Allen, Lily - Holding On To Nothing Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Sometimes I see his face
I want to hold you but it feels unsafe
Too scared to give me heart up now
I'm not brave enough to play my part now

[Bridge 1:]
Can you guarantee that you'll stay
Here with me, with me

[Verse 2:]
Feels strange like a foreign thing
I'm still waiting for the love to kick in
Sometimes when I watch you sleeping
I keep hand to check you're breathing

[Bridge 2:]
It's not fair, not your fault
Not at all, not at all

Once bitten, twice shy
I try and I try, I try
Cause I'm holding on to nothing
I'm holding on to nothing
Once bitten, twice shy

[Verse 3:]
I can't seem to find the strength
What's the point in keeping you at arm's length
I want to love you but I can't imagine
What I'd do if the worst did happen



[Bridge 3:]
Where I've been, never thought
No I won't go back
Couldn't take anymore
I'm not going back
Going back, going back


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Allen, Lily Holding On To Nothing Comments
  1. Carmen Gonzalez

    This song should be in the hunger games

  2. Sandi Strawberry

    I love this song so much omg

  3. yuno gasai

    P.E.R.F.E.C.T ♥

  4. Victoria Rose

    And finally she has helped me through shit and if it wasn't for her music I would probily be deeply depressed and she has been the one who has inspired me to keep going. I may only be 12 and I may have only discoverd her when sheezus came out but I'm still a massive fan. So get on with ur life......ooops u don't have one. But I'm sure lily is delighted to know she's the center of ur life

    Lucas Medina

    +Victoria Rose Sometimes we arre surprised about how music can help us to get through life.. She helped me too.! I'm glad you are not depressed.! :)

    Lyo being Lyó

    I'm so happy you found an inspiration, never give up ^^ !

  5. Victoria Rose

    Sorry about all the funny symbols
    * to become more famous but she deserves to be Cuz she's been working so hard trying to achieve great songs and she does but the radios don't play them because they contain swear words.
    5. Swearing doesn't make u badly spoken.
    6. All celebs Google their name so "fuck u"

  6. Victoria Rose

    @Ukpurplepanther or whatever the fuck your name is listen to this:
    1.lily Allen was unsure on if she was to quit for ever or to just take a break and she realized that she wanted more in life.
    2.she loves her children as u would have known if u understood that the media only publish the negative side of celebs.
    3.she might have said that but at least she's honest and she says what she thinks rather than keeping all her opinions to her self.
    4.she's not self obsessed, Ok so mabey she's trying*

  7. Florian Lebon

    new favourite song! I bought the basic album but didn't listen the bonus songs on the deluxe version until today. Thank god I did.

    Lucas Medina

    Great songs, grat album, great artist..!! Have you listened Stop right there..? I recommend that song..

    Florian Lebon

    @Lucas Medina good song but i still prefer 'holding on to nothing' over 'stop right there'

  8. Zodiac Killers

    i always thought she said "I'm spitting treasure"

  9. Lior Sharabi


  10. UKPurplePanther

    _Allen makes out she is well spoken blah blah blah.....then swears like some bloke off a building site_   *She's exactly the same at home....foul mouthed trollop of a mother !!*

    Finley Crussell

    Oh well, that's not really our place to talk. And to call a mother a Trollop is in my opinion crude. I don't wish to be rude but I feel that your choice of vindictive words are rude in themselves.

  11. UKPurplePanther

    Lily is a Little Liar ! She said she was a "domesticated homemaking mummy" then said she found her "baby daughters, two human beings that don't talk or respond - BORING" The public do not like women who say unkind things about their own children ! . . . She's turned into a >power hungry, self obsessed druggy !  She has confessed to Googling her own name every day ! She is obsessed with *trying to be famous*. . . . 
    Lily >> you maybe getting famous > but for all the wrong reasons !
    *_Your Place Really is in The Kitchen!!!_*

    Rose Kitty

    We get it. You hate Lily Allen, but please don't criticize her. I don't like a lot of singers, but I don't constantly hate on their videos. Please, just stop.

  12. UKPurplePanther

    The *marriage and children* were just one of her little fads. Now we see she is all about Me Me Me... I had really hoped becoming a wife and mother would make her mellow > _but she gets worse as time goes on_  
    *_I give that  marriage 1 more year_*  then it'll be...... "We've grown apart etc etc" In other words…. *Poor Sam gets sick of never seeing his wife, and learning about her antics via the w.w.w.*
    _Sam, she is taking advantage of your patient nature more than you know.._
    *Unconfirmed reports are that there has been a lot of shouting and swearing at the Cooper-Allen residence recently*