Allie X - Regulars Lyrics

Out in public
'Cause I learned a new trick now
See, I'm laughing
Don't I look so happy now? Oh wow

I'm with the regulars
I'm with the regulars

Now it's easy
They believe when I pretend, pretend
We've been worried
We just wanna see you win, see you win

I'm with the regulars
I'm with the regulars
Just like I never was
Just like I never was
And I'm outside

Oh, what a feeling
Hanging off a building
With the regulars

Oh, what a feeling
Hanging off a building
With the regulars

I got my reasons
Hanging off a building

I walk a wire
I can't even see the ground, see the ground
Thank your mother
So lucky that I'm balanced now

I'm with the regulars
I'm with the regulars
Just like I never was
Just like I never was
But I'm outside

Oh, what a feeling
Hanging off a building
With the regulars

Oh, what a feeling
Hanging off a building
With the regulars

I got my reasons
Hanging off a building

With the regulars
(With the regulars) The regulars
(With the regulars) With the regulars
(With the regulars) With the regulars
With the regulars

Oh, what a feeling
Hanging off a building
With the regulars

Oh, what a feeling
Hanging off a building
With the regulars

I got my reasons
Hanging off a building
With the regulars
(With the regulars)

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Allie X Regulars Comments
  1. Dante Mendez

    I’ve heard of Allie X for a min but I never got into her music; I watched this music video about 2 weeks ago and I was like eh... and all of the sudden I got this urge to listen to her discography and I’m flabbergasted at how much of an idiot I am for sleeping on her! I LOOOVE everything she’s put out so far. Something about her voice and sound makes me feel someway I can’t describe ugh I’m so glad I dived into her music. Much love 💗

  2. Dee Winn

    Oh, don't mind her, she's just going to pick up her fresh laundry 👀

  3. Gabriel Sales

    I can't believe that the e-girl style was invented by Allie x.

  4. David Figueroa

    sis, those heels said “fuck your ankles” 😩💔

  5. major tom

    where are the tiktokers or whatever the fuck to turn this into a hit... its what she deservessss

  6. When We Leave My Body is Your Party Tonight

    As someone with a mood disorder, the second verse speaks to me on another level

  7. BiTCh WhAT

    Oh, we love a five finger forehead! Like, periodt!

  8. Json YZ

    Allie x is the real billie eilish but without the right attention

  9. Soschen

    One of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard! This is love at the first note. High line vocal make me goona mad. I love you Allie. Very very very much. Brilliant.

  10. A Evergarden

    I'm glad i discovered this singer i can't stop listening to her music

  11. johan ah

    this song is so fucking indicated for a runaway just like, far.

  12. Jacob Burner

    This is everything "Cool Kids" by Echosmith tried and failed to be

  13. North Lights

    Video is not gif omg first time maybe

  14. Geo Amorim

    Das 4 que ela lançou até agora, essa é a melhor de longe 😍👏!! Que agudos, que clipe maravilhosO ❤🔥

  15. noel lr

    Forever grateful for having an air in the face moment in front of Valentina sauces

  16. Pharma Care

    I DONT KNOW WHY, but she without eyebrowns remindes me so much Julianne Moore.

  17. Lxxrt

    This song is sooooooooooooooooooo GOODDDDDDDDDD 😭😭

  18. Adib Abrar

    She sings in cursive, I feel expensive listening to her music.

    Austin G

    ...I saw this same comment a few days ago on her Instagram lmao

  19. øgaiht 781460

    Eu amo esse vídeo+música com todas as minhas forças. Simples e viciante

  20. Coopejist

    eu to com os normais

  21. K Yeates

    I'm glad you're not one of the regulars
    The world is so magnificently boring
    Don't let them get you too

  22. Sashin Jjin

    Why is everyone sleeping on Allie X like come on

  23. anonim leuname


  24. Magic Wand

    Can you make a version of this song with troye sivan?

  25. Atgorn

    that forehead is mad bro

  26. SXiPPY Dennison

    I wanna be her Lyft driver! 💛

  27. Eduardo João

    i'm in love with this new era

  28. Opiana Vallenwood

    Allie I just love you so fucking much

  29. diyanamaya

    she’s so underrated ughh i saw her live and met her and she’s the nicest person!!! also her energy when she performs is phenomenal ✨✨✨

  30. Batata frita

    Essa mulher é maravilhosa 💙💙

  31. Aleksander Zielonka

    Greetings from Poland. You are my new favourite singer!

  32. Luizz Danniel

    More views please

  33. cymophanous

    So proud she's Canadian :')

  34. ben porter

    Love this! Out of the new ones this my favvvve!!! Been on repeat for like an hour now 👍😂

  35. Juntapuchos

    Serving 7-Eleven Just Awaken Beast butch queen

  36. geovani motta

    Sei la se to viajando, mas ela me lembra um pouco lady gaga, amo muito ❤️


    I can't stop watching this is anyone else having this problem????

  38. Misho Nennge

    Love from Japan

  39. snowysnowwish

    someone make a remix of this with somebody that i used to know.

  40. * uwu *

    love when allie invented hair, shoes and a forehead

  41. Santiago Brun Marín

    I love this

  42. Lune granite

    she looks my hight school bully but I love her xd

  43. G L

    Allie X -best song to date!

  44. Jaylee Doon

    Me: Im with the regulars too
    Because im just a *normal human being* lmao

  45. velvetdreaming

    the fact I’ve watched this video more than 20 times and it’s only 12 days old 😐😐

  46. Rafael Pinheiro

    Eu amo essa música 😍

  47. cannedspaghetti

    I love you queen

  48. Mary

    alice glass?

  49. Liam O'Brien


  50. Abraham Isaak

    best iteration of her music she's come up with
    this and "fresh laundry" are on another level compared to her previous work

  51. Wolframisinme Youshouldrun

    My kind of vibes when im driving on the road...

  52. Gonzalo Ce

    Está mucho mejor que fresh lundry. This is much better than fresh lundry

  53. WenoW

    i love this soooooooo much

  54. Fel Tales

    we have no option but to stan 😳🙏🏼👀🤠

  55. xGunmetal

    She is totally hitting all my moods right now.
    You get this a lot but god, it's like satisfying a 27 year long craving I never even knew I had.

  56. Bianca Dallaire

    Who else got this song on repeat since its release? ALLIE THIS IS FIREEE

  57. Heather Benge

    I love you Allie! Keep doing your thing! I really like your music. xoxo

  58. El Helado De Joel

    you look like Monica Naranjo


    Awesome Work ✌️

  60. Gustavo Vargas


  61. Cícera Ribeiro

    I loveeeeee ittt

  62. Cícera Ribeiro

    Que música gostosa

  63. Isomer Mashups

    The problem is that she didn't go to WalMart. She'd fit right in there.

  64. cherry dynamite

    she finally found her shadow

  65. Dramahumano

    I love you so so so much 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  66. Katherine Araújo

    OMFG!!!! ALLIE IS SO CUTE!-😲😲😲😵

  67. L R

    Me pueden explicar el video?

  68. Castarrossi

    This video gives me life every.time.

  69. Bopey McFuqno

    Nice. A very close virtual friend of mine turned me onto this. Never heard of this b4. I like, it. It is good.

  70. iago herculano


  71. strawberry

    does someone have an interpretation of what this song is about? I can't seem to figure it out

    Cla Lyrics

    i guess fitting in with everyone in society, aka 'the regulars.' i interpret it as pretending to be normal when you really are depressed or feel disassociated. could be wrong!


    @Cla Lyrics oh, now it definitely makes sense! thanks :) this added a whole new layer of meaning to this song for me, I'm almost getting chills! english isn't my first language and I just thought she meant "regulars" as in regular customers of a bar or something haha

  72. Ravioli

    Finally see you without glasses

  73. bjo

    She kinda reminds me of Darcy from Winx club lmao over her

  74. Vini Leão

    Allie understand!! You deserve the world!!! Love u so much

  75. Hiruan Santos

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK olha o tamanho da testa dela

  76. Random Bubble

    DUI in the sign???

  77. Jonathan Onorato

    All these white artists trying to be cool and different by being “spooky, weird and goth”


    Allie X white queen

    Dezzy Moon

    Jonathan Onorato I smell a racist

    Jonathan Onorato

    TheAngryPikachu think of a better insult

    Cla Lyrics

    @Jonathan Onorato dude every artist is gonna try to be different to stand out, you dont need to hate on Allie.

  78. Maryse-Marie Andrea

    Yes! She played this at marina concert in Manchester and I couldn’t remember what it was called! Love this!

    Cla Lyrics

    OMFG I'd love to see Allie & Marina performing at the same concert!! I've only seen them both separately!

  79. LikeSoTotallyRandom

    I love this more every time i watch\listen

  80. tiểu dương dương

    14/11 is my DOB
    Thanks for your gift <3

  81. Pinkapple Emp

    Art. I love your art

  82. Kiel

    wow this song grew on me as I keep repeating this several times 😍

  83. Gonzalo Cuda

    Sos todo, boluda, te amo <3 ah re intenso, pero igual posta, venite a Argentina (?

  84. Yasmim Vitória


  85. Indoor Sky

    Such a good song!

  86. viglamaria

    That awkward moment when she opened for Marina and the diamonds and was 10000x times better ...

  87. ʜᴇʀᴍᴇs

    i hope she not problematic bc i'm really starting to stan her


    she’s one of the most unproblematic people ever probably

  88. PfälzerWald

    Allie I love your music so much, but what is up with the eyebrows?? 😂

  89. Gustavo Milczwski

    1:08 this is my favorite part of the video <3 love it please come to Brazil

  90. iusetohaveareallycringename

    allie x is everything poppy wants to be and thats the tea luv x

  91. iusetohaveareallycringename

    this shit needs 14 million views im bein serious its catchy af so those crackheads cant be like iTs NoT pOp

  92. Willard H

    I luv her face at the end, so emotional 🥺

  93. Lilith Mephisto

    The video is also giving me some Alanis Morisette vibes.

  94. mad mike475