Allie X - Damaged Nail Lyrics

I caught the first train
Before you could see me, boy
My secret lover
You thought there'd be a second try

Aah, aah
Where did I go last night
Aah, aah
Something isn't, something isn't
Something isn't right

Something is missing
I can't quite put my damaged nail on what it is
But in time it will all make sense
That much I know
That much I know

And now you wonder
Will you ever see me again
Yeah, yeah

Aah, aah
My diary is on your bed
Aah, aah
You read what's in my dreams
Aah, aah
Something isn't right
Aah, ahh
You read what's in my, read what's in my
Read what's in my head

Last night I had a terrible dream
I dreamt that I had died
At first I thought that I was fine
But I cried and cried and I cried
And I spoke into this microphone
Of a camera floating in here
My grandparents, my childhood dog
Everyone was there

Aah, aah
The party's in full swing
Aah, aah
Where's my wedding ring (where's my wedding)
Where's my wedding ring

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Allie X Damaged Nail Comments
  1. Sky

    Something is missing. Could this be the beginning of her feeling of X?

    Anthony Chavez

    That would be her Alexandra song

  2. i love all music on the inside

    This is an artistic reforestation on my brain

  3. Kevin



  4. Arian Motta

    gosh that's so good!!