  42. Joey Roberts

    1971.. so f...king good love this years!!!

  43. Ruben Maldonado

    These are some cold ass Caucasians man i didnt remember Graig having such a strong voice.

  44. Finn Green

    🤘 All in 🤘

  45. Renée Matte

    Grazie "Diamonds of Rock" ✿ܓ

  46. the mountain man

    Im 30 n i look like i could be in this band lol

  47. gary clerico

    A good guitarist can make there guitar talk but Duane was the only one who can make his guitar sing .

  48. Tommy Shanks

    True Doesn’t get any better than this!

  49. Squirmin Herman the one eyed German

    so happy that i live right down the road from the Allman Brothers home The Big House in Macon Georgia

  50. Robert Maimone

    Still get chills listening to this tune, If this don't move you, get checked out ASAP

  51. Chico Deluxe

    been playing guitar half my life, singing for almost all of it. I'll never reach this level of awesome for either one. these guys were amazing

  52. luv mifro


  53. Iwan Bottos

    He was the great guitar man behind all the Atlantic successes and the inventor of tat doubke guitar play , Listen to Hey Jiude by Wilson Piclett

  54. Cindy Fairbrother


  55. Robert Dunham

    Gets you down the road..

  56. Doug Durrum

    Isn't this the video that was used when the ABB was featured on Don Kirshner's "In Concert" TV show that was shown late Friday nights back then? "In Concert" was the ABC rival to NBC's "Midnight Special".

  57. Joe Mauer

    I was 11 years old when I first heard this coming out of my best friend's brother's room across the street. My older sisters had been rocking the Beatles, so I had some idea of rock and roll. This was a game changer. Loved them ever since. Just as much for Susan and Derek. They carry on the sound so well.

  58. Alex Davies

    Still one of the greatest live albums of all time, recorded at a time when it was rare to release a concert as an album.

  59. Paul G

    I dont think the voice is live, this must be dubbed or something.

    Colin Taber

    The slide guitar we're hearing doesn't match up to what's being played on the guitar neck. As a guitarist it's pretty easy to tell. The video is a bit of a 'compilation' I would guess. Still cool to see.

  60. Ronald Reagan

    Dwane plays with his fingers no pick

  61. Ronald Reagan

    Mandatory listening for anyone under 50 listen and learn

  62. Ronald Reagan

    Dwane and Richard dickie betts nothin better than that

  63. Ronald Reagan

    Put the head phones on mill in eals this is how it’s done

  64. Ronald Reagan

    Best slide guitarist that ever lived even Clapton was impressed

  65. Wanda Sanders

    Fine music- hard to beat this sound..

  66. Rodrigo Palacios

    buen temazo saludos para los ke ven este video desde chile

  67. Chris Perrien

    They blow the Dead away. Not saying the Dead don't have some great songs , but given the choice.

  68. Bo Peep

    Greg Allman,what a fantastic voice !

  69. Geneviève Deschênes

    It is just me or I have the impression that the song ''Are you gonna be my girl'' by Jet was inspired by this intro?

  70. Martian Megafauna

    One of the best rock songs, by one of the absolute best bands. Love Live The Allman Bros.

  71. Ramona Estrada

    Never tire of this tune.. it rocks and rocks...

  72. Paul Andersen

    Does anyone else start moving their legs when this plays?

    Road Runner

    And then again when it starts playing in my head again for days. It just doesn't get much better than this does it.

    Paul Andersen

    @Road Runner Agreed. This song stays with me. It always has.

    Maria Elena Rodriguez

    Can't sit still!!

    Paul Andersen

    @Maria Elena Rodriguez I was lucky enough to see them in 76 and 97. Greg Allmon came through our town a few months before he passed. Still kicking myself for not going to see him.

  73. Isaac Willett

    These them Tennessee boys don’t y’all forget it.

  74. Steve Belleci

    Real Talent!

  75. Craig Tee

    When the Aliens ask for a definition what the Rockin Blues this for them.

  76. Jerry D

    Well, what can I say? Fantastic 👍👍👍👍👊

  77. Terri Watson

    Bad ass song 🤗

  78. brad helms

    I've sometimes wondered what some Allman Brothers' compositions might sound like orchestrated,
    This is close, and perhaps more appropriate,
    Big Band of Brothers: A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers

  79. Flatus Antiquitous

    What makes this is Dickie and Duane’s dueling guitars. Greg has the perfect soulful voice too. What a masterpiece

    Camera work and editing were pretty crappy though. It’s like they didn’t know who was playing half of the time. Great music nonetheless

  80. Cheryl Freeland-Lyszczarz

    Imagine the pinnacles Duane would have reached! He was already at the top in 1971 at his young age...He deserves to be in the "Rock n Roll" (eye roll here) Hall of Fame as the top slide guitarist OF ALL FUCKING TIME! END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!!!

  81. billbbill

    Epic performance. Though FTR as noted by the uploader the vid is not of what we're listening to. No less epic!

  82. Gerardo Gonzalez

    Duane allman .the king of slide.guitar.

  83. John Vanblaricome

    Only the good die young

  84. Bio S

    Love oldies....the REAL music from REAL PEOPLE

  85. Maria Elena Rodriguez

    Damn, they were good. Lucky enough to see them twice. First time with slide guitarist on the planet!

  86. Caleb

    Best live album ever. Just saw the Allman Betts band and they’re killin it👍. The road goes on forever ✌️

  87. Paul Simmons

    Duane and Greg are jamming again!

    What a band!!!

  88. Robin Reece

    Man, I love the Allman Brothers and this song!!!! Thank you for posting!!!!

  89. George Boand


  90. Christiane Roubert


  91. rachel

    My parents used to go see them way back in the day..
    When I was little..

  92. TexUSA McGive'em

    It was not known at the time.... that it is the greatest track ever to be recorded. Now we know.

  93. Jay Vandervort

    I don’t understand why anyone who chose to listen to this classic Allman Brothers song would give it a thumbs down??

    Mike Smith

    Because they are the enemy of the free world.

  94. Donna Brown

    Love this song my brother got me hooked on that Allman's whipping post!

  95. azznbad1

    I wonder if those folks sitting in the front row with blank looks on their faces really understood what they were watching? I know they cant imagine what that seat would cost today if we had them for one more show.