Allister - Yearbook Lyrics

They say elders gain the wisdom of years
As time goes by, I fear...
Growing up and feeling like the best years are done
Spend life waiting for things that never come, and...

When living through the memories of youth
When repetition guides you
When wondering how you wound up this way
I hope the wisdom's worth the wait

Life's mold gradually enfolds you
Uniqueness given up to be accepted by your peers
Come in from your 9 to 5
Hang your coat and tie
High School yearbook's still on the nightstand...

Salutations and "How's your day been?"
Routine superficial conversations
Gotten too deep, but somehow you keep
Working to afford another day you'll live to hate

I hope I never fall in line
I've seen it one too many times

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Allister Yearbook Comments
  1. Fiendy Misfits

    truly meaningful ❤️

  2. BassWhiz92

    This song isn't long enough

    Fiendy Misfits

    it's punk, short and to the point, no need to add up more or it won't be punk.

  3. Graham Morris

    I've always been a fan of Allister. Very underrated band...

  4. Junior Marcillo Ruano

    El mejor Rock punk del mundo sin duda estaba banda por siempre ...

  5. Gill Marvin

    i love love love this song

  6. fernando morel

    saludos desde argentina !!!

  7. fernando morel

    estos son los nuevos integrantes ...a mi me gustaban mas los antiguos

  8. RuloWeasel

    in my opinion a fine "happy" punk band !

  9. All Apologies

    WOW :) always bloody loved Allister

  10. Sophie Kind

    rockt :P