Allen, Lily - Three Lyrics

You saying you're going but you don't say how long for
You say it's work, but I'm not sure
You say you love me, then you walk right out the door
I'm left here wanting more
Of course there's lots of things I could be getting on with
I'm never short of things to do
This afternoon I made a papier maché fish, mum
I made it just for you

Please don't go, stay here with me
It's not my fault
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three

My social calendar is busier than yours
I've been out making lots of friends
You can't play with us, 'cause you're always off on tour
One day I hope you'll meet them

Please don't go, stay here with me
It's not my fault
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three

When things feel black and white
We'll do some coloring in
When you want to play
When you want to play with me
When things feel black and white
We'll do some coloring in
When you want to play
When you want to play with me

Please don't go, stay here with me
It's not my fault
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three
I'm only three

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Allen, Lily Three Comments
  1. Lolita #1973

    I love you

  2. Leah Henny

    This whole album is underrated as fuck! Three, apples, and waste are my favorites! Three is absolutely heart breaking. I thought it was a heart break song but then my heart dropped into my stomach @ the fish made for mom, then my ears perked up and I really appreciated the melody even more.
    Waste in particular has the cutest chorus, super fun to sing along to, with a little bit of reggae and a little dash of trappy vibes. And apples is just a cute song in general, had to hear it a few times to really start to love it, also a good song to sing along too. 🎶 soo cliche for me to say I never meant to break your heaart 🎶 beautiful work Lily ☺️☺️💕

  3. Dave Sheldon

    A wonderful song

  4. swampyalienz

    ur the best

  5. 93 msp

    dear mum.

  6. SevgiYoga

    I want to work for you Fallow me please 😍😍💖💖🌷

  7. Sadd Boi

    This makes me cry cos my lil sis is three and I had to move away from her it's been three years aswell

  8. Ashley Miranda

    This is a heartbreaking ballad 💔

  9. Boo Norm

    1.25x playback sounds better tbhhhh

  10. Boo Norm

    0.75x sounds better 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Daniel Maya

    Very soothing

  12. LizZzi81 20ж19

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭cry a grand zerooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Elaora J

    1 ans😍

  14. tubertom

    So scummy

  15. Rockin Atheist

    Sad but beautiful. Welcome back Lily, we missed you

  16. Rachel Lambert

    The narrator switches with the subject so fast, it's unreal. I'll miss my son so much when he leaves for college in just a few. years. I'll only be forty.

  17. Zinaida Aleksandroff

    Saw Lily yesterday in Brisbane, it was amazing, this song is so strong!

  18. Socorro Aquino

    Um hino da tristeza desses merece mais reconhecimento 😍

  19. kepko_

    manny niggas be like "im only three"

  20. 步驚雲與得得B

    大约十年前有一段时间每天循环听Lily Allen的歌,很好奇为什么这么优秀的歌手竟然没有风靡全球。现在再来听Lily Allen的新歌依然好听,她的风格依旧是独树一帜,自成一派,非同凡响。

  21. Runaway Monk

    Resonates with me as a mum
    Thank you
    I love your music
    Always have and always will

  22. Shubert Lau

    A moving song, an amazing album especially the DJ effects. My bad for discovering this album 6 months late!

  23. Maya McCrae

    Saw this live last night. Omg the best song by far! 💗😭

  24. Abbi Quigley

    Omg this is about her leaving her child for tour now I feel bad because I’m actually going to her show tomorrow 😕

  25. yashia96

    All the singers went from being strong like strong men and strong women but now these "sad songs" are all disempowerment. Was this the Lily Allen you knew? What about Fergie? Of course they are still there to promote a bad society but this goes to show how they go from bad to worse.


    And Shia Islam is the truth.

  26. abigmoof

    I heard this song for the first time in the car after dropping my toddler son off at daycare. A minute into the song I was ugly crying so hard I had to pull over. Please never stop making songs like these Lily.

  27. Beetle Heartbreath

    Goodbye it to painful imagine carrying out around what I have alone for decades I give up I love you all and hope you have a happy life is and family love coray kamiya beetle heartbreath

  28. Marc Ludford

    Great songs on here

  29. Marc Ludford

    Hope lily allen gets better soon

  30. Ellie Bruce-gregg

    Pls keep singing

  31. angelaki1

    I'm only 3 mom...

  32. Gomila Droogies

    I havent liked muchof her newer music but this is top notch

  33. Langji Hkyeng

    I'm always afraid of her songs will end ....

  34. Karis

    Love the song but is this giving anyone “diary of a wimpy kid” videos?

  35. Ryan Morrow

    Love you lily! see you sunday in Toronto!

  36. Travonous

    The Blight's of the lime light's

  37. Paul

    Lyrical masterpiece in my opinion

  38. Terrance B. Torrct

    Lilly you've won the Mercury Award as far as I can figure, Great Melody

  39. Terrance B. Torrct

    I have not Heard a melody like this since the White Album,I think a lot a folks wood agree, Lilly this is so awesome you gorgeous Gem. I really feel the sence of loss in there wow but take a sad song and make it better,dudess, dudes...

  40. Neeli Wilson

    I know you probably won't see this comment, but I can't tell you how sad and also lovely this song is,... It never fails to make me tear up 😥 yet I love it and would never stop listening ❤️

  41. Candy Cat

    I'm in tears!

  42. Andre reis

    Its so easy t say i love you. To a girl who lives in tthe other side of ocean atlantic

  43. Rosie spencer-house

    this song is beautiful

  44. mtzm

    This just made me cry so hard. My daughter is three.

  45. oliver reed

    Dale te de dedico lo bita !

  46. Raimundo Evangelista

    Brasil te love 💕💕 lily Allen 😍👑

  47. Allie Kayla

    this sound like billie eilish


    This songs makes you want to cry.

  49. 김위습

    삼성광고 때문에 알게 됐는데 노래 되게좋다..ㅎ

  50. ppoetica

    the melody and chorus are heartbreaking, i just wished it was about a lost love.


    ppoetica this song is about her lonely daughter

  51. Raynan Titoneli

    isso tá um tédio.

  52. Bayu's Point of view

    Who'd have known vibes 💗

  53. sapporo-bonyu

    nothing more to say

  54. Ester Shin

    first time, heard this song, melodies talk bout lover but her own baby. i clearly remember my mother have to go to work, leave home
    i was 4 and i cry a lots

  55. Adam w

    Why we don't put our 2 year old in nursery...

  56. 52darcey

    Incredibly beautiful....Lily is back!!!

  57. Kim Nelson


  58. 꾸꾸까까

    ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ가사 넘 슬픔 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  59. 상민

    From. Korea

  60. DaDA6870

    삼성 갤럭시 AR 이모지 광고

  61. Elvis Gago

    Awn Que lindo!

  62. Antonio Barrella

    Moving ❤

  63. Ray Wilson

    I'm 38 and use this song to explain to 25 yr old gf that when she catches me out partying, on tinder, cheating, flirting, ducking about, being a wreckless idiot, and then regretting - she's still my queen and 💘and I'll always be a nightmare to everyone unfortunately :(

  64. pink gold

    Its always way beautifulll lily you make me feel guilty

  65. gustavo des

    TE AMOOOOO [email protected]

  66. Jasmine Lily

    First time hearing the song and tears were rolling down my face....amazing once again 👏❤

  67. Toby T

    Brazil 🇧🇷

  68. falaflag

    I cried. Whoops

  69. Bee Watermeier

    Lily <3 So relatable

  70. Sarah Platt Fan x


  71. Eu#n!ce MA#R!A

    Nicaragua presente !

  72. ThatLittleKitten

    I can relate too much with this

  73. Miranda Pennington

    Dang. This song hit me hard.

  74. Tiago Sem H

    Um primor de musica <3

  75. May

    This song is beautiful, you think it's about a relationship with a lover but really it's from her child. My heart 💔

  76. Larraine Nicholls

    Heartbreaking. I'm three. I can almost forgive.

  77. SinHong Kim

    This song is about you and your kid? Beautiful song

  78. Jasmine Bird

    Ok. I’m crying.

  79. Nick Ferreira

    Aww, the fact that this is about her babies, and how she has to leave them for work. Ugh my heart is so sad, this album really has me in my feels.

  80. Sofia Armony

    chorando horrores

  81. spunkymango mango

    Turkey love you

  82. Koleginica Nova

    I just died!

  83. Maurizio Agostini

    I like this song a lot!

  84. Shalom W

    As a former working mum, this really moved me. I will never get the little years back with my eldest son. I was a single mum, working and studying when he was three. It was really tough hearing news about his growth second hand from my folks. He would be asleep when I got back and asleep when I headed off to classes. This song made me cry in the middle of lunch. Simple yet heartbreaking.

    Ffion and immy

    Shalom W are you a boomer

  85. Victor Andrade

    And that's how you make a grown man randomly cry like a fucking baby. Thanks Lily

  86. Jessica Swann

    Our lives parallel in the craziest of ways. This song has torn my heart abruptly and unexpectedly. You and your music are so beautiful. Thank you for being honest. That's fucking brave. It helps more people than you know.💜💔💜

  87. hello motto

    this song got me so triggered by the past lmao

  88. mmoebius73


  89. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    bello tema

  90. Rosie Mae Russell

    This song makes me so sad, I understand that the song is from her childrens perspective, such a beautiful song ❤️

  91. jessica

    There’s a lot of old school Lily coming through and I love it

  92. Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa

    This song is so good

  93. Yaka Ri

    this song is so underrated.. what a shame