Allie X - Too Much To Dream Lyrics

There's a place I can go
Where the rides never close
Come on down
(Down, down)
It's a barrel of fun
Spinning round 'til I'm numb
On this merry-go-round
(On this merry-go-round)

Going riding, riding, riding from me

Anyone can see
That I've had too much to dream
I'm singing 'til I'm screaming
Dancing 'til I'm bleeding
A cruel reality
When you've had too much to dream
Better keep your eyes shut
Cause you don't wanna wake up

Through the mouth of a clown
Take the zipper, go down
What a thrill
(Thrill, thrill)
All the cocktails are pink
Wet your lips, you can drink
'Til you get your fill
('Til you get your fill)

Going riding, riding, riding from me

Anyone can see
That I've had too much to dream
I'm singing 'til I'm screaming
Dancing 'til I'm bleeding
A cruel reality
When you've had too much to dream
Better keep your eyes shut
Cause you don't wanna wake up

Everybody's waiting
For the curtain call
I'm the fool who's busy
Singing to the wall

Anyone can see
That I've had too much to dream
I'm singing 'til I'm screaming
Dancing 'til I'm bleeding
A cruel reality
When you've had too much to dream
Better keep your eyes shut
Cause you don't wanna wake up

Anyone can see
That I've had too much to dream
(Can see I've had)
I'm singing 'til I'm screaming
(Too much to dream)
Dancing 'til I'm bleeding
A cruel reality
When you've had too much to dream
(Can see I've had)
Better keep your eyes shut
(Too much to dream)
Cause you don't wanna wake up

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Allie X Too Much To Dream Comments
  1. lucas eduardo

    Ai mulher eu tenho tanto orgulho de você ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Supreme Coven

    Flop but great

  3. Irina Jimenez

    I only see comentaries from 1 year ago ¿why? Is the first time i listen this song

  4. Meki

    I am obsessed with her mind ,interesting song I always feel strange when listening to it

  5. Nelson Alves

    Deusa 💖

  6. maria.

    Am I the only one who’s getting Mars Argo’s ‘Runaway Runaway’ vibes from this? 💕

  7. Tony Martinez

    Don’t yah peeps worry I push her I have every one liking her

  8. Marlen Mtz

    Eres la mejor uwu ese lindo video

  9. Jamille jamille


  10. Kira Alexandrø

    Amo esta canción 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  11. Joe Castro


  12. Ruan Adço

    Como vim parar aqui vei

  13. Milena Sarraf

    Samira Close, obrigada por me fazer conhecer esse ícone ❤❤❤

  14. Maicon Rafael

    Vim pela live da Samira Close... que música maravilhosa 💕💕 e parabéns ao clipe pelos 3 anos ❤️❤️

    Milena Sarraf

    também vim pela madrinha ❤

    Maicon Rafael

    Milena Sarraf digital influencer nossa madrinha 💕

  15. André Lopes

    Tá feliz, Samira Close?! Estou viciadoooo

    Maicon Rafael

    André Lopes Também vim pela Samira ❤️❤️❤️

    André Lopes

    @Maicon Rafael influenciados pela fada

  16. lavender witch

    this is still a fucking BOP.

    hope you release the next album soon, queen 💗

  17. Marlen Mtz

    Has una colaboración con Lorde uwu ❤️

  18. Davi Pedroso

    Galeenho, você sempre viverá em nossa memória. Lendária s2

  19. Alif Peters

    vim pela Samira close, como eu não conhecia isso antes meu pai

  20. ElliO XNX

    Turkish music vibes

  21. bipolar d00d

    This is my manic song lol

  22. Karina Konrad


  23. César Alva

    Allie X :')

  24. Lucas

    Eu não consigo acreditar que essa música não foi #1 em todos os charts

  25. Сайл

    Приклльа музыка и голос

  26. matt z

    0:52 Allie be flossin

  27. descafeinado lyrics

    I need the instrumental

  28. Brandi Cunningham

    Why isn’t this song on Spotify any longer?

  29. Wanderlust


  30. William Rhea

    I would walk a 1000 miles to kiss her little toe....allie x , I write poetry , FB 'broken inside by William rhea ' and ' writings by billyray2015'' anything ,everything iv written is yours to use if you wish to use it in ur music

  31. Jose Santos

    Luv this song still listening and it's almost 2019🐺

  32. Gustavo L

    Essa musica me da um dor no coração ate hj

  33. Dakota McAlpin

    I love this so so much this video is so authentic🖤 and vey relatable, this is so right for me because I have a lot of dreams and I’m just so glad that I listened to to this song because it made me feel so relaxed and free, to live in my dreams.

  34. Jose Santos

    I'm hooked on this tune so great luv it alot have to listen every day 🐺

  35. Sniper Girl

    this describes my mood everyday

  36. Ciriaco

    this is like one of my favorite things ever ever ever

  37. Jose Santos

    The more I listen to this song the more im starting to luv it such a pretty Melody 🐺

  38. Jose Santos

    Really nice song 🐺

  39. Diego Scola


    Alif Peters

    como se ela morreu ?


    Unforgettable. What an amazing song

  41. Robert Kostanczuk

    Simply fabulous.

  42. Neophoria Studios

    my best favorite female pop vocalist :3

  43. Rafaelo Danilo

    I just discovered this song a few days ago while I was listening Alliex collxtion II and the new ones from Super SUnset a looot and then was totally fellin luv c'mon it's so good and then I discover the amazing video!!! I love you Aliie, If you one day read this I'm so fucking thankfull for your art!!! ♥♥♥

    Allie X

    thank you

  44. N ï c ø F ė r

    2:54-3:01 Beautiful 😘😍!!

  45. ßastián


  46. Miss Mayhem Boutique

    I'm narcoleptic and this song speaks to me so much. <3

  47. Ivan Silvano

    Why do this video reminds me of Wild Horses of Bishop Briggs

  48. Ready Set Rock

    Jaira Burns. Kailee Morgue. Charlotte Lawrence. Halsey. Melanie Martinez. And now Allie X. I love them all😍

  49. João Victor Martins

    Jesus! It's a masterpiece... 🎶

  50. Valentine Creature

    I love her art! It’s so beautiful

  51. Elsa Y.

    Love it❤️

  52. Petre Dimcevski

    2 years ago this video came out...

  53. Rene Felipe

    I love this song so much!!!😍😍

  54. Sawako Kuronuma

    Mds!!!! Brotou brasileiros nos comentarios

  55. rozana aquino

    Kat Graham - Magic

  56. rozana aquino

    JoJo FAB. (FT Remy Ma)

  57. carlos wellyson

    2018 e esssa fada ainda não teve o reconhecimento que merece... PQP!

  58. rosequiinn

    only 98 dislikes...finally people are learning what GOOD MUSIC ACTUALLY sounds like
    I love this song

  59. THE HUNDRED - Netflix

    foi essa música que me fez gostar de você

  60. Samuel's Mashups

    I'm shook

  61. dollanganger r

    wonderful song, babe
    xxo from brazil ❤❤❤

  62. Tønâlity

    Put the video at 140p for the real vintage mood *Love this song!*

  63. Gerald Micallef

    keep it up your sponges.

  64. Gabriel Alexander


  65. Bermunda

    I just love her 💖

  66. Walter Orué

    I've just found this. Guess who's gonna spend hours on repeating the video.

  67. carlos wellyson

    Te amo <3

  68. Kartikey Pokhriyal

    The Bridge of this song is so soothing

  69. Luciano Pereira da Silva

    The best <3

  70. Brenda Lima

    rumo a 300K <3

  71. DariusGMusic

    I am a fan of Allie X and this song resonates with me as a survivor of psych meds. I was prescribed Abilify and Zoloft to treat my neurological disorder, but my doctor never warned me that these meds are hardcore dope with side effects similar to street drugs, even when taken as directed. I have experienced addiction, withdrawals, highs, and alternate realities, and now my life has been ruined by permanent side effects. This song's music video reminds me of my hallucinogenic side effects and the insanity of all the torment swirling around in my head. If you are battling drugs, I understand your pain. My life is just like what this song says - A cruel reality, so I better keep my eyes shut, because I do not want to wake up. To learn more, check out ex-pharmaceutical rep Gwen Olsen exposing the pharmaceutical industry at

  72. EXO-L A

    I love thisss 💗💗😭

  73. Lizzy M.

    I love it

  74. no j

    Billie Eilish and Allie X they need to colab

  75. no j

    Lmao the stars on there " junk " hahahah

  76. blurry baby

    Oml more lyrical and creative genius from Allie X! I’m so proud of your immense progress, and hope you get the success and acclaim you deserve

    Allie X

    thank you

  77. MikeeYo

    For some reason, this reminds me of 90s.

  78. Tanzil Jahan

    she melts my heart

    Allie X

    this song hurts my heart still after all these years.

  79. Cruelhart

    When I first saw this I though it was old af until i saw the upload date in the description XD

  80. Tristia Thompson

    You should listen to XYLO they are a brother sister duo that is also underaprecciated like Allie X

  81. Marcelo Mota

    Maravilhosa <3

  82. Natan Brito

    que efeito ela usa nesse clipe alguem me ajudaaaaaa

  83. Victoria D.M.

    the eighties vibes are too Strong

  84. Jefferson Gomes

    Galeenho nunca te esquecerei

  85. Tyrant Revolver

    Everyone involved in this did excellent work <3

    Allie X

    it was basically me and the director with a tiny hidden camera in vegas

  86. Евгений Вишневский

    Я её Люблю))

  87. amanda miller


  88. Rae Cherry

    My friend thought she said drink and I was like no it's dream

  89. Igor Sousa

    why didnt she put this on collxtion II omg

  90. Link

    Sua voz e perfeita

  91. Diana Varela

    I love this song

  92. Jffryhyn

    Mon dieu, ça envoie du lourd ! L'instru est pas mal du tout ! Et la voix est nickel !
    Pk je découvre ça que maintenant ?? mdr

  93. Taylor Mcfarling

    I see myself walking the streets in New York listing to this song and jamming out. Man she is an awesome singer--song writer.

  94. Aulia Rahman

    Why dislike 90ribu? Whyy?