Allister - Runaway Lyrics

Now that the hardest part is done
We'll have to face another one
And figure out what we'll both do and where

Each offer seems to promise new ways to separate us both
And I don't care what others think is best, I can't just watch you go

If we can stick together, we'll never be alone

We'll run away
Just leave this place
If you're here next to me there's nowhere I'd rather be

So we'll start tonight
Just leave behind
The lives we used to know and venture out to make it on our own

It'll just be harder if we wait
More settled in with every day
It makes more sense for us to both start new

And the worst thing I'd imagine is to be stuck like this at home
And it might be rough at first but we'll have stories when we're old

If things start to break, we'll pack up and find another way
Settle down again and if it's not working out, we'll just take a different route

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Allister Runaway Comments
  1. Al Calvin

    I'm just happy to see someone spell Allister correctly

  2. YeonJa JEONG


  3. waluigi

    why haven't I found this band until today

  4. ヌキヌキ


  5. Alvin Garcia

    somewhere on fullerton was better I mean the ORIGINAL Allister


    Its all good

  6. おはようございます


  7. Sakurai 。


  8. 佐々木隆

    イイネ〰✨サウンドも歌声も好きだよ〰Your song is so nice !🎸🎶🎤🔥(佐々木隆)

  9. kocha0126


  10. Yazı Tura

    When Allister is coming ?

  11. nefset

    Great song.

  12. Dawn Allard

    miss you guys

  13. in arsene wenger


  14. Armand Jimenez

    Tambien puedes descargar muchos mas discos y hacer peticionces saludos

  15. Дитя единорога


  16. B-Block

    This song's for my babe !

  17. Miguel Angel

    alguien de pura casualidad me podria pasar el link del nuevo disco de allister "life behin the machines" para descargar las canciones se los agradeceria

  18. Yeffen Lugo

    exelente cancion

  19. CheeseFudge

    Allister <3