Allen, Lily - Take What You Take Lyrics

A picture paints a thousand words,
As one door closes, another door opens,
And two wrongs don't make a right
Now good things come to those who wait,
Take the highs with the lows dear,
You'll get what your given and everything's gonna be alright.

What the fuck do you know?
Just cos you're old you think your wise,
But who the hell are you though,
I didn't even ask for your advice
You wanna keep your mouth shut,
You wanna take your thoughts elsewhere,
Cos you're doing in my nut,
And do you think I care?

Say what you say,
Do what you do
Feel what you feel,
As long as it's real.
I said take what you take
And give what you give
Just be what you want,
Just as long as it's real.

Now by a horse, I once was told
That all that glitters is not gold
And all that is to fear is fear itself.
This horsey also told me,
I should keep my friends close but keep my enemies closer,
So as to protect myself.

What the fuck do you know?
Just cos you're old you think your wise,
But who the hell are you though,
I didn't even ask for your advice
You wanna keep your mouth shut,
You wanna take your thoughts elsewhere,
Cos you're doing in my nut,
And do u think care?



[Chorus x4]

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Allen, Lily Take What You Take Comments
  1. Marvin Rodriguez

    Project Gotham Racing 4

  2. Boti Gamer

    Who else is here from PGR4?

    Arthur Oliveira

    great game btw

    Paul Carmi

    Yes sir. One of the best driving games that isnt forza

  3. Adriano

    BEAUTIFUL Song..... Observe & Report led me here!

  4. E m Klosson

    Please please can Tom Jones do a belting cover of this song!!!

  5. Casual Phenomena

    No one gives a shit if you're here from PGR 4. Shut up and listen to the song.

  6. Thomas Mart

    I'm not gonna lie.. PGR4 brought me here.

  7. Patty J Lopez

    grew up on this. love you Lily!

  8. John Tripler


  9. Marvin Rodriguez

    Project Gotham Racing 4 brought me here

    Paul Carmi

    Same man :) 3 years later, hope all is well

  10. Tara Keebler

    This is 1 of the albums that STOPPED me from killing myself!!!😱😰😨😖😫😩😵😲


    @Logan Keele you creeped me out and made me laugh at the same time

    Tranquilino Padilla

    Hey, when you're alive you still have a chance. So I'm glad it helped.

    Rajander Philip

    Music can do that!

  11. James D

    I'm so late...

  12. absurdark anormal


  13. luis mendoza

    lol came here cause of voyboys stream his favorite song anyone else

    João Silva

    +luis mendoza +1

  14. Cebuana7

    I got the cool, I got the cool shoeshine...
    Gorillaz - 19-2000 same bassline?

  15. colleenlovesbolan

    Slow this song down, listen, it would be awesome. SLOOOWWW DOWN. Such a good song. I'd love for her to do a version of this song heavy and slow. It would work.

  16. Error 404 - Name not found

    Those 14 people who disliked have no dreams. Feel free to update the number to the amount of dislikes.


    15 lmfao

    Paul Hutze

    or they just don't like the song......

    Jed Shattuck

    @Error 404 - Name not found Lily doesn't even like the song so..

    isabel roldan

    Error 404 - Name not found 21

  17. Kira Fricker

    Lol. 666 likes


    Illuminati confirmed

  18. jules

    Excuse me sir, but it's 2013 and in a few months it will be 2014. :D

  19. Astip

    i'm outdated with music..

  20. LilithSahl

    Coming bak to this after five years. :) Still catchy!

  21. Rucy Lamone {cibzinjune}

    And now it's 2013 :D

  22. David Ringo


  23. crashingticktock

    It's 2013 and im still listening to this song, its brill!

  24. Brandon Arreola

    The best song to play PGR4.

    Paul Carmi

    6 years ago.... damn.

  25. robertdevald

    PGR4 brought me here.

  26. Artemis La Belle

    lily 2013


    y'all r ridiculousssss.

  28. Özlem Yıldız

    turkish beliebers was here

  29. iWassilis

    I am listening this in 2012! :3

  30. Kristian

    Project Gotham!

  31. Kat

    Like I'd buy an iphone, EVER! :D

  32. Willy Tun

    esta wea lo escucho en el 2012!!!

  33. YouKnowThatYouDont

    she should do a song with kimbra.

  34. mNqHOgjJsY

    thumbs down because its 2012 now.

  35. Molly Wilkinson

    Thumbs up if this song just made you go 'I wish I had said that!' Lilly Allen sings the truth and we want her back!!!!

  36. Ben Finney

    Pretty sure this isn't 'shame for you' as the description infers.

  37. akrohto210

    iOS 5!!

  38. Lexi Hill

    Don't thumbs up if you're not listening to this from an alternate universe where time is non existent.

  39. Cheri

    This is the song that I wish would play as soon as I tell someone off and walk away. Doesn't it just make you want to kick life's ass?!

  40. IndigoSkyWalker13

    Thumbs up if you listen to this in 3024

  41. Discokiss official

    Much talent, great songs and voice. Please have a look at my channel and let me know what you think to my songs x JA x DiscoKiss

  42. QueAwkwardNoises

    @hkoryw not anymore lol

  43. ohiohomey1

    Come back from maternity leave soon, LILY!!! <3

  44. TasmanianPower

    first sounds are so beautiful, i'd get baked and just listen to the first few secs.

  45. Skunk Cat

    Thumbs up if PGR4 brought you here

  46. Monoxygen

    @s2ths2 That's what a 10yo would think, yeah.

  47. Halexandre

    @normtheclone The internet NEVER forgets!

  48. Bleach Drinker

    @ealvarezz10 Damn, 2 years and this comment is still getting replies.

  49. emilia alvarez

    @normtheclone I think what you meant was "British" and if you want to get technical it's not an accent it's a dialect.

  50. muffingirl337

    @CoolerThanYou281 really?! F*CK YEAH!

  51. pipari44

    thumbs up if you wanted to post a "thumbs up" comment about where did you hear this song but first rolled down to see if there are already such comments.. pathetic

  52. drcwoww

    this song is used on adverts alot!!!!

  53. hkoryw

    Thumbs up if you listen to this in 2011!

  54. Billie Appleton


  55. Steven1993

    lily allen is from london for those who dont know

  56. Steven1993

    like if you heard this in pgr4

  57. Dantheman757

    @RandomDecision It means for example; You're annoying me..

  58. Becca Newton

    @RandomDecision calm down, i was js.

  59. Becca Newton

    @RandomDecision because you're annoying me. it's english slang.

  60. oogie11

    Does anyone know what song is sampled in this song?

  61. 107613cw

    @benjammin420420 and that i was one of them XD

  62. Yeyo Villarreal

    @Niggaloko i m mexican and i can understand her

  63. Yeyo Villarreal

    @1valg nice one i think thats true... really true

  64. King Bradicaius "the mighty"

    @1valg lol

  65. 1valg

    I wish she had tits :-)

  66. Niggaloko

    @normtheclone Me understand... lololo, I got american accent, so... It's kinda difficult to understand the whole lyric. =/

  67. Zak Smith

    @normtheclone You wish you had an east anglian english accent ;)

  68. Unknown Alias

    thumbs up if private practice brought you here!

  69. BlazingCobaltX

    This song is in Band Hero. =D

  70. doomreaperambient

    I don't care if she's sexy, it's herr lyricssssss they're super fucking amazing

  71. thais

    What the fuck do you know?
    Just 'cause you're old you think you're wise''.... soo true..i always wanted to say that

  72. Tom Brinker

    Absolutly sexy!!! MY FAVORITE in guitar hero playlists and my Favorite Female singer!! the male is T-pain ofc i wish they would both team up , i wanna see whats the result

  73. Zahed Ibrahimi

    you already have band hero where u can play this song on drums, guitar, bass or vocals ;p

  74. chandlerisme23

    this is on band hero! i love this song! my friends were like why do you play this song so much! and i just loved it!

  75. neychev

    which game?

  76. bulbette

    love it !

  77. Andrea Booker

    my most favorite song of all time. my theme song. i love you lily!

  78. zizotherollingstoner

    it's on bandhero

  79. Sophia Annette

    love IT !

  80. Theniteride

    i play this on band hero!!! im good at it

  81. Plazmalock

    ive had this cd forever! but its fun on band hero

  82. Elly Ytsma

    aaah* band hero *wohoo*

  83. DJ Reed

    Thanks for the comment about my beard, bud.... :o)

  84. Chloé Bakker

    from band hero -

  85. ErniePi

    her lyrics are always sick, so the right and melody and you've got yourself a stonking song

  86. Miya Brookins

    RITE! I want one JUST LIKE HERS!

  87. Bleach Drinker

    I wish I had an English accent.

  88. Margarita Kapella

    the dog with the police hat is extremelly funny!!!! :P

  89. Juan Flores

    please someone have guitar's partiture hurry up intro ...awesome song!

  90. indagun

    magic tune. injection of originality

  91. Benjammin

    im saying she should have clones of herself

  92. Benjammin

    i wish she had an army of clones

  93. Myloveispink

    Take what you take !!