Allie X - Downtown Lyrics

Love is a condition of the head
Wanna push a button and reset
But you're still up in my skirt
I thought if you had a piece of me
I could keep the other 2 or 3
But now that's not how it works

I shouldn't be here right now
But you got me figured out
Pushing my pieces round, I know this game
And I need a miracle
To break from this ritual
Till then I'll be saying the same thing

Take me downtown
Use my body all night
Make me feel like last time
Make it taste like love
Take me downtown
Yours until my heart dies
Give it up one last time
Give it up for love

Give it up, give it up
Give it up, give it up

Love is a condition of the head
There is no prescription to forget
So you're all over my brain
You're the blue fix that makes me run
I'll do anything to get me some
Stop me before it's too late

I shouldn't be here right now
But you got me figured out
Pushing my pieces round, I know this game
And I need a miracle
To break from this ritual
Till then I'll be saying the same thing

Take me downtown
Use my body all night
Make me feel like last time
Make it taste like love
Take me downtown
Yours until my heart dies
Give it up one last time
Give it up for love

Give it up
Give it up

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Allie X Downtown Comments
  1. Lizbeth Alvarado

    Alguien en Diciembre 2019? Eres arte puro bella Allie 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  2. PR Gaming

    when the music finish,i click on 0 of my keyboard...Always

  3. Lune granite

    ...give it what

  4. Dave Bucklin

    Erasure vibes.

  5. SK 114

    the only person i want is with someone else, i haven't even spoken.
    until my heart dies, yass

  6. Ngoc Han Vo Thi

    Is this really real officially music video of this song? Why she so underrated? Why???

  7. Đẹp Trai Dũng


  8. baby s

    ❤️12-12 SG

  9. Leonopaisdosgames _

    This start reminds me of Alan Walker's songs a little

    abualhassan 625

    Cuz it's a copy

    Leonopaisdosgames _

    @abualhassan 625 a think Allie is pretty original actually

    abualhassan 625

    @Leonopaisdosgames _ i meant the instrument not her vocal
    It's just like a remix

  10. SooberYooberToober

    If you like this, Elohim might interest you! She's also pretty underrated. Not a promoter, just sharing music. <3

  11. øgaiht 781460

    Sempre me arrepio no refrão dessa música. Putz... Perfeita

  12. noah

    Sounds like Diamond Heart by Alan Walker

  13. trivia: bangtan

    it's 4am and i just discovered Allie X on spotify.. i've never been so glad to have stayed up wow
    this album is an actual masterpiece!!!

  14. loveeelyme

    Yah she's amazing. She is not a sellout, that's why she isn't as "popular" or "mainstream" she is doing it just right 😁

  15. N7KO R

    Decha brought me here!

  16. 80sKnight

    Amazing song, but the video is disappointing

  17. Nando


  18. Rafael Pinheiro

    Sempre coloco quando viajo 😍❤️

  19. myalternate life

    When I first heard paper love, it was a background in the video of school 2017 and Allie X didn’t have her own channel. I’m so glad she’s getting popular. She is amazing!!! Just love her music!!!

  20. pilgrim deep

    Wtf....why this song isn't famous yet?

  21. Annie14

    its sad but always makes me feel better. its so damn catchy

  22. aquela garota la :3

    00:00 again FOREVER <3

  23. Karina Hernández

    L O V E I T

  24. Liam O'Brien

    I wanna know the misheard lyrics 7 million time but still cant get it!

  25. Leong

    I wish Allie X was more famous than Billie Eilish...

    mariye S

    I hope...


    Both have got aquarius moons, one of the reasons why their music has futuristic vibes, very aquarian

  26. Navya Vijay


  27. sawsan pnk

    22/11/2019 at 22/47 PM was the day that i discovered Allie X & i am glad that i did

  28. Queen Sabina


  29. Đình khôi

    It was wonderful , girl nice , i love the song for you

  30. Trung Nguyen

    Team ae Viet nam điểm danh

  31. YourAdHere

    This song has many amazing chords

  32. BlackFox

    *Keep It Up , We Love Your Songs*

  33. ifinishit


  34. Asiah Carmichael

    I love this song

  35. Diego Polanco

    I'm here because of Marina

  36. Gary Hardy

    Went to see her in London the other night, she was the nuts. Love this track........perfection

  37. Morgan Widdison

    Love this too much. My hubby and I like to do to this song. ;)

  38. RxdFox

    My ears are blessed ❤🤪

  39. Nala Eissa

    She is not human

  40. Cat Lover

    Hi, it's an inside joke, someone needs to be slapped

    Cat Lover

    Welp, someone was supposed to get the inside joke

    Randy Vu

    Is that Billie Eyelid?

  41. NotSoMod

    Its okay when u put it to 0,75x

  42. a vee

    What's in her mouth?

  43. Jxnx25


  44. Anima5oulBlue

    The device in her mouth is an anti rape device.

  45. Qais H

    put a ballgag in her mouth

  46. vale martz


  47. Practically Satan


  48. Suti Thịnh

    I love this song ♥️

  49. Romane Forgeard


  50. Rio Cheng

    I'm surprised that this isn't one of the singles.

  51. Kaylee Mitchell

    Im still curious whats in her mouth?


    a moth

  52. Cris

    Mi canción favorita 🥰

  53. Slavicc Boi

    so what's in her mouth?


    Taste of love

  54. Overlord_ Actual

    come to me I will give you taste of love deep to your throat ;):)

  55. Ernie Jane

    I love it so much
    💘This is one of my fav Music💘

  56. arshleen bhandari

    Allie can just never make bad songs!💕💛

  57. Generic Channel

    I like sleeping because it’s makes the time go faster because I have no social life


    @loudawg17_85 Your a loser too lmao, stfu with your stuck-up self 🙄

    Xoắn Ốc

    @loudawg17_85 YOU ARE A LOSER, ASSHOLE 👊

    Hal Huynh

    you are right. I am a loser

    Xoắn Ốc

    @Hal Huynh ủa rồi tự nhận mình là loser chi vậy ông? Ông ko thấy thằng loudawg17_85 bị ăn chửi hả

  58. Nevos Life

    really under rated

  59. Lê Huy Hoàng

    Great, from VietNam with love <3

  60. tuấn chu

    from sena with love

  61. R MCK

    just discovered her today and so glad I did.

    Israel Gonzales

    Yaaas man

    Olivia Black

    Me too!

    Tomer Yud

    thats was me last year :)

    Xy Lense

    This literally happened to me 20min ago, and I said the same thing, haha. Nice.

  62. Teguh Gatrira

    the first time I heard this song I immediately thought it would become popular new song cause good to listen plus have a nice lyrics but I didn't think this song was already 2 years ago and that only 6 million views

  63. Emaan Ahsan

    Why hasn’t she blown up yet....

  64. Sam

    Changing this,so this won’t make sense

    Mizzy Jaymes

    Billie who


    No one can understand it lol.

    Owen Craig

    @Sam r/whoosh

  65. Juan Gea - Culto Pop

    Estoy re mil obsesionado con este tema, AIUDAAAA

  66. Aaron Manansala

    weird this sounds like dance to this but this song came out first n is better

  67. NHT

    Take me downtown 🥰🥰 hay lắm 🧡❤️

  68. Valery Flores

    Ugh I love how she’s under rated although she should be hella famous :) but lowkey I love how she’s under rated bc ppl don’t end up ruining her music :)

  69. Jasmin De León Báez

    I love allie 🌙😊

  70. Kanata Sayori

    Can anyone hear what was she saying during the outro?

  71. Khải Phạm Bá

    Thank you Allie X. This pierces right through my heart!

  72. Hoàng Hồ

    My favorite songs love ya

  73. Hoàng Hồ

    Love it

  74. music stan

    who's here after fresh laundry? she snappedt

  75. g35x518

    How is she not #1 female artist???

  76. Nhi Hà

    I love this song very much

  77. Đức hoàng thiên

    your songs is so good, i loved it

  78. Carlos Steffy

    This is honestly the song I always come back to...

  79. Elizabeth De La Luz

    This song reminds me of another song named unbreakable

  80. fuck off parrot

    Omg it became her most watched video WHY WASN’T A SINGLE? This could’ve become a hit YOU DESERVE SUCCESSSSSS

    music stan

    exactly, paper love could never

  81. Juan Daniel Orosco

    Alguien ha venido porque va al Concierto de Marina y no sabe quien es Allie X ??

  82. Рикардо милос

    Это лутшое что я слышал за последное время!

  83. you're right

    am i the only one wondering what is the thing on her mouth.
    is it a bug?
    or a hairclip?
    or a hairclip shaped bug

    mayo EEE

    it's a fake bug as a hairclip thing!

  84. thiên Bts

    Woww. Great!

  85. Phượng Đoàn

    I like song

  86. Phượng Đoàn

    Hay dã man

  87. Manas Taichiev

    Never knew her, saw her in Lollapalooza berlin2019, fell in love after that

  88. thanh thanh

    I from viet nam,nice song

  89. Hạnh Đào

    Oh i Love this song

  90. Kiều Chinh

    Stop me before it"s too late!

  91. Zoe Rae

    What’s in her mouth?

  92. Zireael

    Im literally replaying this song on low volume for like 50 times while i play games and its the best feeling ever <3 <3

  93. Queen O


  94. Zuko’s Honor

    This is so sad 😞

  95. Allie X

    🌇💖 WATCH: 💖🌇

    sister location Cry baiby

    I love u


    Excuse me, our game wants to use your song as a publicity PV. Can you authorize it? Can you talk about the authorization?

    Smaxx Ralte



    no shit this song is too much can you not be famous

    Karina Hernández

    I love your music! you have fans in México, we love u! 💖🇲🇽