Allie X - Not So Bad In L.A. Lyrics

In a city that lives while its bright stars die
And you start to get old when you turn 25
Where else can you go when you've got that drive?
And everybody says when they arrive

It's not so bad in L.A
The parking's cheap and valet
Those blue skies day after day
It's not so bad in L.A

Backyard got two lemon trees
Ten grams at the dispensary
Angels all left, but we'll stay
It's not so bad in L.A
L.A (la la la la la)

And the ghosts of the nineties walk the streets
And the Venice girls smile with the whites of their teeth
All licking their lips for a quick fifteen
Your appetite fades but you're still starving

It's not so bad in L.A
The parking's cheap and valet
Those blue skies day after day
It's not so bad in L.A

Backyard got two lemon trees
Ten grams at the dispensary
Angels all left, but we'll stay
It's not so bad in L.A

It's not so bad in L.A
The parking's cheap and valet
Those blue skies day after day
It's not so bad in L.A

Backyard got two lemon trees
Ten grams at the dispensary
Angels all left, but we'll stay
It's not so bad in L.A

Two lemon trees
Ten grams at the dispensary
Angels all left, but we'll stay
It's not so bad in L.A

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Allie X Not So Bad In L.A. Comments
  1. Annie Annie

    Hay quá đi mà ít ng biết đến quá. Tiếc ghê :v

  2. shota king

    I went to LA last summer
    it smelled like urine and weed

  3. Cakey Rat

    I need an AHS season with Allie, Sharon needles, and Amanda Lepore

  4. * uwu *

    i when allie invented the colours red, peach and blue <3

  5. Angela Pittman

    I so resent this video because that was my burnt rv and all my stuff that burned up in my fire i had and nobody asked me for my permission to use my private belongings in her video. I kept telling her camera people to e
    Get outta here and get away from my place and they wouldnt listen. So i was the one who stormed outta there really fast in my car that day. And tge minute that i left is when i found out she started filming outside my place. And then everyone got paid around there except me and my burned rv was a major part of her video. Barbara did not own anything by that burnt area it was all my stuff. You guys even paid my ex 150 bucks to film his black van for 5 seconds. Ha. I get crap except insulted by it. Sorry just been dying to put that out there. I even have pics of the fire burning and me there at the same scene to prove it.

  6. Javier Díaz

    Lots of Pink Flamingos Vibes

  7. Van V


  8. Jordan Sullivan

    this is some good shit

  9. Lindsay Shannon Joyner

    all I hear in the beginning is the I Hate Everything theme

  10. Rio Cheng

    I love the way she samples "Local Forecast" by Kevin Macleod at the start...

  11. Wolframisinme Youshouldrun

    Lana Del Rey: Im so authentic and beautiful
    Allie X: Hold my retro blue sunglass and scarf

  12. ioanna halle

    Sounds like Lana Del Rey

  13. José Arredondo

    La habrá maquillado Anna Balmanica?😍😍😍

  14. Lucas Johnstone

    I’m confused about what this song is about?

  15. Paulo Neto

    eu disse artista

  16. Honey Waghmare

    the intent is so abstract

  17. Kono Dutch

    I have turned around my life... But I wasnt that bad in LA..... People just make up stories

  18. Diana Ramos Covarrubias

    I've heard of you before and I've always ignored it. But I heard science for the first time and this song, I really like your style and your voice is really amazing!! I'm an official new fan !!

  19. R MCK


  20. Alex Ferguson

    She belongs in a David Lynch film

  21. Bunnula TV

    I love Allie X! You should be a guest on Bunnula TV!

  22. tt_lilyii really

    Why does she soun just like Lana del Ray

  23. TheInkinJapan

    Not so bad in LA, but was slightly better before this song.

  24. Valentina Plasaj

    Classy and so alluring!

  25. Fátima Franco


  26. Tyrese Ben


  27. Rotten Candy

    L.A.'s filled with liars

    Top game bullshit providers

  28. Oz 90210

    Obsessed with this !

  29. puffyseokjin

    i finally found the name of this song!!

  30. A Single Crouton

    666k veiws! cute!

  31. Olivia Hamilton

    666 000 views hail satan

  32. Typical_Tia


  33. kiim do avakin

    Escutei em the hills e me apaixonei

  34. Nelson Hope

    Deusa 💖

  35. Krtoleen i am

    is this the fucking i hate everything intro

  36. Rubix Head The Shape shifter

    Nice job . Ya music is perfect

  37. Mara Rose

    This is rythm is just so good

  38. osman çekik

    Her voice relaxing

  39. The RedQueen I Guardian Mastery

    What name sound in open

    osman çekik

    Her own album intro "Super Sunset İntro "

    Eduardo Perez

    @osman çekik nooo, I've heard that song in Roblox before

    osman çekik

    @Eduardo Perez I don't know maybe she stole it 😂 (just kidding)

  40. Serena

    and its not so hot in arizona

    Eduardo Perez

    You should come to SoCal some day

  41. xena juan

    Sounds like lana Del rey with ta trap beat

  42. trala -la-

    Oh is that lana del rey? :o

  43. Nelson Alves

    Taca Stream Nessa Lenda 😍

  44. NoahTheSoccerBoi

    i love this

  45. Jane

    Intro music pleaseee

  46. Lmaocyan

    Lana del rey??? Who da?? I only know Allie.

  47. Nana Brew

    I'm still not over the super sunset era😭❤

  48. lily 06

    Sounds a lot like Lana del Rey but more electronic

    Eduardo Perez

    If Lana And Electra Heart (Marina) had a baby.

  49. Anonoymous User

    Put allie x and del Toro a room together and have them make a movie

  50. CringyCruz

    Happy one year to this masterpiece


    omfg its the I Hate Everything music lmao

  52. claudia perez sanchez

    I love you allie

  53. Okoa

    I'm not sure if her eyebrows came from the past or the future.

  54. SleepyKittenz

    okay but what highlighter

  55. Miranda TheGerm

    Allie is like the type of artist that could collab with Lana or Gaga

  56. Allie Kayla


  57. Phongbienthai

    Not only Del Rey vibe but also a delicious touch of freakiness !!! Reminds me of AHS season 4

  58. Tammy Pappas

    If Del Rey and Gaga had a baby..

  59. Why is life so hard God

    the elevator music tho

  60. Dear9812

    The Hills: New Beginnings brought me here!

  61. Diego Linard

    Who knows the name of the opening music?

  62. misouzz •

    Me lembrou tanto Lana...

  63. Rhyme Killaz

    *Q U E E N* ❤

  64. maryxvids edits ;

    hollywood starlet and electra heart are best friends ,, don't even try to change my mind

  65. world of music

    Oee esse é meu blog
    Pra você que Gostam de saber de tudo sobre o mundo da música e cultura Pop

  66. bsk Baaska

    i wish allie x in the mongolia

  67. TheSuperKPLesboFan /Hi There

    the beat and her voice makes me want to jump cuz I cant dance

  68. Punya Pratyusha Sethi

    I know this is iconic but please look at the dog just minding its own business

  69. all the messiahs

    midsommer 51

  70. Ana García

    "your appetie fades but you're still starving" an explanation for my ed

  71. great resident

    "Starving" ? What does that mean?

  72. Marianela Jiménez

    Is Amazing ❤❤❤

  73. PHIE

    In love with this song immediately. I’ve been debating moving to LA for music... I’m afraid of feeling empty there. It’s not so bad, right? 😅

  74. Juan Uribe Jucauca

    For me this song is also about believe in myself and in the Universe because It gives me all that I deserve:
    "Backyard got two lemon trees
    Ten grams at the dispensary
    Angels all left, but we'll stay
    It's not so bad in L.A"
    I like how Alliex wears a blue dress like the color of the clouds.. i think she feels Like one part of the Universe.
    I promise that I will play this song when i arrive to LA Airport ✌🖤

  75. Jonathan Joel Rekury Elkrief

    Miranda vibes

  76. Willian Will


  77. Etienne

    She gave more modern CAMP in the whole MV than most of 4/5 of the whole MET gala walking the carpet.... just sayin

  78. Vee Monet

    Ti amo ❤️🇮🇹

  79. Marina Ferreruela


  80. NickDoesIt

    Is it just me or does this song sound like a different song?? I can’t think of it but I know it does!

  81. mroriginal4

    1st time I heard this song, I thought "what Lana Del Rey song is this?" But I quickly realized it wasn't her and have now fallen in love with Allie X!

  82. all the messiahs

    75% ,i got it

  83. all the messiahs

    its not so bad its with me

  84. all the messiahs

    please get my hawaii

  85. Knoodlecola

    Elevator music on point

  86. Marlen Mtz

    No sé porque me suena a Lorde :v

  87. Laura Carvalho

    Amo essa inspiração em Divine, amo uma música.
    be Divine, bixa ✨

  88. Jessica Hisle

    This song is dope!

  89. HashemOdeh 1234

    The I hate everything theme in the beginning

    Patrick R.


  90. devourerofwatermelon

    This is on Marina's playlist at her shows

    lara r

    Where can i watch it?


    @lara rI don't know if there are any videos of the pre-show at the concerts. All I know is (life is strange) that I heard it being played in the Bournemouth O2 like 20 mins before Marina came out :)

  91. Roberto Thornton Diamandis

    Bitch come to Mexico plz u.u

  92. Depression Art


  93. Depression Art


  94. Audrey Cabrera

    I wish this song existed in 2015 cuz I wanted it to be in Season 5 on AHS

  95. Audrey Cabrera

    Ladies and gents we have ourselves new Madonna of 2019

  96. HotTea

    Sounds like lana

  97. Allie X

    Which look do you think suits the Hollywood Starlet best? 💖

    Depression Art


    Avocado Jones

    red mask

    J U P I T E R

    The Orange one I think

    ANABELA Arroja

    The firssst