Allen, Lily - Interlude Lyrics

I'm a beautiful (beautiful)
Powerful (powerful)
Fashionable (best dressed)

But I'm miserable without your love
Miserable without your love
I am miserable without your love
Miserable without your love

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Allen, Lily Interlude Comments
  1. Mr. Glamorous

    Great song, to cry.

  2. Thibault A.

    do you guys know what the word "interlude" even mean ?

  3. Chuck Fu

    It's not on the Deluxe Edition filler material for the cheap asses that didn't get the entire thing.

    Trahean Hoi

    +Chuck Fu I laughed at your comment I don't even know why.
    But thanks, I was wondering why this song is listed on Wiki.

    Chuck Fu

    +Trahean Hoi 😁

  4. alejandro mauricio

    that song more stupid if you can call it singing to that idiotes from my point of view are subliminal messages to seizing backwards honor to the disk name Sheezus q practically means between good and evil.

  5. Yanis P.

    Am I the only one who think that this song is just completely useless on the album ? Even if it's kinda pretty (except the end..)

  6. lauren egan

    What is this

  7. Chane Garcia

    En la portada aparece el texto en latín de: DIVIDE ET IMPERA, éste es fácil de traducir, pero abajo de esto aparece este otro texto: QUIDQUID LATINE DICTUM ALTUM VIDETUR, ¿Qué significa este texto en latín?, ¡Gracias!.