Allman Brothers Band, The - Hoochie Coochie Man Lyrics

Gypsy woman told my mama
While 'fore I was born.
Got a boy child comin' mama,
He'll be a bad one, now.
I'll make all you little girls,
Turn your heads around.
Then I'm gonna take you little girls,
Gonna take you right on down... with me yeah

Ho, you just wait and see.
I'll be your hoochie coochie man,
I'll set you free.

On the seventh hour of the seventh day
On the seventh month, seven doctors they say.
I've got lots of good luck, you know they all agree.
But now if ya, if you're lookin' for trouble babe,
You better not mess with me.
Hey, 'cause you know I'll getcha one by one.

Ain't no fun.
I'm that old hoochie coochie man,
A bad son of a gun.

Got a John the conqueroot and got some mojo too,
We got a black cat born, we're gonna slip it to you.
Hey, move over people just as fast as you can.
Said I know you're waitin' for me 'cause I'm the hoochie coochie man.

I'm gonna get you, one by one.
I got set on that old hoochie coochie man
And I'm yo' son of a gun.

Now the gypsy woman told mama, oh 'while 'fore I was born,
She said you know he's comin' mama, he'll be a bad, very bad one.
Make all the ladies, turn their heads around.
You said, I can just see all those women, chasin' him all down.
I'm your hoochie coochie man, everybody knows it.

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Allman Brothers Band, The Hoochie Coochie Man Comments
  1. Robert McAllister

    Was blessed to have grown up in Macon and been at Mercer during that time. Was able to see Berry play lead at Grants Lounge, the night Marshall Tucker auditioned for Capricorn. Amazing time !

  2. daniel mcdermott

    Whilst the novelty of Berry taking lead vocal is interesting, I feel like (as per) Gregg would have killed this song; killed it stone-f***ing dead.

  3. Richard Lee Wagner

    I never knew that Berry Oakley sang the vocals on this song. Actually, Duane did not sing that much, did he?

    Dan McNamara

    He sang Dimples and No money down.

  4. Russ Cobleigh

    so glad I was learning about music then !

  5. g mat

    Dropped a short line earlier. This tune knocked me out in ' 74 with Beginnings. Like Walter said i at first thought it was Johnny Winter. Well, he thought of him anyways. Me, 35 years later and hitting my semiclean CyberTwin with a BadMonkey overdrive driven by a Cort Arrow. Defined Tone for me for years. Only regret is 'we' didn't cover this song last time i played out. Would have been great.

  6. MrMusicguyma

    Pretty good, but I can't hear a guitar that sounds like Duane. Was he on this?


    MrMusicguyma Absolutely.

    Dan McNamara

    Dickey goes first.

  7. g mat

    Thiis kicks like a mule!!

  8. Robert Fripp

    Could some kind soul tell who plays each solo in this song? If it's Duane's or Dickey's ....

    Mick Berry

    I'm pretty sure you can tell who's playing which by the slide or not. Slide would be Duane. No slide would be Dicky.

    gabriel flores

    Mick Berry duane is not playing the slide here, and i think he takes the second solo.


    Mick Berry Duane didn’t play slide on every song. In fact, he played straight guitar on more songs than he played slide on. On Idlewild South (the album HCM is on), he played slide on 2 of the 7 songs (Don’t Keep Me Wondering, Midnight Rider, very briefly).

    Same for the first (Trouble No More, Dreams), and third (Statesboro Blues, Done Somebody Wrong) albums.

    Eat A Peach, he played slide on a short section of Mountain Jam, One Way Out, Trouble No More, and Stand Back. He played straight guitar on Blue Sky (first solo, high harmony lines) and Little Martha (resonator Guitar).

  9. esslar1

    At first, I was not sure what I was hearing...yes, this does sound like Johnny Winter singing with the Allman Brothers. I like it!

  10. Gail Halldorson

    I didn't even know they did this. What a fan I am???? Thank you whoever put this up for me to find.

  11. Rhonda Flanders

    WOOO I just had to hear their version of Hoochie Coochie Man!

  12. fonsecorona

    By the way, I'm here cause I felt like going down memory lane with one of the most awesome tunes that I remember played by the Allman Brothers while I was growing up, now that the last one of the brothers has left us...
    R.I.P. Gregg Allman


    Hmmm....Thinking Dicky Betts is still kickin......


    oneshot5072 Dickey Betts and Jaimoe are both still with us. Not sure what the hell fonsecorona is talking about. Even if they just meant the literal “Allman brothers” of The Allman Brothers Band, there were just two of them, so I still have no idea where “last” would come from.

  13. fonsecorona

    Can anyone tell me who does the guitar riff that starts at 3:24?...Was it Duane?..or Dicky....
    That's the part from the whole jam that bought me...To me that's the pinnacle of this whole piece..It's just the crown jewel of it all....

    Michael Seay

    fonsecorona It sounds like Duane's guitar phrasings.


    definitely Duane's guitar

  14. fonsecorona

    The very first version of this song I ever heard.....Back then, in 1970, as a 15 year old, I didn't even know this was a classic blues song, let alone that I was going to hear countless versions of it in the years, decades to come...
    All I knew is that I was listening to one of the most absolutely rocking pieces on the airwaves at the time.. So much so, that I went and bought the album "Idlewild South" just to play this song over and over and over again... lol

  15. fonsecorona

    The very first version of this song I ever heard.....Back then, in 1970, as a 15 year old, I didn't even know this was a classic blues song, let alone that I was going to hear countless versions of it in the years, decades to come...
    All I knew is that I was listening to one of the most absolutely rocking pieces on the airwaves at the time.. So much so, that I went and bought the album "Idlewild South" just to play this song over and over and over again... lol

  16. Robert Fripp

    That's by far the best version of this song I've ever heard. No clue why it hasnt more views

  17. Tony Spagnoli

    that's Johnny Winter.

    Keith Moore

    That is Berry Oakley singing, although he does sound quite a bit like Johnny Winter.

    Tony Spagnoli

    I had read an article quite a few years back that had said that was JW. In fact JW had jammed with AB.
    BO or JW, it's a damn good song.....


    Tony Spagnoli That’s definitely, 100% Berry Oakley. Dickey and Berry brought the cover over from their previous band. Duane introduced Berry to sing it, on every live recording I’ve ever heard, of it.

    Whoever told you that had no idea what they were talking about.

  18. Wayne Rolfe

    Soulful storm ⛈ thunder n lightning ⚡️

  19. Mr. Strawmann

    RIP Butch Trucks (1947-2017, drums), Berry Oakley (bass, and lead vocal on this song, 1948-1972), and Duane Allman (1946-1971, guitar).

    Jos Zomer

    And Gregg Allman (1947-2017, keyboards).

  20. Great Music


    Nick Hawkins

    damn man.. wow..glad that news was spreaded damn dumb captain

    - XxJimmyPagexX -

    Only way to do it. Listen to this full volume

  21. Great Music


  22. Great Music


  23. kenton jones

    Who Tayght J.W.?

  24. Barry Fohn

    Is that Berry doing the vocals?

    Greg Kenefic

    Barry Fohn yes that's Berry Oakley.

  25. baldmann1

    My favorite version of this classic. Drumming is insane!


    baldmann1 That's what you get when you have two drum sets, played by two excellent drummers.. ☺


    He does sound like Johnny winter  good sound

    Indian Andy

    BOOTIE POTTS yes, it does. In 1971 I walked into Budget Tapes and Records in Denver and asked, "Who's that doing a Muddy Waters song? (I thought it was Johnny Winter.) The managers were surprised I knew Muddy. That began a great friendship with other blues lovers.

  27. Bill Brown

    Berry had a great voice and is my all time favorite bass player. The stuff he played was so intricate and melodic compared to some bass players that play the same old line over and over. And it's Berry, not Barry.

    Shannon Spoto

    Berry was a lead guitar player before joining the Bros.

  28. Rick Bray

    Great video, but Dickey is taking the first solo when you are showing Duane....

  29. Blues Rain

    Hoochie Coochie Man

  30. Walter Fechter

    Berry's vocals remind me a bit of Johnny Winter's


    Walter Fechter That was the intention. ☺

    Ashley Williams

    i thought it was junior wells too


    Ashley Williams Too? You thought it was Junior Wells and Johnny Winter?

    Harry Nowak

    That's for sure!!

    Susy Allen

    Same here

  31. Παυλος Ασκημος


  32. alan murr

    That was Berry Oakley, not Barry. It's strange that he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1972 not far from where Duane Allman was also killed in a motorcycle accident one year before in 1971. Why were their so many deaths by such great musicians in those days? Astrology? People do more drugs today in 2014 then they did then.


    +alan murr will do

    alan murr

    Also I thought Barry Oakley was that black guy in the band. He sounds soo black. "Hey move over people just as fast as you can, I know you will for me because I'm the Hoochie Coochie man. I used to do that in Karoacke's which I haven't been to for 3 years which explains why I can't spell it. But I could duplicate black singers perfectly. I thought then I was doing a super job imitating a black singer, then I learned that he was not a black singer after all.

    Reese Daniel

    Also, Berry was killed on Napier Avenue, 2 blocks over from where Duane died. Their song In Memory of Elizabeth Reed was written about a woman named Elizabeth Reed Napier who died in the 1800s and whose tombstone they used for sex (Dickey Betts and some girl) at Rose Hill Cemetary, Macon, GA.

  33. alan murr

    They don't make music like this anymore! Do this at a Kareoke Bar, all generations love it. That's Barry Oakley singing lead with this super southern USA band. Dickey Betts and Duane Allman on guitar I think is what impresses the people at Kareoke Bars so much that weren't even born yet in 1968.


    alan murr BERRY. Not “Barry.”

  34. Pam PAINTER


  35. Brian O'Connell

    Agreed, Berry's vocals on this track are as good as Greg's. His Chicago voice is kick ass. Not to mention he was one of the best rock bassists of all time.

    Thomas Sullivan

    Yes, I hear a distinct Paul Butterfield influence in Berry's voice. Butch and Jaimoe are absolutely thunderous on this!

  36. Robert Beam

    Sounds like him

  37. Paulo Vinicius Maya

    Always thought it was Johnny singing it.


    Paulo Vinicius Maya Nope. Berry Oakley, confirmed by every live recording of the original band doing the song. And, also, the liner notes of Idlewild South.

  38. Jimmie Hultman

    I likes your likes !

  39. Mathew Maher

    awesome tune but ooops this sounds like johnny winter to meeebut great tune


    Mathew Maher Ooops? Not sure what accident you had, but that is Berry Oakley singing.

  40. Cheri Richtman


  41. Val Myers

    I thought this was Johnny Winter for so long. And Mr.gregotis needs to get some spelling lessons. Allmond?! I EVEN know it's Metallica

  42. James Mills

    Amen to that! Rest in Peace Berry.

  43. Courtney Ann


  44. Sean Beatty

    Berry Oakley, what a badass

  45. Frankincensed

    I listened the hell out of the Allman Brothers. How good was this band? Amazing. I remember every song so well. Great stuff.

  46. Terry Brown

    Soozy, the ol' boy might just wanted to get laid, Babe. t

  47. Steve Mulry

    What’s a Metalical & what’s an Allmond Brother? @MrGregOtis

    Richard Lee Wagner

    I know, right. WTF???

  48. smitt9

    2 guitars /// 2 drummers /// it couldn:t get no better

  49. MrGregOtis

    My son use to live and die for Metalical. Until I broke out my Allmond Brothers vinyl. They knew how to bring life back into the classics. I used to drive around at night listening to Stormy Monday over and over.

  50. Sue Studer

    yeah, real turn boyfriend use to hear that and say "let's go ball." What's up with that?

  51. Enverbum

    @putoncabron For a long time I was convinced it was Johnny...that's what makes this my all-time, no doubt about it, favorite version of this song.

  52. tippimail1

    Great song from Idlewild South.The whole band is rockin'!

  53. Pastors of Adequacy

    Right up with Statesboro Blues and Trouble No More, The Allman Brothers seem to solidly cover any blues song in mind and twist it into a hard rockin' anthem.

  54. Raul Hermosillo

    Bass player sounds a bit Winterish, no?

  55. Bryant Tyndall

    This is one of my favorite versions of Hoochie Coochie Man. The Allman Brothers rocked in the day...