Allie X - Can't Stop Now Lyrics

The sun goes up, my heart goes down
I've spent too long in this ghost town
Sometimes I wanna leave, I wanna get out
I can't stop now
I've seen so much, I can't forget
This gallery inside my head
I paint it all black, it doesn't do shit
I can't stop now

So I focus on the next thing
I remember to keep breathing
Better think of something, start the song

There's only one way up
Only one way down
I don't know where to go
I can't stop now, now
You can pull me up
You can push me out
Still I'm on my way
I can't stop now, now

Plastic legs coming out of cars
Click those heels down the boulevard
Made up names cooking in the dark metal stars
Suck it in, swallow it down
When I get home, spit it out
But there's a bitter taste stuck in my mouth
It's in my mouth

So I focus on the next thing
I remember to keep breathing, ah
Better think of something, start the song

There's only one way up
Only one way down
I don't know where to go
I can't stop now, now
You can pull me up
You can push me out
Still I'm on my way
I can't stop now, now

I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, ooh
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, ooh
I can't stop now
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, ooh
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't
I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, ooh

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Allie X Can't Stop Now Comments

    This era ended too early

  2. aphrodite.

    1:41 2:05

  3. eduardo


  4. Íde Hughes

    I can’t stop coming back to this song ughhh a classic that is so under appreciated

  5. 洪右

    Such a 80's song that reminds my father's generation music(I literlly are asian mean some old chinese classic music) but I still can't accept how icon music she made for us!!!

  6. Patrick Chiasson

    Can't stop loving every note.

  7. Naomi Flowers

    Fuckinnnnnnnn fabulous this girl!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Deepesh Basnet

    hey allie when you're gonna release instrumental versions of these masterpieces from your album super sunset??? I can't wait to sing these songs on my college function. please release it asap 🙏🙏🙏. I'm dying to wait. 😭😭😭

  9. Jurie X

    No puedo dejar de escucharla! >w<

  10. skrrt girl

    All your song are my luv yaaah

  11. melodicisbae

    Why is the production so fucking crispy? Her vocals are hitting too

  12. Danielle Rye

    this is definitely the coolest song on Sunset 😎😎😎

  13. 착옹

    ❤❤❤❤❤ I ❤ U


    Poxa 0 defeitos

  15. Jacob

    I love this song. I think we can all relate to "Suck it in. Swallow it down. When I get home, spit it all out. But there's a bitter taste stuck in my mouth" no matter what industry we're in. This is life under capitalism.

  16. krissykat

    Remember to keep breathing.....I LOVE this song! Can't get enough ❤

  17. Happywallflower

    Melanie Martínez Vibes

  18. devourerofwatermelon

    Saved this for New Year's Day and here we are. Yay!

  19. uuilliamm

    I like this song ALOT don't get me wrong.... But the production is a little too slick and "contemporary pop" for it to sound 100% authentic Allie. Needless to say I'm excited to hear how this one sounds on the " analog" tape, I hope the breakdown is as fucked up and wonky as it sounds in my head.

  20. tiago pereira

    she's really need to collab with Melanie Martinez.

  21. tiago pereira

    the "Lifted" of this era 🔥

  22. TheOfficialTrashKing

    Gosh I just love this song, I'm so glad I found you!!

  23. Cynthia X Wang

    As someone who is quitting their job and feeling lost this song is super motivating.

  24. Noneya Business

    i cannot stand how you dont have more recognition, everytime you release a new song it ends up in my mix and i cant say that for any other artist

  25. Icaro Garcia

    Lolla palooza of Brazil BEGS for u!! Please!!

  26. Icaro Garcia


  27. Icaro Garcia

    Thank you for everything ❤️

  28. Icaro Garcia

    Allie u are my idol

  29. stupidlamekids

    Is this the Science girl persona or the Nun, or somewhere in between?

  30. QuaxMashups

    why does this sound like Lifted? the beginning sounded like the perc stem too....

  31. Pouki .w.

    i really love it !! one of my favorite !! will you ever give the "only music" version for everyone who want to sing over it ?

  32. Kyren Ryder

    People must've been watching this upside down when they disliked this video

  33. Mari Mello

    É a coisa mais bonita que já ouvi na vida. Gente essa engenharia de som, principalmente do minuto 0:38 e 1:42, e as camadas de som depois dos minutos 2:10, alguém me acode. Essa mulher tinha que estar no pedestal da musica pop. Synth-pop, melhor coisa da vida.


    love it. love the ending minute of that beat enhanced. love It xoxo

  35. c r y b a b y

    You should make an Analog version of all the songs on Super Sunset and make it an album! I CAN'T WAIT FOR WHAT IS TO COME IN THE FUTURE!

  36. 1984

    Just wanted to say thank you allie x
    Whenever i feel down i hear your songs and makes me high again every piece of your song is an art and perfect your voice is everything
    Im one of your biggest fan and always ready to support you❤️❤️❤️i love youuuu
    🇰🇷from . Korean fan

  37. winter green

    this song is actually so motivational :,)))

  38. MrGrande

    So fucking underrated ...

  39. zeynep nur

    wow i have lot of songs to sick of!!!!

  40. blob

    My favorite song of the album
    You know when a book, a painting or a song comes by just at the right time and just puts the finger on stuff you’ve been dealing with and helps you get through it?
    This song was one of those moments for me
    One of the best feelings in the world

  41. a blackthorn

    I'm never dissapointed

  42. Bubbles

    pretty disappointed in her new music! you can see she is trying to make mainstream music to succeed which is totally understandable but instead it's just super basic and boring ...and she isn't even succeeding

  43. Suhei Luna Monjaraz

    ¡Por fin valió la espera ! Allie una canción hermosa 😍😍 te amo saludos desde México

  44. kinzoku

    hey I love you, you’re so talented.

  45. jayesh khode

    Allie you deserve to be at the top among other artists I don't know why you are so underrated

  46. Maduzinha


  47. Emma Peregrine

    When she says "there's only one way up, only one way down" I can't help but think the book "The Thousandth Floor"

  48. Aaron Irby

    Is this a remake of an 80's song?

  49. Yoana Semkova

    i'm so obsessed with this EP

  50. u Luixz


  51. Riday Shah

    Awesome Song! 💙

    Has A Mesmerizing Effect 😍😍

  52. Jagdeep Kaur

    You are so talented.. your new listener..keep it up.keep shinning.god bless you😊🤗

  53. RiceFieldWorkers

    Allie X seriously doesn't have a bad song. This is so good!!!

  54. 연수

    I love this song❤

  55. Kevin H'

    This bring me back to life, queen

  56. DEpREssiNg STtufF


  57. II3SZ

    Fav song on the album

  58. Moret Kim

    Love yah girl

  59. Zoran Nikolic

    Omg I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Preston Smith

    Miss X, this world you have created out of your voice and wonderful noise has been my daily visit for months and months now. All I'm saying is keep casting these spells and make it loud. LOVE YOU GURL!

  61. Preston Smith

    U amaze me sun beam

  62. TheUZUMAKIchan

    aahm...what she's singing about at 1:16 ? 😨

  63. EXODUS

    Listening to this day and night. I'm lost in kingdom X

  64. poczinha *-*


  65. Edu Mendezzz

    Meu deeeeeeeeeuuus ameeeeeei meeee comeeeee

  66. Lezuh

    love it <2

  67. tadabae


  68. Алло vv

    halfway there might as well keep going
    this verse is making me go on since 2015

  69. Iver Pichardo

    Allie you are very iconic , i love the way you FOCUS the music really I CANT STOP NOW listen your EP.

  70. Felipe Santos

    Eu peguei o conceito 💕 rainha

  71. Алло vv

    this feels like the spiritual successor to Sculpture <3

  72. Gulvzzz

    is this a masterpiece, my favorite song, or both?

  73. o.o

    u doing great sweetie

  74. Dan uwur

    Latinoamerica presente UwU un latino que te acaba de descubrir y te ame

  75. Dnell29

    Super Sunset is amazing! All of the songs are amazing! I can't get enough of your music! I hope there is an extension later on with more music!

  76. EuroTrashAcolyte

    Great song! I hope you make a video for it.

  77. Eat Me

    Absolutely incredible!!

  78. Άγγελος Μιχαηλίδης

    Yeah.. That's the best one

  79. Ivandro Campos

    In the begining sounds a litle bit like Melanie

  80. Wanderson Alcantara

    Te amo, Aliie <3

  81. Wanderson Alcantara


  82. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    Amazing song ...she's very talented , dammn .deserves more attention and recognition worlwide! 🔥🔥🔥

  83. Willian Fonttineli

    Meu amorzinho 😍

  84. 핓클ʚPeachcloud

    Sus canciones son tan adictivas. No puedo parar de escucharlas. "I can't stop now" 🎶

  85. Robyn Jeart

    9 people don’t have good taste in music. I love allie’s sound so much, can’t stop now, don’t ever want to ❤️
    Instagram: robynjeart
    Follow me I follow back 💯❤️

  86. ayden

    i love every song on this ep but this is my fav this is so good you deserve so much more recognition (':

  87. sadtothecore

    This song is my favorite track on album. Her art speaks everytime and ı admire her as always.

  88. Guz López


  89. Zara Ahmed

    beautiful <3

  90. Kate Hashimoto

    You made me Focus that Is Not So Bad In LA The Science and Little Things can be beautiful.
    Like a Girl Of The Year I Can't Stop Now hahahahah

  91. Kemi Oyeneye

    Binch!!!! DO YOU EVER PUT OUT A BAD SONG?!?!?!?

  92. ニコラス刑事


  93. Donny monaps

    türk var mı aceba

  94. human blood

    Большое спасибо за такой прекрасный трек <3

  95. Francis Arlou Nacario

    I love every song of this album!!!
    Good Job Allie!

  96. Allie X

    Super Sunset is finally out.

    What's your favorite song on the record?

    أحمد إبراهيم


    l i z t h e t i c

    ohh that's a hard maybe? no,Lifted,DOwntown!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!!

    Antoine Bizans

    Science is a gem ❤️💎

    Antoine Bizans

    @Uma Pudim Perdida Same ❤️