Allen, Lily - If I Could Save Her From Sadness Lyrics

When she was just a little girl
And she'd come home from school in tears
I dry her eyes and tell her it'll be alright
Now look at her, she's all grown up
With nothing, but a broken heart
And I think to myself

Where did I go wrong
What more could I have done
How could I have prepared her better

If only I could save her from her sadness
If only I could take away her pain
If only I could make her see
There's plenty more fish in the sea
I know that I'd breath easily again

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Allen, Lily If I Could Save Her From Sadness Comments
  1. Hanna Maria Matienzo Paredes

    Best production ever!

  2. Lu Alves

    This song sounds like "he wasn't there!"

  3. Finley Crussell

    Actually I love this rag timey tune.

  4. Victoria Rose

    Love the lyrics and I know this is unreleased but it sounds like something out of a crappy musical where only old people go to. Love lily btw

    mindy kaling superstar

    +Victoria Rose thats why i love it :)


    +Victoria Rose some (or all, i dont know) of the unreleased demos were supposed to be in a musical, but it got cancelled, apparently.

    mindy kaling superstar

    @12havenslav yeah, omg, i just found that out a bit ago, i cant believe i never knew that :o

    Rose Kitty

    Omg, we have the same name. Sry it's off topic. x3 Is "Rose" your middle name?

    The Tweeks

    It was supposed to be in the Bridget Jones musical.