Allen Stone - Give You Blue Lyrics

I can't stop the rain
But I will keep you dry
If the shore feels far away
I'll be by your side
When the storms arise
I will shelter you
When your sky is gray
I will give you blue

I can't move a mountain
I am just a man
I can't undo what's happened
But I will understand
And although it may hurt
Baby, I'll tell you the truth
'Cause when your sky is grayed
I will give you blue

I can't stop the rain
But I will wipe your tears
I wish I could take what hurts you
And make it disappear
But I can't work no miracles
But I'll do what I can do
When your sky is gray
Baby, I will give you blue
When your sky is gray
I will give you blue
Give you blue
I will give you blue
Give you blue
I will give you blue...

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Allen Stone Give You Blue Comments
  1. matma01

    2020 is your breakout year! Everyone should be listening to your music!

  2. NicoleG

    I'm seeing Allen in concert in February for the first time ever and I'm a bit worried that I'm gonna make a mess outta myself during this song performance. All of his songs make me emotional to some degree but Give You Blue just taps into a part of my heart that opens the floodgates! I know he's singing it to a woman but the lyrics make me think of my children and of how I would do ANYTHING to protect, comfort them and make them happy. Add Allen's smooth soulful voice to the mix and BOOM! I'm done for! 😭 But I can't hardly wait!!!! Gonna have a purse full of tissues! 😂

  3. Dana Hopkins

    Check out Allen live on Jimmy Kimmel and the Today Show. Nailed It!!!!!!!

  4. Bryan M

    What type of groove is this?

  5. CANGKIR KOPI official

    Love it

  6. Toya Lee

    Where has this dudes music been all my life?? 🤗

  7. Taylor Eisele

    Brother... you open hearts.

  8. WATTZ

    Good job. Allen. A perfect voice for a perfect song

  9. DarthGled

    Olha eu de novo aqui, Allen! Tô fazendo uma tur por todos os seus vídeos!

  10. Sh Tab

    J'adore cette chanson.....

  11. Marianna Scott

    I can honestly say this is my favorite song EVER..

  12. BELLAHMER Dounia

    Can't help but feel grateful for the one who made me listen to this ❤️

  13. Brittany Johnson

    Can’t stop listening. This is so beautiful 😍

  14. Sarah Haddad

    Amazing amazing song ❤ I think it'll be a great choice for my wedding entrance 😍

  15. Moses Mailei

    My mom &dad fell in love with Allen stone❤️❤️

  16. Moses Mailei

    Oh yeah!!

  17. Moses Mailei

    Oh hi Allen stone!?🤑🤗

  18. Dinnel Roberts

    How could anyone not love this guy! Voice is amazing!

  19. The Orientalists

    Saw him last week and then see that he's coming to Toronto again in March. This song is incredible live by the way

  20. Alexis 30

    Collab with Stan Walker pls

  21. John Gallagher

    Only downside is that video #9 is still set to private. Love the album.

  22. soccer moth

    Thank you Allen <3

  23. Allen Stone

    Heyo! My new album 'Building Balance' is finally out! Check it out along with my new tour and more at

    Amber Seats

    We love you Allen!! Keep up the great work

  24. Rootman

    I wanna see him in Omaha So Bad!

  25. Jeff Kelley

    Semi Navutu. Listen to the cover of this song by Semi Navutu. Solo with his guitar. You won't waste your time.

  26. Brandi Contreras

    I love this so much! I have been listening to this song non stop since it came out 💙💙💙💙

  27. Just Luv

    Everything you make is platinum ✌🏾❤️

  28. Robert Alexander

    I'm just now discovering you. Where have you been? Damn your voice is GREAT.

  29. Caty B

    Everything you sing is so soooo good. Forever a fan

  30. Sam Zimerman

    that was fucking awesome

  31. Al Bizzle

    Would you please cover "holding back the years" by simply red? I need to hear that. Thanks

  32. AWM

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but this song is giving me some strong Emily King vibes, lyrically and melody-wise. Either way, this is such a beautifully written and executed song. Bravo, Allen... bravo.

  33. Stella Chovino

    Each song is better than the one before without diminishing the perfection of one another. Keep doing your work.

  34. Brooke Jackson

    I’m so glad I found you!

  35. Natalie Haywood

    Loved this song the first time I heard you do the acoustic version on that dock❤️❤️❤️

  36. Afeni

    I love it ! Has an old school feel with an Allen stone twist 🦋💕🗣🎶🎵🎶

  37. ace kicker

    Still waiting on a Allen Stone and Bruno Mars collab.

  38. Darwinda Chrisandi Hawu

    hello 🤗 I'm a new subsriber and a new your fans✨Hello from Indonesia❤️❤️

  39. Pamela Oviahon

    Everytime I hear this song....tears, man, tears!! With the recent death of my grandmother, hurts even more. Beautiful voice, Mr. Stone.

  40. samanetha89

    Immediate awe and chills!!!! Beautiful voice! 🙌

  41. Steven Wonder

    This is fire bro!!!

  42. mzpola84


  43. R D


  44. Jacqueline M

    Damn this song is such a gift. Perfect timing too.

  45. Brenice Ramirez

    Why did this take me back to a time that never happened?

  46. Gary Davis

    I loved the first version i heard of this song. This is horrible

    rose gold

    Gary Davis yeah slowed it down too much. Loved the upbeat guitar. Studio versions tend to ruin songs

  47. thomas murphy

    Love the song and all its version!

  48. Samuel Vallejo

    Is this blues, funk, r & b, pop, or soul? No no no’s just Allen Stone.

  49. Kelsey Rawcliffe

    Allen my ears are pregnant and you’re the father

  50. Gabby D

    Love 💕

  51. Brandon Hensley

    This is next level, feels like a tip of the hat to Shuggie Otis.

  52. Vanessa Davis

    👌👌👌 Sooo good

  53. Phyllis B

    I think this is just beautiful. I will also check out the one at the pond mentioned below if I can find it.

  54. Michael Sanders

    🤔 I feel like Daryl Hall had something to do with this lol...🤷🏽‍♂️

  55. beautifulsurprise


  56. Riner Rodriguez

    La mejor voz del mundo. AMAZING! I love your voice!

  57. Jose Rodriguez

    This right here!!! OMG this will be a wedding first dance classic!

  58. danny mann

    madareto gayidam kos kesh

  59. Pietro Berrino

    I've listened this like 30 times in a day. Everything is so on point, it starts classic and ends soooo fresh, amazing mixing. On top of that, Allen ate a vibrato pedal or something. Out of this worlds, only love! <3

    Marianna Scott

    YES!!!!!!!! BEST COMMENT.

  60. Still Standing


  61. CoCa CoLa

    Love you

  62. WWPTE


    Order me a wig and new edges."

  63. Bell 123

    Not gonna lie....i may have shed a tear on this one. 👌🤷🏾‍♀️

  64. Vicki

    I remember when he performed this live in Orlando FL right after he got married. He is AMAZINGGGG live

  65. Maurie McDonald

    Our Bobby Caldwell

  66. Tricia K

    Ugh, so good!
    I've been waiting over a year and a half for this official audio!

  67. Ginette Dyack

    Love* Love* Love* all of your music It really touches my soul

  68. Eleanna4fun

    This album is gonna be amazing! I can't waitttttt <3

  69. vintagecollar

    3 people are color blind

  70. Ashlea Flores

    I have fallen in love with this song within the first 10 seconds & it’s so gorgeous 😍

  71. M Marino

    I wish this was a studio acoustic version 😢

  72. Robert Edward

    Future classic

  73. Rubes 9625

    I live in the U.K and whenever I listen to Allen Stone people are always asking “who is that” of course I turn red as if to say “what do you mean, who is this!” They are hooked after I show them his work. Il keep spreading the word Al👌🏽😂

  74. Shane Yaw

    Great singing man. Keep up the good work.

  75. Christopher Hicks

    We love ya on the East coast

  76. Pamela Oviahon

    I am in love with Allen's voice!!!!!! Can I marry it? 😜😜😜😜

  77. Sara Hopkins

    So hear me out; Leon Bridges and Allen Stone .. singing together!! 😭💜 pure bliss

    Aries Marquis

    No, the world can't handle that! Lol

    Deneisha Blue

    Holy fuck this just blew my mind . 2 artist I though nobody listens too & a collab my brain has never even thought of . Wow you’re a genius . God bless you. Lol

  78. Benjamin Alexander

    Holy freaking shit this is insane. Love both the official and acoustic original version... seriously amazing stuff Allen, thanks for being great!

  79. Alexandre Morelli

    Don't mind me, just enjoying my man Allen before the entire world is aware of his existence. What a time to be alive.

  80. its kayla maria

    My heart 😭

  81. Rosimeri Augusto

    🎙♦️ 🎧

  82. Kyle L

    I love that this song is so original. We can speak on your amazing musical abilities, but let’s not over look the awesomeness of your songwriting.

  83. Nicole Colquitt

    Mad that I didn't get this notification, I was hoping to get a full length of this. I seriously love this dude!! See you in DC.

  84. Hannah Bremner

    This is so unbelievably beautiful. You are a gift Allen!

  85. Jonah J

    Should have just re recorded the Pond one ,that one is better . Btw I did a Cover on the Bed I Made. Can anyone check out my cover on my channel ,I would be very happy ☺️☺️ thank you

  86. misscriss17

    That first ‘I will give you blue’ took me out! These lyrics <3

  87. Tajma Cameron

    Absolutely mesmerizing

  88. Thais Costa

    The Lake version is awesome, in my humble opinion your voice dont need any studios to be one of the best of all times ❤

  89. Theressa C

    Listening to this while it's raining outside. Such a soothing song

  90. Zheasha-Love Lolotai

    Oh my garden!! 🥰😍🥰😍

  91. Duff Dance

    Can't wait the new album 😍

  92. kyle williams

    Omg.. i wasnt sure at first.. but man.. it was beautifully mastered

  93. Rodger Olivier

    what a way to start my morning thank you Mr. Stone . #loveit

  94. Cathy Lawrence

    Love you, Allen!

  95. Szilvia Oláh

    Wow 🙌🏻
    Love it!❤

  96. Khris Kasper

    Love love this song!💕💕