Allister - Breathe For You Lyrics

You fought a long, long losing war
You've seen a time of better days
Yeah but through it all, you stood up tall
You never cowered in fear
You'd always ante up when times were tough
You never gave up on me
In this wicked game of life and death
I would play my hand if I could

I'd breathe for you [x4]

You've seen it all, it's all come and gone
Through the smiles and bitter tears
Through all the endless nights you'd stay up fighting
Just to make it until dawn
Another round of shots, a bigger pot
Lies on the table waiting
In this wicked game of life and death
Let's throw down our hands in glory

I'd breathe for you [x4]

Ain't it funny how life passes in the blink of innocent young eyes
So many names and faces change while others just lay back in disguise
I hope you never thought that I was just another rotten fair-weather friend
Let's try to make up for lost time let's make this last until the end
Until the end...

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Allister Breathe For You Comments
  1. Alkaline Enema

    love the bass

    Rose Mary Gutiérrez

    +state enema I think the same.

  2. Solrac!

    cool i make pop punk 2