Allman Brothers Band, The - Dreams Lyrics

Just one more mornin'
I had to wake up with the blues
Pulled myself outta bed, yeah
Put on my walkin' shoes,
Went up on the mountain,
To see what I could see,
The whole world was fallin',
right down in front of me.

'Cause I'm hung up on dreams I'll never see, yeah Baby.
Ahh help me baby, or this will surely be the end of me, yeah.

Pull myself together, put on a new face,
Climb down off the hilltop, baby,
Get back in the race.


Pull myself together, put on a new face,
Climb down off the hilltop, baby,
Get back in the race.


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Allman Brothers Band, The Dreams Comments
  1. Memphisballs

    My favorite song

  2. Staphik Spironciel

    Beautiful song & composition 👌 Smooth blues :))))

  3. Jake Dibiase

    One of the best songs I've ever heard. Their debut is such an incredible album.

  4. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    That organ makes the song

  5. Conner McGrady

    Let's be 100% honest here, Molly Hatchet did this better.


    @Andre Cartier I'd rather a bottle in front of me!

    Jake Dibiase

    fk no m8, ur trippin


    A good version?
    A _better_ version?
    No. No, Shit no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that, man.


    Please tell me you were being sarcastic

    Joshua Roberts

    Conner McGrady agreed

  6. Andre Cartier

    Whoever put the 11 thumbs down , you must have all had a gun to your head !!!!

    Adam B

    @Andre Cartier Lol, I understood what it meant. I was simply saying I believe people disliked your comment because they didn't understand what you were typing. Not that they actually disliked what is you are saying.

    Andre Cartier

    @Adam B Thanx for reply.I guess I got lost in the Vietnam thing. We lived in East San Diego next to a Hells Angels bar. They liked the Allman Brothers. The noise blew us away. Just getting back from Nam 🇫🇷.Born raised in France.

    Adam B

    @Andre Cartier damn, that's pretty a cool little story. Thanks for sharing it!

    Andre Cartier

    @Adam B Thanx brother for the comment.The bar was basically a Hells Angels place.Other bikers could go in. Just as long as they weren't wearing Other Calours .


    They were all standing on their heads !

  7. Andre Cartier

    Lived next door to a lively Biker Bar in Cal.after getting out,14months, in Balboa Hospital, lost r.foot 3 fingers Khe-Sanh.I swear there wasn't a night this song wasn't played and Midnight Rider.V.loud but great.

  8. Tyler Huston

    So, I saw ABB at the Beale Street Music Festival in 2007 during my senior year of high school. I was really close to the stage, basically right in front of Greg. I was screaming "Play Dreams!" at the top of my lungs. He apparently heard me, so that was what they played next. I was in a state of pure bliss.

    Andre Cartier

    It's a shame you couldn't have seen them back in the day. It was a religious experience, I kid you not. The Orange Sunshine acid helped too. While those notes were flying !!

  9. Velvet Brewer

    They were a class act and true southern guys. Best rock blues up there with Paul Rodgers of free and Bad Company. All legends! Gregg Daune and Oakley Singing in paradise now.

    Tyler Huston

    I think one of the reasons they are so highly regarded is because of their immense talent. They're usage of Jazz like beats/style in some of their songs really sets them apart.

  10. steve wakeham

    haunting and amazing! One of my favs by the band.

  11. Dak Lamerbusch

    This and Lynard's versions are 100% different songs despite the same lyrics. This is blues, while the later's is southern rock. Both are amazing though!!!

    Ken Perk

    Molly Hatchet covered this in a great way! I don't believe Skynyrd covered this song.

    Andre Cartier

    Please don't even put the Allmans in the same universe as " Lynards " I drove Limo for Lynards, as you call them.Went to there final wrap party.I feel I ever had respect , I lost it .

  12. cdb200001

    Remember Duane Allman.

  13. Mary Kate Daniiher

    The Allman Brothers will forever be one of the greatest bands ever formed, Nothing today can touch them!!!!. And this song is amazing!!! Thank you guys.

    Andre Cartier

    You have excellent taste Mary . Lived next to a bicker bar in southern Calif.Heard the Allmans. Every night , so did the bickers .69-71. 1/9 marines.amour Andre.

  14. Janice Belfiore

    Song touches me. My son passed 3-17-19

    Adam Bradley

    Andre Cartier sorry for your loss my friend. Can't imagine your pain. The only happiness we have of the losses we suffer is knowing they're in heaven where no pain exists

    Kevin Mcnamara

    Sorry 🙏😘🙏

    Susan Reed

    I hope his memories fill your heart.

    Cynical Millennial

    @Julie B. yep. And until then look forward to those dreams of loved ones that seem so real they do get you through hard times.


    Life just never gets easier. RIP