Allen Stone - Look Outside Lyrics

Look outside
The world is changing in front of my eyes
What a beautiful thing to witness
What is this?
Consistently I'm captured in your reverie

Look outside (look outside)
The world is colored in love, it's all so right (so right)
What a wonderful kind of madness
The canvas collaborates with calculated mystery

And I wanna hold it in my hands
And try to understand
Why everything is in its place
'Cause now is not what stays

Look outside (look outside)
The moon is dancing on the water every night
What an incredible kind of disco
One can't seem to dance without the other one

Look outside (look outside)
So much more for you to see behind your eyes (behind your eyes)
Is a magical kind of spaceship
Every moment is a crazy kind of miracle, yeah yeah

And I wanna hold it in my hands
And try to understand
Why everything is in its place
'Cause now is not what stays

And I wanna hold it in my hands
And try to understand
Why everything is in its place
'Cause now is not what stays

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Allen Stone Look Outside Comments
  1. Ginny Dorlan

    I keep coming back to this track. Headphones on. So good.

  2. Earle Barnes

    Love this track Allen. Album is 🔥

  3. Erick Toussaint

    This is truly a masterful composition. It tool me a few listens to truly appreciate it. But the delight grows each time I listen and I've had it on repeat for hours. Excellently done. Thank you. (The whole album is great of course.)

  4. maxibloba

    Try listening to this with either of your earphones only! very cool back-and-forth action going onn

  5. Mike Rush

    Loving this thundercat vibe

  6. Alexis 30


  7. Daejon Moody

    Get Stevie wonder on this cut right here!!! This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Vicki

    Want to play at a dance party? Listen on 1.5 or 1.75 speed. Thank me later.

    So exited to see you on tour again!!

    noitall man

    actually, you can change the settings here and 1.25 is primo for this song.

  9. Ginny Dorlan

    Gorgeous song. Vocals, lyrics, arrangement. He can do anything, mellow, R&B, soul, rock, pop. Such a beautiful, real, and talented soul he is.

  10. Tonniece A

    💯❤️💯❤️. Hugz

  11. Jackson Landscapes

    Smooth as fook

  12. respect mother earth

    How come that I love each track?... Amazing voice and talent...

  13. TheSplashMan

    Spotify link for his album here:

  14. Allen Stone

    Heyo! My new album 'Building Balance' is finally out! Check it out along with my new tour and more at

    Loren Neufeld

    Please consider bringing your Soul up to Canada Allen! You have Fans here as well! Excellent set of new Music! Love to see/hear you on stage here!

    Tony T

    Allen Stone just wanted you to know that I bought all your music on iTunes the whole album and I gave you a five star rating which you completely deserve and I love all the songs you put on there I hope more people go and do the review and buy your record


    Thank you for waking up my brother <3 Your lyrics are true revelations of the truth. God bless your creative soul.

  15. Kathie Finley

    Another beautiful tune!

  16. Briana Anairb

    For some reason , I'm getting Stevie Wonder vibes a little bit.
    Beautiful song. ♦🖤🔴♦♥

    Loren Neufeld

    Imo, Allen's always had a bit of Stevie's mojo circulating in and around his Music and that's a good thang! Soul.


    I believe Stevie caused AL to get into RNB. check out "Miscommunicate" on this album, its a real call back to Stevie!

    Daejon Moody

    Yes I’m feeling the Stevie in this cut!!

  17. almost_ candid

    What an anomaly....added to my "naps with bae"list

  18. Tony T

    Great song love it

  19. Deja

    Awwwwwwww shiiiitttttt


    Magique la voix je suis en plein rêve artiste de talent quel génie .
    On ne peut qu’apprécier merci Mr STONE .

  21. possumsnest

    Another gorgeous melody. You are spoiling us!!

  22. Zach

    ooooh SHIT, Al.... i'm all in on this one. Damn man this is rich!! and the talkbox!!!

  23. Manda Panda

    Aaaaah! So excited I ordered two vinyl records! I'd be greedy not to share this magic!❤

    almost_ candid

    Do you need me to send you my address so you can mail it to me? 😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  24. Enigma Tombo

    Album on THE WAY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  25. JB Makaveli

    Greatness 🙏🏽

  26. Rodger Olivier

    IM THE 3RD

  27. Levi Carlson

    It’s happeningggg 🤩🔥