Allman Brothers Band, The - Desdemona Lyrics

Rain falls upon a sleepy southern town
The midnight moon burning brightly
Memories rush in like a river forlorn
As you lay sleeping without me
Highway song keeps me rolling on
Still I long for you

Desdemona, I will be your only one
Oh yeah

I make my living calling out my pain
Trying to make it through another day
Arms reach for me on the wind I can feel it
They're a thousand miles away
Yours eyes remind me of everything beautiful and blue
and I won't feel myself till I'm with you

Desdemona, I will be your only one
Oh yeah

So hold a candle till the darkness fades
Nigh time sleeps but not for long
My heart is pounding like the ocean my soul's empty as the sky
But I know someday I'll be coming home
Time goes by in the twinkling of an eye
Still I pine for you

Desdemona, I will be your only one
Oh yeah

I just wanna be your only one
I just wanna be your only one
Your only one

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Allman Brothers Band, The Desdemona Comments
  1. Hal VanSlyck

    God, I miss 'em. 49 years my favorite band.

  2. Mskat26

    If you listen starting at 2:47 you can hear the big influence John Coltrane's "my favorite things" had on the improvisational modal chord changes in this song.

  3. Chris Marino

    This song makes me miss Butch Trucks so much... I love putting the headphones on and listening to the studio version. Such fine drumming on this track.

  4. Bill Turner


  5. themidnitetoker82

    The kids good. But let's not over look Warren his right there playing his heart out as well!

    metal paco

    100% my brother

  6. sa65cn1

    Derrick Trucks "the heir apparent" to Duane

  7. Lee VanCleef

    I ran into Gregg in a strip joint in Daytona in 1986...2pm on a Tuesday...we were the only ones there! had a drink with him....amazing!! This might be the most amazing live performance I have ever seen!

  8. Bill Turner

    Oh my gosh! I have watched this since it first came out an it never gets old. He was a an American icon

  9. Scott Teague

    Oteil be trippin. He's admitted it many times. Cool. Keep on hittin the note

    Ben Stolz

    Whatever he took that night did the trick!

  10. Scott Teague

    All these cats have a special calling. Greg, God rest his soul. Butch, the same. Duane and Berry as well. The remaining with Greg kept it going. Warren and Oteil and Derek. God I miss the Brothers and what could've been.

  11. CC Custom Leatherworks

    quick - someone make a new movie on his life
    and use this in the closing credits!

  12. Denys Stryker

    One one the to five great influences in my life

  13. M. Riasad Islam rasha

    Sky dog r.i.p. brother

  14. Jacques Croughs

    Je ne me lasserai jamais d'écouter ça!

  15. Beverly Sutherland

    Gregg Allman, s soulful vocals. 🎶💙 music at it's best!

  16. K F

    This will always be the song I would sing in the car with my dad RIP Gregg

  17. mark forrest

    we are all so blessed to have had the allmanbrothers band r.i.p greg and butch duane and berry no band has ever had such an impact on me

    Michael Lyons

    Amen to that.

    Mike Matheson

    Another amen to that I got live at Fillmore East in 1971 and I was locked. The Brothers and especially Gregg’s Music are an inextricable part of my life

    Razor Champion

    @Mike Matheson And thank God for Dickey Betts

  18. Stephen Louthan

    What a terrible loss for real music. RIP Gregg Allman.

  19. et lux in tenebris lucet


  20. sarge898

    R.I.P. Gregg & Butch.

  21. Slab O Beef

    Derek Trucks for president

  22. McRico H

    Since when is a midnight moon burning brightly on a rainy night? Great song otherwise! :)

  23. 1russian

    My favorite "NEW" Allman Brothers song!!

    Mike Matheson

    1russian yep mine too. It was Stormy Monday until this song came out

  24. LOW . TAR

    Derek had John Coltrane for breakfast ... 😍

    Armando Pace

    exactly speaking

  25. Bram Elswick

    Anyone know how to play the intro?

  26. Enrico Petrella

    If you like the Brothers and Derek style, check out the other videos on my channel!

  27. Cynthia C

    So all the musicians were amazing in that performance!

    Jimmy Giles

    +Cynthia Cisneros (A day in the life of) This band is probably my favorite of all time. (until the last 2 years when Pearl Jam is right there - I discovered PJ late in life! lol)  I been listening to the Brothers since 1973.  I know I am old....heheheh.....but I just missed them with Duane on slide.  My sisters and brothers partied with them and were of the Hippie Generation that did the Piedmont Park Free concerts with the Brothers.  I have been to many of their shows.....The last incarnation with Derek and Warren is to me right there with the orginal line up.  What amazing soulful music to live my life to.  I am blessed and ABB blessed me.  I just saw your post and your smile and had to reply with some small token of written testament as to what this band has meant to me.  Music is such a soul soothing experience.

  28. Cynthia C

    Amazing guitarists! I love the Allman Bros. Band

  29. Julian Carta

    Coltrane's "Pursuance" off Love Supreme 5:55 - 6:02.  Straight genius playing right there.  

    Trey Villafane

    +Julian Carta great ear! That is *so awesome!*


    "My Favorite Things" 4:12-4:19!

  30. Armando Pace

    Pezzo bellissimo. Un blues che si trasforma in un pezzo modale. Dereck cita anche My Favourite Things alla Coltrane. Geni assoluti, giù il cappello per questi straordinari musicisti!

  31. CzPW RomanG

    Dwóch genialnych gitarzystów w genialnym utworze. 

  32. donamick

    i will miss  warren haynes in the allman brothers. simply brilliant!

  33. eddy71454

    Just cut to the chase and move up to about 3.20. As good as the other Allmans have been for decades, Derek has taken them to something higher.

    Leonardo Mirenda

    I get what you're saying but why miss Greg's singing? it's as great as anything else here


    eddy71454 give me a break

    Martin Mosher

    eddy71454 ummm, no

  34. js6729

    I saw them on this tour at the Woodlands in Texas...Simply amazing!

  35. MemphisConservative

    This reminds me of hitting up the various clubs on Beale Street & hearing similar caliber jam sessions. SIMPLY AMAZING!

  36. Anes Tojaga

    In the words of John Mayer: Derek Trucks' guitar sounds like a female singer from the 50s belting it out.

  37. CROUGHS Jacques

    Thanks for sharing! I have the full DVD, incredible, amazing....

  38. Paul Ferris

    I am speechless. And in high quality too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  39. savant disgrace

    Thank you for uploading this performance.