Allen, Lily - Not Big Lyrics

Now listen I think you and me have come to the end of our time,
What do you want some kind of reaction?
Well, OK, that's fine,
Alright, how would it make you feel if I said you never made me cum?
In the year and a half that we spent together,
Yeah, I never really had much fun.

All those times that I said I was sober,
Well I'm afraid I lied,
I'd be lying next to you, you next to me,
All the while I was high as a kite.
I could see it in your face as you break it to me gentle,
Yeah, you really must think you're great,
Let's see how you feel in a couple of weeks,
When I work my way through your mates.

I never wanted it to end up this way,
You've only got yourself to blame,
I'm gonna tell the world you're rubbish in bed now
And that you're small in the game.

I saw you thought this was gonna be easy,
Well, you're out of luck.
Yeah, let's rewind, let's turn back time to when you couldn't get it up,
You know what it should've ended there,
That's when I should've shown you the door.
As if that weren't enough to deal with,
You became premature.

I'm sorry if you feel that I'm being kinda mental,
But you left me in such a state.
But now I'm gonna do what you did to me,
Gonna reciprocate.

You're not big, you're not clever,
No, you ain't a big brother
Not big what so ever.

Ah [etc.]

I'm sorry if you feel that I'm being kinda mental,
But you left me in such a state.
But now I'm gonna do what you did to me,
I'm gonna reciprocate.

You're not big, you're not clever,
No, you ain't a big brother
Not big what so ever

You're not big, you're not clever,
Not big what so ever
No, you ain't a big brother [x2]

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Allen, Lily Not Big Comments
  1. María victoria Vilte

    The best lyrics in all they fuckin world

  2. kattelyn92

    This is my anthem right now lol

  3. lol lol

    Is this what goes for music these days

  4. Hanna Beatriz

    Adorei liy alen

  5. Smerington Weeps


  6. Masticatious

    120 dislikes from people who aren't Big ;)

  7. John C

    This chic is awesome.  Hilarious stuff!!

  8. Robert willems

    only two can destroy the eurth

  9. Robert willems


  10. Eric Wolf Kirchner

    This is about me ☹️

  11. Nate walker

    wow, just wow

  12. blink182izawsm

    savagery at its finest

  13. Jonathan Jacob

    women like big cok

  14. Daniel Schimán

    That moment when your ex post this song,
    and you know its about you.
    .. and prolly everyone else does too cuz you were her first..
    I mean, technically she's not wrong but still. #meanbitch

  15. period

    this song came out on greys anatomy

  16. Hanbeldorf Rizkfactor

    this song is obviously about a guy who was compensating for his small dick with assholeness. Any girl knows it doesn't take a big dick to orgasm.

  17. Floof

    Looking at the comments I guess it's safe to say I should just to the world a favor and just weed myself out of the gene pool. I was getting sick and tired of people saying "size doesn't matter" it would make me feel worse because it isn't true. If it's not big then there is no point in even trying to date let alone have sex.


    If one has a small dick, then maybe they should work on perfecting their oral kills

  18. Ann Kristensen

    She describes my ex-boyfriend quite well.

  19. Nero Toxin

    Damn lily allen is a savage jesus christ.

    aloe vera

    lmao tru

    Adam Lescallette


    lol lol

    She must have a massive disgusting fanny

    Abbey Rose Lee

    ste ven

  20. Abby Inman

    lovin' it y'all

  21. Molly pull

    I know this word from word

  22. Luiza Barros

    To everyone saying this is childish or body-shaming or whatever, this man probably broke her heart or something, and she's trying to get revenge. She says in the song: "now I'm gonna do to you what you did to me, i'm gonna reciprocate". There's nothing wrong with the good old revenge! lol

    Robert Price

    they have criticized her since the smile video. always bringing up had this been a man. he would be deemed violent

    Britannia's Pride

    if it was a man singing about her his ex was a fat cow or had no tits, he would get so much shit for it


    rappers sing about their ex's all the time (Eminem) this is still decent in comparison to whats been said in those songs, get over yourselves. centuries of songs with men singing about they're cunt ex's and ONE song about a dude gets you all defensive? MAN the fuck up.

  23. 357SAF

    Bitches be crazy 😂 to all the men who have less than desired packages , there are plenty of whores out there who don't give a fuck as long as your wallet is HUGE! Haha

  24. ilinaeternity

    As much as I think Lily Allen's a fantastic lyricist, singer, and performer/overall musician, I'm kind of tired of hearing so many of her "fuck you" songs. Most of them are fun/clever and even really relatable and well made, but this one is too far. A guy would be rightfully told to fuck off for writing a breakup song in which he says, "Oh, and you're pussy is loose" or "Your tits were too small for me anyway". It's not okay to body shame like this- doesn't matter which gender. Annoying as hell to hear things like this from someone who's made some very progressive songs (it's hard out here is awesome for example).


    @ilinaeternity Have you ever thought this could be sarcastic?


    @TheBarlettan How do you mean? It's snarky, not sarcastic?


    @TheBarlettan Do you even know what sarcasm is?


    @Bipolar Bear Yes I do.


    @TheBarlettan I don't think you do.

  25. Chad Jungle

    Great Video! Your channel is awesome! Can you please check out my channel? Can you also subscribe to me, it means a lot to me! Please! I do gaming and I post from 2 to 6 or even more videos a day, I have a good contact and thumbnails. I hope you have a great day, Thank you :)

  26. Snaps410

    It's funny how it is always the mens fault nowdays. Well, seems like men are used to it and can bear with that immature stuff. Still annoying. But pussies gonna stay pussies. I love cats.

    Jeiku Furame

    Well, sometimes it is the guys fault. Although yes, sometimes the girl is to blame.


    sometimes *both* parties are to blame
    but neither side admits to anything.

  27. Jessie F

    just reminds me soooo much of my ex

  28. Mary Foles

    Describes me and my ex perfectly. Lol

    Ionic Grenade

    Tell me dear as a lady how many inches are you looking for?

  29. Kelly Cowley

    This isn't Lilly being bitter. It was the boy that said most of the 1st paragraph and she was just showing him that he wasn't as 'cool' and 'hard' as he thought.  

    Boy : Now listen I think you and me have come to the end of our time

    Girl : (What do you want some kind of reaction?) Well ok that fine

    Boy : (Alright how would you feel if I said) You'd never made me come. In the year and a half we spend together yeah I never really had much fun. All of the times I said I was sober, well I'm afraid I lied. I'd been lying next to you and you next to me, all the while I was as high as a kite.

    Girl : (I can see it in your face as you break it to me gently. You really must think you're great. Well let's see how you feel in a couple of week when I work my way through your mates)


    Yeaaaaaa... That isn't correct at alllllll

    Kelly Cowley

    That's how I see it
    (Besides if you think I am so wrong then please tell me what you think it is about)


    @Kelly Cowley sounds legit!

  30. Porcelain Accel

    well I guess I'm the only one that thinks of APH France huh

  31. funandlala

    Were taking it slow . -Meredith grey


    Exactly <3


    @alcusiaa ^___^

    EmCharles304 Wally



    @Emkat304 Wally yes seriously.

  32. Trần Đức Quang

    The words are quite cruel, and not for a guy to sing (I would never sing this even in the shower)
    But this is darn catchy!

  33. Kat Wren

    I love this song. Obviously it would be wrong to say these things for real after a breakup (though plenty do I'm sure) but everyone needs an outlet. This is a perfect song to listen to just to make yourself feel better. Also, it's catchy as fuck.


    it seems like its only right when its men talking trash about their "crazy bitch ex's" in raps songs.. if a woman does it, she needs to worry about whether its socially acceptable to even be saying such things 🤔

  34. Diamond Anderson

    This is the song that I will keep in my head...word for word (literally) it is all true about my guy, but I've been raised with good manners and etiquette thus I would never say or spread such things about least I can vent out everything in private with this song and myself. Thank you, Lilly.

  35. Leon Evans

    Love this song...classic Lily

  36. KangaRoosterTeeth

    Someone was bitter.


    probably the guy, after hearing this song.. xD

  37. AJ Gentry

    If she ever gets divorced, that will make some funny songs... Just saying XD

  38. BridgyP

    I like a lot of lily allen's songs, but stuff like this kinda disappoints me when it's obviously just bitterness and BS. I don't think I've ever heard a girl tell their ex he's got a small dick and it be true.

  39. BeyondAstral

    Maaaannn what a diss lol

  40. Yomi

    With all these size songs, I'm starting to think that her vagina is just to big, floppy, and worn out.

    Iris Iris



    No doubt she should do kegels haha

  41. lily jackson

    I just had my boy dump me on the phone and now i love this song cuz it is all him

  42. Oliver Payne

    Yer... That version of come is spelt "cum"...

  43. Megan Black

    hahha well my EX just cheated me and i dedicate this song to him!

  44. ZeeZii Charles

    Are you gay or do you just hate women?

  45. Megan Williams

    Stereotype much?

  46. Dracontiar

    I would just like to point out that dildos do not make a girl a whore. Getting paid for sex does.

  47. Dracontiar

    I am so sorry for whatever girl did that to you, but if that's what all the girls are like where you are, you need to MOVE. Not to say girls like this don't exist, but I don't know ANYONE that horrible.

  48. Kelly Cowley

    Not every girl in America/UK (westerns) does this. Besides your acting like only women do it, men do it too.

  49. houseofgaunt

    It's okay, I used to be a fat and pathetically lonely loser too. Cheer up you'll get through it bro, you'll make friends some day.

  50. Giorgia Migliorati

    oh gosh this song is just... PERFECT.

  51. chiveerum

    All women! Man, you've been around!

  52. SM B

    Why are you so hostile?

  53. SM B

    God that's awesome, points to you I guess

  54. Sierra smith

    Love you. You put it perfectly. Size does matter somewhat, though. You shouldn't be asking "Is it in?" XD

  55. Rosie Kindersley

    This is for you Orlando

  56. Serena Heart

    Oh dear someone has penis problems, aww you can have plastic surgery to make it bigger.....go and see one.....poor thing.

  57. Angel Rachael

    Actually the guy with the world's longest penis hasn't had sex in years. Next time you tell a girl you've got 10" remember size genuinely doesn't matter, it's what you do with it. No woman wants to be with a man who's got the bat but not the swing.

  58. Shannon

    I love this song, even if it's indirectly dissing someone ;D
    It's just catchy and the instrumental is so cheery lol
    How ironic ahaha

  59. Helena Kneaul

    Do it. It is totally worth it.

  60. Julie Lane

    oooh can someone say 'Mommy Issues'?

  61. TheFunkyBunch1991

    How would it be maze?? Twat

  62. TheFunkyBunch1991


  63. McKenzie Phillips

    luv lily allen:)

  64. Jacob Moss

    This song helps you get over a break-up:) lol thanks Lilly

  65. MissRandomComment

    I swear this is about my ex, the only part that's not right is that I just dated him 2 months and then dumped him back in the friendzone.

  66. AbbyNormalxo

    Someone is "small in the game". :)

  67. AbbyNormalxo

    I swear to God that this song is about this guy I was seeing this past winter. hahaha

  68. mariellie ellie

    hahahahaha! :D

  69. Alexandra Budiu

    This song is so awesome!!!I love you Lily Allen ..thank you for this song!:))

  70. KyldIt

    the awkward moment when the ad is longer than the video.....

  71. skittlesparrow

    Taylor Swift's inspiration.

  72. Shannon Hebron

    Love Lilly Allen just think that her music has the most amazing beat!!!!!!!!

  73. ᴇxᴄᴜsᴇ ᴍᴇ

    Not very clever to be saying that on a video that is being viewed by her fans ;D

  74. TAL coybig

    i did post this on my ex's wall.

  75. Katie Kharmie

    Everybody is entitled to their opinions, but not to the people who like her. Go post this on a Pink Floyd song.

  76. prettylittlegame

    wtf is going on with the world

  77. prettylittlegame

    sorry for that..

  78. prettylittlegame

    unlike adele :P

  79. Gwyneth Allen

    It's work my way though your maze not mates

  80. BananaSticker3

    Well said ;D

  81. kimberly bishop

    I just filmed my cover of this song add me and check it out if you want

  82. Nattanja Sophia

    or maybe it's because you're so arrogant and ignorant

  83. Emil Osorio Llanos

    Pink Floyd sucks? Everyone is entitled to have an opinion....but, come on.

    I like Lily Allen and all, but compared to Pink Floyd, she's just small in the game. Really small. I'm just, wow, I'm getting the fuck out of here. See you later.

  84. Kortni Wong

    I'm glad I can't relate to this. If my ex had been awful in bed along with everything else, this last year would have been a COMPLETE waste!

  85. poison4gc

    That sounds about right for my ex...couldn't perform either =/

  86. Sunflower

    :P maybe you guys just didn't connect

  87. Kiley Kimble

    DO IT :)

  88. Braden

    Pink floyd sucks.

  89. Zeuu Mukhtar

    I am BIG I am nice I am clever I am rich... But she still leave me for another guy because she is a pure whore and a slut :D

  90. Zoe Holzer

    If you don't like it please don't comment. Plus I bet you criticize a band every day.

  91. yotsubox1

    This music sucks. Where does she get off criticizing Pink Floyd band members?

  92. woobiefuntime

    does that mean i can work throught ur friends too

  93. Jade Neal

    She's so mean, I love her!

  94. Just an account

    Why didn't she just tell her guy that he wasn't doing very good so they could resolve the issue with help from toys or something LOL.

  95. Faerilyn

    Ha! Apparantly 49 people are "not big". :P

  96. limeGREENteaZONA

    hahaha what the fuck? i don't know if you're kidding, but good for you. be proud!!! hahahahaha

  97. chaviiholly123


  98. discombobulated46

    @TheLittleweiner Thanks for sharing...? O.O tmi, dude. tmi.