Allman Brothers Band, The - Come And Go Blues Lyrics

People say that you're no good
But I wouldn't cut you loose, baby, if I could
Well, I seem to stay down on the ground
Baby, I'm too far gone to turn around
Oh, if only you would make up your mind
Take me where you go, you're leaving me behind
Lord, you got those come and go blues
Lord, you got those some and go blues
Yes, you do, oh and you got me feelin' like a fool

'Round 'n' 'round, 'round we go, -
Don't ask me why I stay here, I don't know
Well maybe I'm a fool to care
Without your sweet love, baby I would be nowhere
Here I'll stay, locked in your web
Till that day I might find somebody else
I don't know just when that would be
I don't know, I can't say as I can't see
Lord you got me feeling like a fool

Sail on, darlin', sail on
Woman, you go your way, and I'll go mine
Seems to me, that I once heard
That everything is finally cured by time
So sail on, darlin', sail on
Lord, I wish you good luck
And I'll see you when you come next time

Woman, you got those come and go blues
Yeah, you got those come and go blues
Yes, you do, oh and you got me feelin' like a fool

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Allman Brothers Band, The Come And Go Blues Comments
  1. Curt Bayer

    I might find somebody else...

  2. Inez Ribeiro Da Silva Teixeira

    Essa música❤🎼 Lord you got those come and go blues...

    Flsun Racer

    Molto bene

  3. Terry Carthy

    Jacksonville? Aren't they from Macon, GA ?

  4. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    Why doesn’t this have more views??

  5. Joaquim Pais

    Simply wonderful, a masterpiece of this great band from Jacksonville, Florida, just like a handful of great milestones of Southern rock of The Allman Brothers Band..

  6. Erc B.

    The back cover with all those folks. I used to check if I would spot Cher.

  7. William Toth

    Hell ---___--- Yea

  8. Mika Mikkola

    This is must be the best music ever.

  9. Nick Pieti

    I saw them in San Diego 1970 and they were the only band I could remember where they sounded just the album

  10. Hugh Sumner

    It's about time to head to high falls for a plate. It's not far.

  11. Will Arnett

    I was fortunate to see The Allman Brothers twice- in Nashville, Tennessee and Lakeland, Florida. A privilege it was. Great, timeless music live.

    428 scj drag pack

    Was Duane with the band? I saw them in Atlanta @ Omni 1973

  12. egojosepio

    Brothers & sisters que gran album, a pesar de no tener a duane!

  13. caught you in another lie

  14. Philip Koziol

    YES. The acoustic version. But no Chuck Leavell? Anyway, it's all good.

  15. Chris moonflower

    Love Gregg's acoustic version -- maybe even more than this version. Check it out on YouTube

    Michael Farris


    I don't know. That piano is pretty amazing.

    Colbert Petros

    Thank you ! It blows my mind !!

    Peter Danyliw

    Acoustic version, I think is a whole lot better.

  16. fiddler phil

    Great song thanks

  17. Alfie

    Hey thank you for uploading this!