Allie X - Fresh Laundry Lyrics

I want to be near fresh laundry
It's been too many years of not folding

These days, no one's bothering me 'bout nothing
These days, no one's bothering me 'bout nothing

I want to attend nice parties
'Round my neck and head, thin jewelry

These days, no one's bothering me 'bout nothing
These days, no one's bothering me 'bout nothing
These days (These days)
These days (These days)

You said you're always on my side
But what if my side has changed too much?
Then tell me, who am I? (Oh)
You said you're always on my side
But what if my side has lived too long?
Something has to die
Who am I?


I want to wake up (I want to wake up)
To friends calling (Friends calling)
I think I've had enough (Think I've had enough)
Of hard mornings (Hard mornings)

These days, no one's bothering me 'bout nothing
These days, no one's bothering me 'bout nothing
These days (These days)
These days (These days)

You said you're always on my side
But what if my side has changed too much?
Then tell me, who am I? (Oh)
You said you're always on my side
But what if my side has lived too long?
Something has to die
Who am I?
Who am I?

I want to be near fresh laundry
Fresh laundry
Fresh laundry

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Allie X Fresh Laundry Comments
  1. Matti Bygod

    She looks like Gaga's first face...not an insult just an observation.

  2. Xy Lense

    This was great.

  3. Felipe Diniz

    I believe this song/music video is an inner tale about depression/trauma about the outside world. The one with long hair represents the inner self locked from the outside world living with its own demons and traumas, even comfortable with all of it, while the outside world – the one with short hair – is calling for you, and on a deep level you also wants it but you don't know how to go there anymore, you're in fear, you feel yourself clean and protected from the outside while around you it's all messy and lifeless and you're so deep down to it that you don't even know who you are anymore. It's a very symbolic song and it speaks to me on a deep level. I lived for many years like this character in white, and it's painful, it's totally lonely, numbless.

  4. Alejandro Avalos

    Fuckin beautiful song, video and vocals 💛💛💛

  5. Edu D

    Wow she really looks like Gaga here sometimes

  6. LE3SA Music

    this is incredible!!!!! I love the video with the sound, its so unique!

  7. Le yaa

    I love your songs esp. need you,lifted,vintage,true love is violent and simon says....good job , your songs are my study buddies :)

  8. Moasunep Tzudir

    I can feel her.

  9. Noah Coleman

    i think its about the death of an old self and A NEW SELF COMING IN ITS PLACE.

  10. Dramahumano

    Queen of my heart

  11. Liam O'Brien

    Sigourney weaver's love child GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BITCH!

  12. Cat nag

    Paper love

  13. Luiz Ricardo

    I'm so glad you're on tour with MARINA 'cause you're awesome and deserve more and more recognition! Sending you all the love, Allie!

  14. Rafael

    I'm in love with that house !

  15. Rafael

    I think this is the best era,
    Love this look, hair, photography
    its art!

  16. WhatAboutRAFA

    LADY GAGA x AVA MAX x Billie Eilis x MELANIE MARTINEZ x ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. doubletrouble

    I know this is a story about depression and anxiety but the thing is, evey time i listen to this song i get so CALM. Not a joke. This song is like a meditation to me, i literally comeback every day to listen to it before i go to bed, it helps so much. Makes me feel like im not alone.
    Thank you Allie, i love you

  18. tonyviola11

    this is a weird twizzlers commercial

  19. Queen ratty

    Such a queen 😍😍🤤 omg 😍 always delivering!

  20. Marsean Deterala

    We Stan 👁️👄👁️

  21. Nina Kožo

    Better, much better than Billie Eilish or Lana Del Rey
    And those three are so close to my heart music

  22. Amber

    I love HER

  23. Matciej

    2:48 is that a mannequin reflection in the water

  24. Kambel Hoffman

    Allie X, you are something so fucking special and no one, I mean NO ONE can do what you do. I appreciate your work so so so much and what you are doing is magical. This new era is gonna be something soooo special I can feel it. You help me get through so much when I'm feeling low and you just life me up. Thank you, I love you and your work so much. Keep doing what you do- X <3333

  25. Soaribb

    I had a horrible dream tonight, I saw my destructive side. It was horrible but I'm glad I don't do that shit no more.

  26. Wayne O'Brien

    Anyone one can see that I've had to much to drink.couse you don't wanna throw up

  27. Frooty Diamond

    0:23 sounds like Ellie Goulding
    0:45 sounds like Kitten - Japanese Eyes
    1:39 sounds like Lana Del Rey - Without you.
    No hate, love this song ❤️

  28. Raven Vinson

    now instead of being afraid of just any old creepy lady crawling at me from the dark corners of my room it's being afraid of no eyebrows allie x crawling at me from the dark corners of my room and i guess that's better(?)

  29. Rachel

    i love this fucking song

  30. leandro pinheiro

    fuck bitch!!!! you're fantastic woman, i can't belive that i don't meet you before!!!!! i love you

  31. Nala Eissa

    2:25 her eyepupil changed

  32. Vincent Carrot

    Flann O'Brien : The Third Policeman.(3:22 when she realizes what has happened to her)

  33. Candice Cantu


  34. Gary InMarz

    Please come back to MTL soon

  35. Perraga Patrona de tu fav

    Amo ♡

  36. mugge47

    idk about y'all but this is my go to song for when I have to do laundry

  37. Rasiakowski

    Perfect example of my day home alone.

  38. ARIzZA :-/ MARIA


  39. REN_ JMZ

    I absolutely loved your performance at Hawaii’s Pride Festival!

  40. Posegativity

    when fresh laundry pulls up 3:30

  41. Russel Reclusado


    "Hi How are yah!"

  42. Indigo Kid Issues

    Billie Eilish:I'm so creepy
    Allie x:I don't know her

  43. Basic channel

    Her videos are litlle bit creepy but her voice is amazing!!❤❤

  44. Craa Diamandis

    OMG I'm going buy some finis now

  45. Storm pizza

    I can relate to this video and song so freaking hard! It scares me. Lol

  46. El Helado De Joel

    Allie looks like superholly in this . . .

  47. Heitor W

    Puuuuuuuuta que pariu! BELÍSSIMA CARALHO! <3

  48. Althäriel Numenësse

    I need you in my life like my sugar mommy haha ♥♦X♦♥

  49. Etienne

    Only now do i realise she exactly look like a young Isabelle Adjani !
    But again Allie X deliver quality content.

  50. Milky Spill

    i was so happy when you sang this at the greek theatre! was singing with you every word of the way

  51. Rick S

    OMG, I swear we had a moment in Boston, at the Charli XCX show, and it was awesome seeing her again, and during "Old Habits" we sang to each other. Bought the great autographed pic, to support of course. 3rd time seeing you and I was hoping for another meet and greet, but happy to see you, and even happier to hear you perform "Rings a Bell" hours before its release. I can't wait for your new album and your "own" headlining show.

  52. Justin Poirier

    Amazing song. Great production.

  53. Ivan Silvano

    Allie X never disappoints, and that's a fact.

  54. Julia Freeman

    почему она так офигенно прекрасна?!!

  55. 12134818150

    So unexpected and beautiful.

  56. 12134818150

    Damn! the concept gives me chills.

  57. LéoAlmeidaVEVO

    um clipe que Alexandra não fica girando.. o comeback da lenda foi diferente

  58. Pablo Orellana

    🦢🦢🦢 Love her saw her last week here in Seattle and I was gagging 💁🏻‍♀️💜💜💜

  59. Aundrea Lochmiller

    I freaking love this song. It's one of the clouds I hop to find my way back up 🤘😁

  60. Fábio Rodrigues

    This deserves more attention!

  61. Jimin's lost jams

    Absllolutely IN LOVE!!!!! i swear allie, this is amazing!!! The best singer ever 😘💞❤💗💜


    Great video !

  63. Sabri Haydee

    no deja d hacer arte esta mujer, la amo

  64. Mariana Pinessio

    caralho como ninguém fala dessa mulher?????????? vc merece o mundo todinho allie

  65. Heather Elizabeth

    constantly underrated

  66. Generic Channel

    No ones bothering me but nothing
    I relate because I suffer from hallucinations haha and they aren’t even real but they affect me daily :(

  67. Alex Stranger

    Песня норм) но в словах постоянно слышу какой-то Пиздец))

  68. salem noel

    🔥🔥Lana Del Rey x Allie X vs 🔥🔥Billie Eilish x Kim Petras

  69. Roger Van

    Dang, Dark Willow snapped

  70. Yossi Korengkeng

    Billie eilish??

  71. şeyda

    stan talent stan allie x

  72. RiceFieldWorkers

    queen of multiple clones

  73. George Miller

    2:30 thats a big ass cup

  74. joseluis28ful

    This makes me think of Julianne Moore's performance in Safe

  75. Eu Criss Blue

    Come to brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  76. Eu Criss Blue

    Brasil love u ❤

  77. Nature Is Everywhere

    i love this so fucking much

  78. Luã Áquila Freitas

    honest, gorgeous, raw, flawless. thank you for literally creating great art all the time! ❤️

  79. Zoe R

    She’s so amazing live. Her art is gorgeous

  80. Madison McCulloch

    Need an Allie X & Lady Gaga Collaboration!!

  81. Phillip Jackson

    That was nifty.

  82. Eraia Staunton

    love it


    You are amazing and you inspire me to be a better me everyday. You are a true artist, I love you so much. 😭

  84. Blacky

    I love love her music
    Its unique

  85. cristian

    Is this your ahs audition?


    There's something so... inhuman about these characters in the story. The way they act, the way they move, their piercing gazes. It's. JUST. WRONG.

  87. Joshua Teitelbaum

    The time for AllieX is now. Incontrovertible.

  88. Scarlet Rojano

    Ya extrañaba tus MV's....♥♥♥

  89. Joseph Riley

    Literally can not stop listening to this . I relate so hard.

  90. Vitor Gonçalves


  91. sleepmeld

    the twizzlers motif represents one simple thing that strings together both her depression/isolated state and the after allie x, one who fought and conquered. Even in dire circumstances, she is the same person

  92. EmmySpicyTaco

    Mom : do the laundry ! It wont be fresh for long!
    Allie : mom thanks , time to write a song

  93. Clarita Dominguez

    I saw her yesterday together with MARINA great show Allie X💗🤟🏼

    Megan Bella

    Marina and allie x = queen

  94. Jeremy Tighe

    The textures in this song are so full, I LOVE the contrast between the hook and the post-chorus; S+ for the production! The timbre is such a nice lavender melancholy too.

  95. Aulphone Pelephone Fallpo

    I forgot, I had squeezed my clothes but I forgot to dry them, now it was night

  96. Aulphone Pelephone Fallpo

    She Eat Chili?

  97. fluffshi

    I’m happy you’re back!! Love you 💕💕