Allie X - Susie Save Your Love Lyrics

Susie, save your love for someone like me
You don't have to be a part time
Susie, save your love, and take mine from me
(Ah, ah, ah, Susie)
You don’t have to be a part time, save your love

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Allie X Susie Save Your Love Comments
  1. Leonardo da Rocha Dambrowski

    Musica mais triste do universo.

  2. niraea

    why didn't this song exist when i was a teenager? what a mood

  3. Gowon's Crunch

    did lana wrote this?

  4. glory

    i cried the whole night listening to this... just, heavenly

  5. LeDrame

    yo I'm making soft rnb trap ambient music i anyone is interested

  6. jake josh

    I actually thought it was by Lana del Rey and I couldn't find it anywhere, now I'm happy

  7. _hoshit on Instagram

    I found out this song today and I love the singers and the lyrics so much😭💗💗

  8. neto candido

    Love you beautiful song❤️

  9. Alex Cirqueira

    *If I have to, I'll listen to this song 100 million times so it has the recognition it deserves.*

  10. Triangles VLOG

    OMG !! When I heard Troy Sivan voice ! I just went to heaven! 🤩✨💛

  11. Millie Collective

    This song deserves better

  12. Sharul Lyzan

    The starting of the song gives me Nirvana vibes ✨💕

  13. Osqueitor

    Best song of 2019

  14. Mateusz Kacz

    i need a music video for this with you and Troye ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. anas aseez

    I heard this song first on Spotify.... GOD I’m in Love

  16. Kalpita Mookherji

    Also why is no one talking about Allie's rANGE ON THIS SONG LIKE HOW?

    Amanda Merideth

    Because that queen always slays when it comes to hitting those highs. ❤️

  17. Kalpita Mookherji


  18. Ƒedelle Đort

    I never knew I needed Allie and Troye on the same song until this. A masterpiece - they blend so well together

  19. Furqan Qureshi

    I can feel this song...💔

  20. César Diego Zanky

    I listened to this on the radio and thought it was Lana del Rey👀

    Triangles VLOG

    OMG !!! Yasss !! Love the Troye Sivan part! Wbu ! Do u listen to him !? 🤩💫✨💕

    César Diego Zanky

    Triangles VLOG of course I did😍 he’s such a great singer I love everything❤️

  21. ave b

    oooo my two fav artist collab together. i died

  22. Tara Saraf

    So gorgeous.

  23. BTS SUGA

    Troye is as an angel🙈🙈

  24. Minimalist Vlogger

    this song is so good and intense, but its so short 😭

  25. - Jimu の Nightcore -

    oh what!!! Troy Sivan - but how did I miss the notification?!?!

  26. R S

    We've been sleeping on Allie!!

  27. Hudson Rodrigues

    to apaixonado nessa msc pqp ♥

  28. suns hine

    fena değil paşam

  29. huyền trịnh

    cant stop listening to this song!!

  30. Nicolas Clark


  31. Nada Nadinha

    I love this song, her voice ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  32. Sam Johnston

    This could have been an absolute banger am fuming

  33. theking steve

    okey but this is beest than lana del rey

  34. theking steve

    porque nunca mee lleego notif de estooooo

  35. иуυ мσσи

    essa música é tão profunda e emotiva... allie x você me fez chorar e eu amei

  36. Sahil Budhiya

    when two beautiful voices collab🖤

  37. Mr. Bhattacharya

    Goosebumps !

  38. Leonardo Smith

    This song reminds me of love by lana💖

  39. Xian Kwon


  40. Swirl AndTwirl

    Founder of boomerang: Allie X

  41. Delilah Simmons

    It's like this song opened a door in my mind and helped me realize things about my relationships that I hadn't put much thought into before. Thank you

  42. Marina Camila


  43. nonoseacrest

    That last line tho,... it brought a waterfall

  44. Dean

    This song is an experience. Made me feel so many emotions. Beautifully sung 🧡

  45. Rachel Goulding

    This song gets more beautiful the more you listen to it. 💕💕

  46. renata bliss

    i feel personally blessed to have heard this song

  47. Shoeb Khan

    Why does this song not have more views ???? This is outrageous!

  48. Yo Hi

    Theme song for Asian kids @ parents. The lyrics are too familiar 😔

  49. Miss Katonic

    I put this on, partially listened to it, and then found myself crying. Now I'm fully hearing it and I'm bawling. Fuck yeah, catharsis.

  50. tyrannosaurusHEX

    angelic and haunting. your work is so beautiful and relatable. thank you 🤗

  51. Will Chin

    has anybody ever told you you look like raquel zimmermann mixed with Dakota Johnson?

  52. mood memes


  53. Yo Hi


  54. lusca sz :3

    parabéns vc acabou de fazer a música da minha vida. Muito obg vai tocar no meu funeral

  55. Shadow


  56. Shadow

    I love this song so much.... and Regulars, Rings a Bell, Fresh Laundry, and all of your older ones as well so much! <3 your music is fabulous!

  57. Darlan Fernandes

    I need a piano version Of This 😢

  58. aerxi lyngdoh

    "You love me wrong". This sentence and the way you sing it is so perfect. Hits really deep.

  59. cookie

    Wow, my faves together? Thank you for this food for my Soul.

  60. Thalysson

    this is absolutely perfect, I can't even express with words how much this song is spectacular. troye's vocals along with allie's is beyond perfect!

  61. hmyea nikki

    cant wait for mv 😖😍

  62. hmyea nikki

    lana del rey + sia = allie voice😍

  63. Megan Dawn

    This feels like it's definitely about familial love. Abuse in families are often swept under the rug because "they're family" and you're always supposed to love your family. It's sad when those closest to you are the ones to hurt you.

    Triangles VLOG

    Yasss! Girl! This is so true this just the beauty of life ! 🤩💫✨

  64. Tyrese Williams

    I need an hour+ loop of this

  65. Rafael Ribeiro


  66. Jesse Plouvier

    One of your lamer songs Allie :/ I am disappointed.

  67. Fish Bowl

    This goddess is gorgeous

  68. Dilly Pickle

    Why is she sitting in poop water?

  69. Corey Cravo

    I've never listened to a more personal song about my life experiences thus far in my life than this song. I've been rejected and shunned from my parents for being who I am. Never cried so damn much from a song. Wow! Thank you Allie!

  70. Sycamore

    As a transgender person I can relate to these lines so much that I'm literally scared. I hope one day my parents will be able to understand how they hurt me, saying they love their pretty little girl...

  71. yesseinu 01

    :D en una licenciatura escuchando a allie X

  72. Maja Sal

    *We love our Gothic, artistic and aesthetic Allie X.*

  73. joshua gonzalez

    my mom and dad

  74. Basic channel

    Yeaa girl you are on firee🔥🔥

  75. ujangrid


  76. rancid.raven

    This song hits so damn hard, what beautiful, tender emotion has been put into this. It's haunting. 💜

  77. Fernanda Linhares

    I love how simple and unique you are. When we se one gif in MV, you are the first person that I think. Thank you for this, you ate incredible and I love the way you do everything.

  78. yello!giraffe

    my babies

  79. Francesca Sherry

    Omg this is the best song before ending 2019 :,) It really made me cry af

    Triangles VLOG

    Yasss ! 🤩✨🌟


    *ALLIE X* ❤

  81. Plowiec Irena

    Perfect song after break up....
    You both killed me even more

  82. tan 122

    Every time I expected her to make a different move

  83. Spiderific!

    Love the ambience of the song, especially in the chorus.

  84. Emily Vitoria


  85. Chexa

    Is Troye referring to Jacob when he says "I heard you talking about me in the kitchen..."?


    Chexa hmmm I don’t think soo, why do you think so thoo?


    @Iann because he always reflects his life in his songs


    Chexa ouhh let’s hope it’s not about Jacob :(


    @Iann yeahh but he must be talking about someone


    YESSSS she will get the recognition she finally deservese

  87. spacewitch 333

    Reminds me of some family.

  88. lineylovesbeauty

    She is so underrated. I don’t hear enough people talking about Allie! This song makes me think of being loved for the ideal version of you, but it’s like they never really connect with the real you. And you let them down by just being you...

  89. xoMinouuu

    This song hurts me in my soul.

  90. Tereasia Ramlochan

    Oh my.... my ears were blessed

  91. Ana Carolina

    My favorite so far ❤️

  92. Imaginary. G

    I heard this song while rollerblading and I was so upset cause I didn’t get the chance to see who it was I’m literally so happy and relieved that I found it 😂 i would have been bummed out if I didn’t find it.

  93. Johnny Mo

    Wow the song is very powerfull, good job ♥️

  94. Quarantine Them

    Gimme a solo!! Pretty Please!!! Love you Allie x

  95. Aaron Williams

    This is the theme song for any kid who has parents that love them but don't accept them fully particularly artzy kids who parents expect them to do more realistic things over pursuing a career in the arts... I automatically connected to that personally We as artist live in a different playing field of life and many of are families just don't understand that world thus they'll love us but never understand us, are passion, or why we do what we do.

  96. Laura

    *Reads the title*
    *sees „Troye Sivan“*


    LiPStiCk iN My VaLenTInO BaG!??!??

  97. Ivan Prazim

    OMFG this is pure perfection!!!!