Allen, Lily - URL Badman Lyrics

I work at home in my parents' basement
I don't troll, I make statements
I'm not a cliche sittin' in my PJ's
Double cupping at lunch on a Tuesday
I'm like Drake, see? So don't hate me!
I get vexed if you don't appreciate me
Real talk, I'll put the world to rights
And when I'm a big boy I'm gonna write for Vice

It's not for me
It must be wrong
I could ignore it and move on
But I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman
And if you're tryna call it art
I'll have to take it all apart
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman

I'm a U-R-L B-A-D M-A-N with no empathy
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman
I'm a U-R-L B-A-D M-A-N and you're dead to me
'Cause I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman

Spectacles with no prescription
Short-shorts with conviction
Supreme palace, APC
Sizzurp in a chalice, yeah, that's so me
I'm a London white boy rapping ATL
Keyboard Warrior that can't spell
I don't like you, I think you're worthless
I wrote a long piece about it up on my WordPress

It's not for me
It must be wrong
I could ignore it and move on
But I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman
And if you're tryna call it art
I'll have to take it all apart
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman

I'm a U-R-L B-A-D M-A-N with no empathy
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman
I'm a U-R-L B-A-D M-A-N and you're dead to me
'Cause I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman

I like Jordans, Joyrich, DJ's screw shit
I'm as complex, Pitchfork, Winnie The Pooh shit
I'm a space ghost perpetrator
a bottom half of idolater
a check for Tyler the Creator
a blogespheric vindicator
A$AP, Kanye, XX remix
Mike Jones, Paul Wall, I need a Kleenex
I don't like girls much, they're kinda silly
Unless of course they wanna play with my willy

I'm a U-R-L B-A-D M-A-N with no empathy
I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman
I'm a U-R-L B-A-D M-A-N and you're dead to me
'Cause I'm a Broadband Champion
A URL Badman

I got a high-brow game plan
A URL Badman

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Allen, Lily URL Badman Comments
  1. Loop Around

    This some 2050 shit.
    M.I.A. Lily Allen Björk Fka Twigs,these four legends are really ahead of their times.

  2. yubarivhs

    I love Lily Allen so much she's so talented, funny, sarcastic and witty. She simply doesn't give a fuck and I live for it! x

  3. horg snrrfh

    real talk though that dude's button-up is sick, i'd totally wear that

  4. Shy Guy

    Lily you are a genius😘

  5. Jack Kraken

    That was fun. And weird as shit. I need to sleep now.

  6. Malices Dream

    I'm so happy Lily Allen still decides to make music for her fans. Even though she isn't mainstream, she often brings excellent social commentary to the ears of people who decide to listen.

  7. Kane Phạm

    I did something bad in the comment section. I come here to feel ashamed ab myself..

  8. Lara A

    I always thought she said "and you are El Badman"

  9. Eduarda Carvalho

    The Incel song

  10. Chris Zinck

    I'm almost 60 years old, and Lily's still one of my favorites. I have all her records.

  11. Fabian

    I sing this unironically.

  12. special T

    Forget what url stands for but this a bad bitch with some dope rhymes... I think I'm in love

  13. Vagabond ☯️

    Whoever like this song is a faggot!!!!! REEEE

  14. Humorflix YPTH y mas

    I remember ignoring this song thinking it was bad... I did miss something great.

  15. Emma Brooker

    Most underrated master piece

  16. 5366384 232866

    You are El bad man

  17. Becca Aaaa

    why am I here 5 years late

  18. Veronica Corningstone

    she cant sing at all

  19. Caeser Tullo

    ah, so this is the true start of gamergate. The war on men and gamers is strong here.

  20. kenobae 4886

    Her outfit💜

  21. Lara A

    I love this era of her.

  22. Leopard Prince

    Without her producers and her beauty this woman would be nothing.


    Good job proving the point of the song!

  23. Yueh Fernandes

    o chute nos bolsominions

  24. bazil brush

    use to be funny and endearing whats happened

  25. Sunny鑿衢

    Passaram-se anoos e ainda não consigo parar de escutar

  26. James McCormick

    Is it me or is Lily seeming to warp people more and more

  27. Fabio Cappello

    The bomb!

  28. A123cov45678

    My fave lily Allen track

  29. Blueberry

    I love Lilly,

    White girls Azalea Banks

  30. Bethany barbie

    I love this song sooo much

  31. 100PercentTHCfilms

    That extra who got his dick grabbed by lily allen was lucky as fuck lol .

  32. Carralié Alice Whitewood

    I think she's calling out trolls who troll for literally no reason

  33. gsittly

    3:52 i love her :p

  34. Karlos Jr

    2:43 WTF SHE DID

  35. rondal mcdonlad

    bug tuts

    rondal mcdonlad

    my i button broke

  36. Pushing Up Daisies


  37. tallulaheatsleaves

    i thought id hate that dupstep beat but its just so fitting

  38. tallulaheatsleaves

    i thought id had that dupstep beat but its just so fitting

  39. Adriana Ramirez

    Can I have her diet and exercise plan because her arms be looking mad good along with her badass music

  40. 김동민

    She left!


    We know media

  41. Nerea Martínez

    Love it Lily😍

  42. thebrit:ace 93

    Imagine being the editor

  43. sha24gy

    Deserved more

  44. Lax Xon

    This song had so much potential but the video clip killed it

    Sassy Potato

    Lax Xon 😂

  45. Harry Graves

    The 1.5k dislikes are from salty keyboard warriors

  46. Selene Evans

    After years of searching I finally found this song !!!

  47. Ben Azza Najib

    No meme for this song 🤔

  48. Derrick McAdoo

    I'm a Trump supporter. And this is a great song and video. Love it.

  49. AlienFing

    Excellent! We all know many of these!

  50. Vantage Horizon

    This MV is nice.
    U're Right Lilly (URL).

  51. Olivia Carman

    I keep thinking she’s saying you are el bad man and it’s kinda fucking with my head

  52. Tayl Fyfe

    This song brought me out from under a bridge.


    this song made me change my wicked ways

  53. Lovely Soul

    She is really underated

  54. Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota

    The anthem of my life.

  55. macias9

    One of my fav songs off the album and I LOVE how cool the music video is, I mean come on, so much effort!

  56. holly cassidy


  57. Kağan KAYA

    4.608.000 görüntüleme

  58. Raul Victor

    que música foda <3

  59. lest0066

    Love it! Please make a song about "feminist" men.

  60. Dillon Anthony

    The 'sympathy' part was most relevant - I wish this was the main theme of the song-about internet people coming across as harsh impersonal critics without much needed sympathy.

  61. Oliver Welch

    lily Allen = weave snatched

  62. Olle

    The only reason her YouTube haven’t popped off is because when she was in the peak of her career labels dident really care about YouTube it was mostly making money via iTunes and other streaming services and YouTube for singers wasent as big


    that why the videos aren’t very good for most artist like lily allen who peaked at the same time

  63. Alvaro Mebarak

    who's after the part of #MyThoughtsExactly 💛

  64. Grow Hunter

    this is type of guy who write articles about pewdiepie being hitler

  65. Betty Cooper

    This is kinda cringy not gonna lie

  66. Kelsey Keane

    Ha haha its making me laugh

  67. Morgan Dawson

    Still loving this song 2019 <3

  68. Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota

    An amazing song, the first verse is incredible.

  69. John Carew

    Ahahaaa you tell 'em Lily! I slept on this but it cracked me up!

  70. Vamo falar de coisa boa?

    The Bolsominions theme song.

  71. johncalderwood1

    Omg this lily is a new song to me.... Lily never disappoints!

  72. Mina Rajab

    Lily allen

  73. T.W does stuff

    Where’s the explicit conten-

    *ah I see now*

  74. Eizee Studios

    issa goat

  75. Crooked Warden

    A song about internet trolls? Sounds like somebody annoyed you a tad.

  76. Belén Hernando Scocchi

    One of the boys looks like my last bf before I figured out I was a lesbian and like,,, yeah

  77. Freddygoesboom 99

    Donald Trump lol

  78. Three Star

    Who listening to this in 2019?

  79. Kelvin Luiz

    The song of most of people on the internet

  80. Josh Colton

    Honestly it should play every time you open Twitter.

  81. Matt Dontoya

    Wonder if this has to do with her stalker?

  82. ringdigger

    Why is no one talking about how she looks like an old skinny ass crack head wh.... in this video. She used to look so pawgish and fluffy..jeez ! She needs a good holiday away from everyone inc children, some good Sun and wholesome food and a good clean out! No one ages that fast

  83. JamieLyricVideos

    I’ve been with lily for a long time, before I learned that commenting was a thing, that’s how long. She has the best songs ever, ore people should like her and know she is here on this earth.

  84. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    This song is so relatable ,sadness really. Lily is so genius with song and lyrics!

  85. Ash Browne

    LOVE her ascent

  86. Tamara Bossler

    Doing what Brits do best - a piss take lol

  87. James McCormick

    Lily Allen should star as the reborn Missy

  88. Ani

    Alex never went to eat!

  89. Adam Lamar

    I been sleepin on this. girls still got it. love and success to u lil.

  90. Deepesh Basnet

    0:18 "yeah alright mom, i said I'm coming". it's the moment you realize that wasn't his voice and it was Lily's herself pitched down little. 😆😆😆

  91. Eric Smith

    What i want is to see Lily Allen in a tube top.

  92. GalloY

    There are a lot of URL badmen and women now a days 😂😂

  93. irene

    I remember this song :p

  94. Leslie Grace


  95. Dark Amistad


  96. hafzah Rashid

    2018 aug