Allie X - Super Sunset Interlude Lyrics

- Does he like me?
- Who says I liked you?
- He doesn't love me anymore!
- I warned you

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Allie X Super Sunset Interlude Comments
  1. Princesa Caroço

    I close my eyes and I see myself falling on an endless vaporwave Kaleidoscope tunnel

  2. I eat goths

    anyone know the faint song in the background for the last 4 seconds of this song? (0:33 - 0:37)

    Jesus Rangel

    It’s Paper Love by Allie X.

    Jesus Rangel

    It’s a demo of it.

    Jesus Rangel

    It’s the “oh I know....” “that boys gonna rip me up” part.

  3. i love all music on the inside

    wish this album was longer, because every second is bliss

  4. Shenell L

    Only 37 seconds and my toenails came off clean