Allie X - Sarah Come Home Lyrics

Sarah won't you come home
I'll just hold my breath, 'til you hold me again
I'm talking to you, so you know you never run down
I'll just hold my breath, 'til there's nothing left

So come home, come home
So come home, come home

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Allie X Sarah Come Home Comments
  1. MrMr1200 EaStSide

    this song make me cry like if this song is so sweet

  2. neeta tandon

    Still can't get over this song or the movie 🥰🥰🥰

  3. m & m's

    Oh my....
    Barb is Alive?!?!?! 😃

    Anxiety xxx

    m & m's lol I was just thinking the same😂

  4. Aaryan Deepak

    Can anyone pls tell me which song is playing in the baground when Veronica and Sierra are talking just before they go to a party, the song with the whistles ?

  5. Christian Man

    repent and follow Jesus Christ

  6. War Beast

    Be stupid, be dumb, be funny, if that's who you are. Don't try to be someone that society wants you to be; that's stupid. So be yourself.

  7. Jyl Anquilo

    I love Sierra Burgess !!!!!

  8. Jorge Orozco

    q hermosa mujer estoy enamorado sierra 😍

  9. Joanna Aupe

    The intro reminds me of stranger things 💕 missin’ barb so muchh 😭

  10. Massisana Figueiredo


  11. Ken Sretsoc

    The music, the lyrics... amazing. Makes me really think about myself and how I don’t accept my appearance just like Sierra in this movie and makes me sad to realise there’s not much I can do about that

  12. Chanel Jay Navarro

    the moment i heard this in the movie, i just immediately thought of allie x. well nevermind because it's actually allie x lmfao

  13. Franki Webb

    I love this song but the movie is shit.

  14. Bandoleiro431

    Muito boa!

  15. badzd

    Beautiful song wish it was nominated for Oscar

  16. jikookshook_

    I live the whistling flute thing at the chorus 😍😍

  17. Poetisa //

    Amé todas las canciones...suenan a los peli hermosa 😢🌟

  18. Atilinha


  19. Orgil Zorigt

    Like if she is total loser.

  20. Mercy

    Brasil? esse filme é muito bom!!

  21. tules bakir

    Same melody of the song Tenderly (Houses's album A Quite Darkness - 2013)

  22. Ruth Chinasa Amagwula

    The movie brought me here ❤️

  23. Gayathri Pillai

    Movie was too good to be true.

  24. Dee

    Annoying how such a terrible movie has such a fantastic soundtrack.

  25. Lesuhhlie

    The instrumental reminds me of Stranger things


    I K R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well it’s s synth lol

  26. 白米

    I like this song :)

  27. multifandomz

    I just watched the movie and it was so cute

  28. idiot stupid

    the only good thing about that movie is the soundtrack lol

    Shenell L

    Thinking the same thing lol

    Andro BOLT

    Nah the movie is great unique haha you should actually watch it

  29. Paris Ad

    I thought this was Lana del ray at first

  30. Mark Dcunha

    Anyone else getting stranger things vibes from this song?!!


    Yeah but it’s the synth.


    that reminds me of life is strange and i dont know why

    Antoine Bizans

    @LVC45 CONTRERAS Yes me too because the vibes of this song sounds like the musics of Life Is Strange ❤️✨

  32. Linds Tee

    I’m here for Allie X.

  33. the cauan


  34. Salima Bazniar


  35. Shreeyansh Singh

    Shitty Movie, Great soundtrack.

    crusty bobusty


  36. Marcos Bitencourt

    This song 😍😍😍

  37. Ricky Ortiz

    This movie was good but so problematic.

  38. Adrián Calderon

    Is this the song on the scene where Sierra plays a song n start to singing and then Veronica tells her that she keeps singing it?

    Natasha Kendrick

    No that song is called "the other side".


    This is the song at the very start of the movie

  39. Christian Borunda

    This movie is so CUTe

  40. Adonn Lucero


  41. Poker God

    Good ass movie and song

  42. Shenell L

    Haven't seen the movie yet but Allie X is killing it as always

    Edit: Saw the movie... and the title is true

    it's 3xxu5


    Shenell L


  43. Kate K

    in loveeee

  44. Lana

    Can anyone tell me more songs of this style? Plsss

    it's 3xxu5

    just binge all of allie x's songs. all are so good bye 😭🖤


    Thankss sz


    Big Black Delta - Huggin & Kissin


    MrsStampedo omg I loved this, thank you so much :D


    Maybe this one also - Desire - Under Your Spell

  45. Mena Elarian

    Already loved the first song from the movie!!!

  46. winnie chong

    I like the movie so much...

  47. Salma Ossama

    I want to know when will they comes out

  48. syiera stuart

    This scene in the movie gave me chills ❤️❤️

    Dishant P Laskar

    Really positive right?!

  49. Aphroditeuf16

    Watching movie now. Good opening song.

  50. riya puri

    Does anyone know the song that was playing when Jamey was sending his mirror selfie to Sierra?

    Angelica Bote

    riya puri i was searching for the same thing actually 😂

    riya puri

    @Angelica Bote The song's name is Starting with you by leland.But I couldnt find it anywhere.

  51. Cristian Corrêa


  52. Ana C. González

    I love the movie, it describes almost all things that happens in my life recently (except for dating a really cute and handsome guy)
    I fell in love with someone who's in love with another girl.

    Rully Carrillo

    Ana C. González Me too☹️.

    ivan locke

    you catfished someone too?


    been there, too... actually the guy fell in love with my best friend and they dated for 3 years lol.
    it´s hard, i know that, but you will get through this. over time i realized more and more things about him that made me understand he´s a nice guy but we would´ve never made a good couple (for different reasons), so in the end it was the right thing to happen. that´s nothing u are able to see while you´re in that kind of situation, i know that, but you will realize it somewhen.
    for now i would suggest you try not to see him very often and focus on yourself, treat yourself and eventually you will find another boy (or girl) to give your love to, you will see.
    by now me and that boy are close friends, and he knows i had a major crush on him, but it´s fine now. of course he will always have a special place in my heart but the feelings are long gone and i have liked other boys after him and i´m actually really glad everything turned out the way it did.
    just stay strong <3

  53. SpaceboiBella

    This movie was amazing

  54. Alyssa V

    The movie shook me 😳🙌🏼💞

  55. ッanaïs

    Who else just watched the movie?

    Vered Cookie

    KookieBangtan AL watched it a long time ago

    Vg Mar

    Can I? I've been searching this movie for maybe you guy's could suggest me where I could find the whole thing

    Ra'Chelle Banks

    Me! I was impressed. I usually pass on NetFlix Originals. This was really good. Very reminiscent of a good, eighties, Hughs-Ringwald stuff.

    Fat Bob

    I cried so much at the end

  56. i love all music on the inside

    look at Allie slaying other genres

    Shenell L

    Allie X's CollXtion of Sunglasses I love you and Allie btw

    Star Dust

    What genre is this song?

    Shenell L

    @Star Dust I would say kind if like a retro synth pop. Or indie pop

  57. Jess Loms

    Im inlove with the movie sooooo gooodddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Melody Manson

    I love this song and I haven't even finished the movie yet

    crusty bobusty

    Literally looked it up as it started playing during the opening credits lmao