Allie X - June Gloom Lyrics

June gloom, in my room
These days, I like to stay inside
Watching the kids get high
June gloom, oh, June doom

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Allie X June Gloom Comments
  1. Joshua McKenzie

    What kind of person dislikes this song? I just don't understand.

  2. Chanel Oberlin

    that cover art looks like a tom and jerry setting

  3. Ser Satch

    free to use?

  4. Fefy Gbc



    If you like this song I suggest you look up "Driver - Paradise" on Soundcloud

  6. Revlin Almazar

    Is this song non-copyright?

  7. Car Technical Services

    oh, how i love june.

  8. Me Shi

    Can i use it for my channnel?

  9. Molun

    check out my cover! :D

  10. Jey

    I love this song, I was the 1k sub to appreciate this song

  11. Wayrest

    Hey guys I have a cover up of this song on my channel if anyone wants to learn it. Peace and love to all lol 🏖🏖


    Perfect 🤘

  13. Dana Jose

    This made my day ❤❤❤

  14. Shoki abram

    The morning after, tossing and tussling in bed with one you love.

  15. Pedro Medeiros


  16. this old dog


  17. Lopezz Beats

    What is the genre of this musical type?

    andrés diaz

    LD Beatss is important?

    Lopezz Beats

    andrés diaz Yes, I need more music like this.


    I couldn't tell you the genre but I suggest going to steezyasfuck's channel for more music like this

    cαrpε δiεm

    maybe you would like lofi hip hop ☺

  18. January dreamer

    Make me melt

  19. Launchpad McQuack

    Whats the original song?


    Launchpad McQuack
    I'll look around- Billie Holiday

    Launchpad McQuack

    amex35 thank you

  20. Pol

    Fucking right ❤

  21. l i s


  22. Eduardo Cunha

    Muito bom!


    Eduardo Cunha simmm

  23. Vinicius Nau

    Esse lofi ta 👌👌

  24. Neto

    so you gonna start uploading lo fi?

  25. Jacob Lopez

    *if you loooove discovering new indie music you may enjoy my new demo, I just dropped it on my channel and would love to hear what YOU think*


    Jacob Lopez your music is good, keep it up and I may just have to buy some songs.

  26. Isaac Rodríguez


  27. mistery-ed

    Wow! That is beautiful. A pleasant trip back to the 1940's. I can hear The Ink Spots coming up next...

    Andrew Boreland

    A settlement needs your help!

  28. Daniel Cal Fadavi

    I’ve listened to this on SoundCloud. Pretty nice.

  29. Fabio Chinnici

    prima e dopo

  30. Kyle1989

    I love it, perfect upload for today

  31. Vibes Aplenty

    It's summertime and this song is heaven


    Vibes Aplenty listening in winter🙃