Allman Brothers Band, The - No One To Run With Lyrics

Everybody wants to know where Jimmy has gone
He left town, I doubt if he's coming back home

Well Tony got a job, three kids and a lovely wife
Working at the commerce bank for the rest of his life

Nobody left to run with anymore
Nobody left to do the crazy things we used to do before
Nobody left to run with anymore

I'm gonna hit the road, adios my friend
Go someplace and start all over again

Don't know where I'm going, like a gypsy out on the road
I'll go someplace and join a traveling show

Nobody left to run with anymore
Nobody wants to do the crazy things we used to do before
Nobody left to run with anymore

Nobody left to run with anymore
Nobody left to run with anymore

I think Jimmy must have had the right idea
Packed his stuff and he got right out of here

I don't know where he's at but I'm sure that he's ok
Now I realize what Jimmy was trying to say

Nobody left to run with anymore
Nobody wants to do the crazy things we used to do before
Nobody left to run with anymore

Nobody left to run with anymore
Nobody left to run with anymore

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Allman Brothers Band, The No One To Run With Comments
  1. Tom Gillespie

    Makes me remember all the brothers I lost that I ran with in 80's I miss you all. Nobody left to do the crazy things we used to do before.

  2. Ken Harris

    Great classic tune that never gets outdated!

  3. Donna Thompson

    i dont know were longie is at sure he is o k

  4. Donna Thompson


  5. terry elkins

    Duane would be Proud!! What a Jam !! ❤

  6. JimRella

    CRUSHING the Bo Diddley beat!!!

  7. Jeremy Wilson

    Reminds me of these lyrics:

    All the people we used to know
    They're an illusion to me now
    Some are mathematicians
    Some are carpenters' wives
    Don't know how it all got started
    I don't know what they're doin' with their lives
    But me, I'm still on the road
    Headin' for another joint
    ~tangled up in blue

  8. kingfish4242

    Lost mt best friend today 11-23 2019, Lost my other best friend,his brother,and sister in 2018. I can relate to this song :(

  9. Dennis Oconnor

    Bo Diddley beat

  10. jerome dragun

    I am still running but there is just she and I now.

  11. bob stock

    yup 62 n still dont kno what i wanna do when i grow up

  12. Wes Anderson

    I’m old...This becomes true before passing...I have a real rock star up the street...He’s, like a little younger than me...He can still sing...We have sometimes...but, we know, There’s no one to run with...Neither of us can run...No way✅

  13. Cee Sudy

    Dedicated to my Godfather and the best Uncle. I miss running with you J

  14. Appalachian American

    Play this one for yet another friend whom passed away this weekend miss ya' brother there's less & less of us anymore

  15. Andy Calie

    Im 57 yrs old today n I dont or cant run anymore !!!! The old hippie " byrdman 62 " enough said

  16. P C

    Nobody wants to run with me anymore....out there in that fast lane going just as fast as I can go...beep beep

    P C

    Getting old and in the way

  17. Chris and Ashley Holloway

    Ant that the fucking truth

  18. Steve Eaton

    Adios my friend ! Buried many of them.67 years young. Please say good buy for me, would you.?Semper Fi.

  19. Elizabeth Baker

    Story of my life. My jam forever 💜💜💜💜🙌

  20. James Ross

    Great song

  21. centuryrox

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the great Dickey Betts.

  22. Bryan Opa

    TO: All my Friends at local 436.

  23. Danny Meyer

    Young at heart always.👍

  24. Bobby Twig

    Dickey at his best. The whole crew. Nobody will replace this band! Play it loud !!

  25. Adonaiyah Teemann

    This is amazing

  26. dark guy

    got older not my mind just my body

  27. Matthew McSheffrey


  28. Curtis Chapman

    I Reaaly miss both the Allman Brothers

  29. Michael Rosen

    Nobody left to run with anymore.....wifes prison

  30. Steven Hulme

    we will all run together again-see you when I see you Gregory ✨

  31. Scott Liegel

    If your lucky enough to count 1 or 2 real friends in your life, your a very lucky person, Not just people you know ,,True friends. Everybody has a lot of friends, but how many of those people, will be there when you really need them??
    Like Doc Holiday, stuck with Wyatt, till he sadly passed. Friends till the very end.

  32. Joppy Owens

    ❤ what a cool dude he was! with soul RIP Midnight Rider x

  33. Bobby Twig

    Pure Allman Bros. Love Dickey on this one. Stay healthy Dickey. You have a few things left to do. This song shows there was life after Duane, sad as that is.

  34. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Why don't we ever do nothin crazy no more.57 channels and nothins on.or stoop hopping and drinking beer and talkin about shit we did?You glory days motherfuckers are boring.The retort.We're grown and ain't got time or money for "the klink".You go to work and do as little as possible when you get off so you'll be up to snuff tomorrow.

  35. Debbie Garner

    279 people suck!!!

  36. Andy Calie

    57 this yr n cant n dont want anyone to run with anymore !!!! The old hippie byrdman 62! !!!!!

  37. jj dogg

    I think Duane's spirit follows President Trump

  38. jj dogg


  39. Lisa Weaver

    The damn Truth!

  40. Dale Anthony

    This song hits me right in the heart... I was working the Southern pacific rails at the time this came out... I relive those days whenever I hear it...

  41. vegastyphoon

    Possibly the Greatest band of all time...

  42. Jetty Sooacua

    Tanks for the music duan and Greg now your together with your friends and family


    WHISKEY!!!! VODKA!!!! FISHSCALE!!! COKE!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HELLLLL!!!! MOTHERRRR!!!! FUCKINGGG!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Gary Edwards

    U only live once so make the most of it

  46. Gary Edwards

    This song rings the truth love everything about it

  47. :-:૮૨¡τ¡૮αlッッԲષʍ¡gα

    Hello guys i am br porra sonzera mano c loko

  48. Brandon McCormack

    I've played this song the last 3 times I've had friends over playing cards and 1 always taps his feet and says how much he likes this song but somehow doesnt remember each time. He likes to smoke lol

  49. poopstain

    The Jimmy in this song was my father, he was Gregg’s good friend and manager for years

    keep on rollin 79

    Did jimmy pack his stuff and get right outta there?


    keep on rollin 79 yes, moved to Memphis when he met my mother then had me shortly after. That was in 91.

    ReddNeck Buddha

    Amen Bro!! never had heard this Allman Bros song till my dad “Jimmie” past at 86 with Alzheimer’s in 2011... I think of him everyday... but song has me smilin every time I hear it and think of the wonderful life my dad lived and how special he was to me and my children!

  50. Sam Harrill

    First, let's get to the point. Rock and Roll was not created by the Blacks in Africa or America. It is and evermore was and is a True Celtic Rhythm. Elvis died of AIDS that he caught from a black girlfriend in West Memphis. I am a WICCAN WE ARE THE ONLY ONES. OUR HISTORY PREDATES ALL OF WRITTEN BOOKS.

    Sam Harrill

    So True.

    Renz Magg

    I love u

    jeff silverman

    You. Are. Delusional.

  51. John Bruno

    there's actually 242 people who don't like this song ?!

  52. Walter Davis

    Seems more true every year. I dont know why anyone would want to slow down but they do

  53. george welch

    Plenty of people to run with.
    See you at Saratoga Bobby.

  54. Don Carpenter

    This song is telling me... It must be time wake up the people that we would run with! I'm 57 and still carry, still doing drugs and getting drunk... by myself... And with the Holy Spirit who inspired these boy to write it... Goosebumps are priceless. Amen or... That's that!

  55. Sandi Cullen

    So with all this technology, why can"t we send a favorite song to a friend???

    David Olson

    Here is mine friend.

  56. Viego Alvarez

    Jimmy and Tony are buried . Covered in debt, getting bitched at every day. Who needs it

  57. M L

    adios my ga,,and my friends

  58. Don R

    I can so relate to this this song ...

  59. David Olson

    All of you that saw the Allmans and the Grateful Dead in the early 70's with Duane and Pigpen are luck.

  60. Gary Edwards

    My favorite ABB song love it

  61. Richard Douros

    west chester PA. it's happing again. look for us in 2021 to 2024

  62. Richard Douros

    I'm 51 and my friends are 22 to 34 .were still doing it in west chester Pennsylvania.

  63. SunandChrome

    Yup.  I haven't spent real time with old high school friends in 16 years or so.  Two former roommates passed in the last 5-6 years.  Retired from the Army in '08 and don't see my old comrades.  It's right when they sang no one left to run with.  But I still remember some wild times before cameras were everywhere!

  64. Seamus Jones

    Ford has Megan Kelly s racist ass pimping their natzee mobiles. Fuck FMC!! Punks

  65. Kevin Oshea

    I can relate to this song so much. At least we have our memories of the crazy things we did before

  66. Andy Calie

    im now 56 n I dont want or do I crazy things we all used to do n btw dont wamt to run with anyone any more !!!!? the old hippie " byrdman 62 " !!!!!!

  67. Dwight Renfield 86

    I rediscovered this song last week . My life long buddy died in a car wreck yesterday. Rest in peace Alex Parker. 1988-2019

  68. Randall Berry

    Little feet didn't have shit on this guy! Ever. lol

  69. Tim Moreillon

    Mike Grizxly nailed it ! I'm now in my early 60s and the older I get the more I long to be young, health and free & crazy like I was back in the early 70s

  70. Brigitte Turner

    love it forever

  71. James Newton

    I am A Southern Rocker from way back. When Greg Died the song fulfilled itself. There is just Gary Rossington, Dickey Betts, and Rickey Medlocke left form the Old School. Both Gary and Dickey have had Health Problems, and Rickey was born with only one lung. When they are gone, there will really be No One To Run With!

  72. Chris Black

    This is me, running! (to the music)

  73. randall pearcy

    "Go some place and start all over again"🍄

  74. John Rush

    This one's for you Jackamo !

  75. Tommy lee Pate

    The waterboy brought me here

  76. Heather Mcclain


  77. Doc Rupert

    im gonna hit the road, adios my friend..every time I crank up the Harley , the song rings true.

    Chris Kelly

    I'm going to crank up the harley put my Bose headphones in my ear and I'm going to play this tune right now

  78. Pj Durkin

    Great song

  79. djclay33

    The voice of My Generation!

  80. Donnie Yarber


  81. randall pearcy

    Nobody left to run with anymore🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄

  82. Joe ROBBINS

    Im just sitting here thinking about all the great friends I had thrs no one left everything is so boring dull drab and without flavour I guess its up to me to carry on tha TORCH and by GoD Im going to that's what they'd tell me .

  83. Wild Horse

    Love love love it!
    That's how life goes, keep dancing, never forget the fabulous music🎶🍄🎵

  84. michael harvey

    pure bounce

  85. Phayzyre105

    Bo Diddley beat!

  86. mellotronage

    This was 1994 ? And still rolling along from the blueprint that Skydog laid down so many years before. What a testament to him and all others that ran this band...

  87. MagicMarker447

    man, 2017 was a bad year for musicians I listen to. Lost 2 just from the ABB. God bless them.

  88. jack straw

    Fucking Great !!!!!!!!!

  89. lindsay noel

    They started the the really talented jam band shit and nobody can touch them still timeless music

  90. Chris Black

    Rockin' with ya every day on the CD in my 93 Acura TL!

  91. Millard Trammell

    This will be played at my memorial...

  92. Owen McGee

    the quintessential aging rocker song, perhaps...

  93. Jim Williams

    Great song...saw The Brothers perform this in the mid-1990s a few times...the percussion is [email protected]!!

  94. Ottis More

    Im the last of my old friends. The rest are dead. So yeah i can relate.

  95. 1263tk

    IMO of my brother Jimmy....❤️ and miss you so much. This song’s for you.....

  96. Chris Mason

    I loved this song when I was a teenager, but then it was just a sick riff and an awesome beat....Now that I'm 32 the song has just so so so much more meaning !!!! Damn! It just hits so close!

  97. Tim N

    2018 and Jimmy still got the right idea. ..😑

  98. FarOutWest

    This generation will never know what free minds they had way back when and the great mentors...