Allman Brothers Band, The - Firing Line Lyrics

Known you since you've been born
Raisin' hell even as a child
Nothing's changed since that day
You're still out running wild
Hellhound on your trail
Gettin' closer with every passing mile

Hey now baby,
Don't you think it's high time
To change your life's direction
Get off the firing line

Well your luck just ain't been running
Lord, very smooth these days
I think it's finally come down
You're gonna have to mend your ways
With your head up in the clouds
You cannot see through the haze

Hey now sweet baby,
Don't you think it's high time
To change your life's direction
Get off the firing line

Step outside, take a look aroud
Do you see anyone who cares?
Spent your whole life steppin' on your friends
Still you ain't nowhere

Search for a new direction
But the past is all you'll find
You can count up all your mistakes
Blame it on your criminal mind
When you lay down with snakes
You come up poisoned every time

Hey now baby,
Don't you think it's high time
To change your life's direction
Get off the firing line
Get off the firing line
Get off the firing line

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Allman Brothers Band, The Firing Line Comments
  1. Joaquim Pais

    Awsome music, one of the best rock and blues band ever. We use to say in Portugal that such guys are just like Port Wine, they improve as they get old.

  2. Efrem Norwood

    That dual drum sound is funky" as shit!

  3. Efrem Norwood

    Whose playing slide guitar on this?Warren Hayes? Dickie.Leavell?

    Roseanne Salyer

    Probably both Warren and Derek. Usually mainly Derek. Chuck Levell is a keyboard player.

  4. Eric Bolt

    The greatest band that ever graced a stage.

  5. Eldie Valenciano

    Legends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Leia Akers


  7. laurent Sauvage

    superbe morceau

  8. Vonda Sue

    Love, love GREGG's upbeat voice! makes me get my Mojo going! Wanta drive my car fast, be wild & crazy!!!

  9. Leia Akers


  10. Dave

    RIP Greg.

  11. Ed9870

    Well that was certainly good.

  12. Michael Ivers

    who are the 4 people who don't like this i wonder

  13. Bon Korcher

    aw eargasm every second

  14. handyhanks

    Greg's voice is perfect in this song...

  15. Rocky B

    I would love to see The Allman Brothers release another album or two or three. However if they never did Hittin The Note is an excellent swan song this album holds up very well to their earlier stuff. The writing is great so is the playing and Gregg's vocals i havent looked at the credits but i think there are only two cover songs 1. Woman Across The River & 2. Heart Of Stone both covers are excellent. Seven Turns from 1990 and Shades Of Worlds from 1991 are great as well. ROCK ON

  16. R L

    All Hail: GREG ALLMAN !!!

  17. Gladys Stanley

    OH Yea .... My Baby child ....!! (SwampFox) <3

  18. Nay de Vian Colin

    I like it !

  19. Muzman60

    They just keep ridin on, standing the test of time. You go boys!

  20. AnneRedd

    @jeffbeck70 all the songs are on the dvd Peakin at the Beacon! Fantastic!

  21. polytie

    @absurd64 Yeah...not quite sure I even wrote that comment. It doesn't even seem like something I would normally say about people's music taste. So yes, you can have some respect and my apologies for the comment.

  22. Benjamin De Sade

    @polytie I like both dude.. Can I get some respect?

  23. stealyourface73

    Phenomenal album. Too bad it went out of print so fast. It's the only Allman Brothers album with Derek Trucks on it, & without Dickie Betts on it. Warren Haynes is beyond incredible!

  24. polytie

    @Saphris I suppose, all I know is I have a friend who found a random website where he was able to create music like they have today and within about five minutes he able to make something that anyone who was in today's music business could've sold easily, and doesn't even know anything about music but was able to make it. I just find it hard to respect that kind of music when literally anyone can do it.

  25. Saphris

    @polytie no such thing as fake music friend. all a matter of opinion and personal taste

  26. Anthony Queen

    Some generic comment about my age and/or Lady Beiber or something another, concluded by how much I really like this song. Seriously though, great song, awesome band.

  27. ironjuni

    Awesome song! Warren Haynes rocks the shit out of it!

  28. JusticeMusician

    @polytie It's their loss!