Alley, Candice - Fallin' Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I see it in your eyes,
It’s not the way I feel inside.
And I wonder why,
It has to be this way now.
I don’t know what’s real,
won't you tell me how u feel.
You can live your life,
Everybody want to say goodbye

And I wonder why (why) I'm fallin'
And I wonder why I'm off the ground
Don't you ask me why?
I'm letting go of my head
Coz I’m fallin'

[Verse 2]
If you could only see,
All the tears that are fallin'.
And the answer that I need,
And everybody’s tellin’ me:
I don’t know what’s real.
Won't you tell me how you feel?
You can live your life,
Everybody wants to say goodbye


(Why I’m fallin’...I'm off the ground)

Coz I’m fallin'

Try to close my eyes
And I see you in my mind
And I wonder why
We have to leave it all behind.
I don’t know what’s real
Won't you tell me how you feel?
You can live your life
Everybody wants to say goodbye

[Chorus x2]

Why I’m fallin’ [x5]

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Alley, Candice Fallin' Comments
  1. anonymous

    2K19 anyone?

  2. Wayne H.

    How did Candice Alley not become a star? Am I the only one who asks this question? As talented as anyone and more than most. She should have reached greater heights.

  3. Yozora Cor

    good old Saturday mornings!

  4. Stefan Uttam

    Feel good song.

  5. Dennis Dimovski


  6. Imogen Kate

    The film clip to this was awesome, where is it!!!!

  7. WinterGirl

    I haven't stopped love with this song. <3

  8. voltare2amstereo

    I have this on my iPod mini

  9. David Thomson

    i listened to this song in 2002... since then.... am falling

  10. Sian Nelson

    2018 and still clapping

  11. Cheyna mudford

    This song was on the radio today and i absolutely love it

  12. Maria

    This song is soo good

  13. anonymous

    March 2K18 Anyone?

  14. César Loureiro

    Music ❤

  15. missybeebee

    Sucks that the video clip isn't on youtube :(

  16. Chloe Wrigley

    I heard this song on Home and Away and I’ve been looking for it ever since! So happy I’ve found it I love it! 😊

  17. Samuel Overs

    Beautiful Song!

  18. Brian Cameron

    amazing,who is this CANDICE ALLEY

    samuel ahmad

    Her full name. Is candice generally

  19. smelly lorenny

    Haven't heard a single second of this song since I was at least 8. Ten years later, I can sing it without even looking at lyrics. This song would be on repeat until the cd was totally ruined. Amazing how the mind can be prompted to just unearth things like that so easily.


    You were born to be a writer. :-)

  20. kristy howard

    Who gives a damn if she shoplifted great song and there's a lot worse happening everyday ice addicts fucking with people look around

  21. Cody

    i can't the video to this sing

  22. Ken Watson

    Alley's husband Grant Hackett now facing possible assault charge's regarding airline incident.


    leopards can't change their spots ;-)

  23. Ken Watson

    Violent husband swimmer Hackett now reported on airline incident.

  24. 000 poco777

    i loved this song from years back and still do

  25. 000 poco777

    she married the swimmer grant hackett,,,WHO BASHES HER..

  26. ZelataneXx

    Finally after eight or something years I FINALLY FOUND THE SONG.  Wahoo :)

    Samuel Overs

    yay!!That's happened to me before haha, and when you finally find it, its the best feeling hey!! :) :) :)

  27. Xplicated

    What a song ;'D

  28. Robert Nave

    This song deserves to be an international hit

    Bronson Perich

    It was!

  29. BenSteveo

    nothing like seeing a fellow melbournian make it big, takes me right back to '03

  30. Angeline T

    i heard this at the pub and i was like whaaa o_O i remember this song omg!!! :D

  31. Neel Santo

    fuck all you haters, critics and discriminators - nobodys perfect so shut the fuck up and enjoy the voice of an angel

  32. Naomi Lee

    i wish that instead of shoplifting she would use her anger and frustration to create amazing songs like this one :(


    I wonder where is video for this is.

    Debbie Gardiner

    It is on here along with 'Dream the Day Away' but the ridiculous thing is you can only view the videos if you live in America.

  33. WingTipAerialFilming

    Poor Candice, I wouldn't be too hard on her guys, she is obviously going through a bad time. Ironically she is 'falling' at the moment. She gave us this wonderful song, the least we can do is support her.


    Here here! Nicely said.

  34. naomy young

    Candice. Take responsibility for your shoplifting. If we all stole because we had a shitty boyfriend there wouldn't be much left in the shops You can't keep removing messages because you don't have the courage to admit your mistakes. This was not an isolated incident. When you get caught again (as Senator Mary Jo Fisher did) everyone will know the first sob story was crap. It is unAustralian to employ a team of lawyers to fix your indescretions. Don't complain if I steal your cds

  35. Sarah Taylor

    Take responsibility for your actions Candice and we will stop making comments you obviously cannot handle or you wouldn't have them removed. In Australia we believe in equality and a fair go for all. $700 is more than I earn in a week. It is pure greed

    Matt eric

    I know your comment is 6 years old but what the $700 in relation too?

  36. LIFE

    So...where can I pinch one of her records?

  37. TheBooostt

    shes a thief you idiot

  38. Em Dee

    She has a beautiful voice, good thing she's away from the alco.

  39. 13eyeofthebeholder


  40. hyamdman

    One of the many definitions of nostalgia. Love this song.

  41. Agent Hambo

    I awlays knew Grant Hackett had a small cock.

  42. michael taylor

    she should have been a star

  43. Blyyyth

    No, he's a violent drunk. She did the right thing and recognized a looser. It's a simple equation. Don't drink and tap Candice or drink and jerk off.

  44. zyferion

    i heard this song in target and i felt like listening to it again lol

  45. Louise Thompson

    This is one of my fave songs!!!

  46. NomNomNom62

    This song brings me back to my childhood...lovelovelove <3

  47. Giannarelli Memorials

    Amazing song…xo

  48. jradical242

    They play this at my work all the time!

  49. Rebecca Jackson

    Is the video to this song on youtube at all?

  50. jlp05

    She has awesome songs I actually discovered her on google searching for uncertainty lyrics

  51. Millie Caporale

    I used to be obessed with this song hahaha

  52. TheMaster1246

    This song only has 24,000 views?

  53. Troy Allen

    She married Grant Hackett & had a kid

  54. salemramsey5

    week by week im fading,,ptsd gets the best of you

  55. kubawharton


  56. kubawharton

    If anybody likes electronic music find this: Candice Alley - The Attic (Vocal Music)

  57. Raven Lithium

    OMG she's married???
    Anyway i love this song too, esp the chorus

  58. Linda Horvejkul

    does anyone know where i can download this song?