Allen, Lily - Friday Night Lyrics

Friday night last orders at the pub
Get in the car and drive to the club
There's a massive crowd outside
So we get in to the queue
It's quarter past 11
Now we won't get in 'til quarter two

It's quarter two and we get to the front
Girl on a guest list dressed like a cunt
She asked security to check inside my shoes
You can play this game with me
But you know you're gonna lose

Look me up and down
I don't make a sound
There's a lesson that I want you to learn
It's if you're gonna play with fire then you're gonna get burned

Don't try and test me 'cause you'll get a reaction
Another drink and I'm ready for action
I don't know who you think you are
But making people scared won't get you very far

In the club make our way to the bar
Good dancing love but you should have worn a bra
Guy on the mic and he's making too much noise
There's these girls in the corner want attention from the boys

I see these girls and they're shouting through the crowd
Don't understand why they're being really loud
Make their way over to me
And try and push me out the way
I'll push her back, she looks at me and says
What you tryna say?

Look me up and down
I don't make a sound
There's a lesson that I want you to learn
It's if you're gonna play with fire then you're gonna get burned

Don't try and test me 'cause you'll get a reaction
Another drink and I'm ready for action
I don't know who you think you are
But making people scared won't get you very far

Don't try and test me 'cause you'll get a reaction
Another drink and I'm ready for action
I don't know who you think you are
But making people scared won't get you very far

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Allen, Lily Friday Night Comments
  1. Kian Richards

    2000th like <3

  2. Bennings

    Why are they going so fucking slowly?!

  3. ChristianBx

    Thorpe park is closing soon si

  4. Crinja

    “ello lovelies”

  5. Vlad Mordred

    I feel like this is Arya Stark's or Olena Tyrell's theme song.

  6. x__zeesh__x

    Oh shit

  7. My crazy fam!

    Dressed like a c***

  8. R L

    Next stop Thorpe Park

    Daniel Yyy408


  9. Qall Evans

    who heard in 2018? Meeeee 🙋🙋🙋🙋

  10. Silvija Cavajda Matuka

    very amusing song ... like, relax and have fun ...

  11. Divine


  12. Pim Smets

    Funnily enough... I know that girl! :o So funny how Lily Allen sings what you think XD

  13. Kaya Kando-Vogel

    I love it

  14. AZ LAZ



    AZ LAZ it’s almost like they don’t want their dearly departed to fly out the back onto the A30

  15. Redleaf Autumn

    When music was good and now we have reggeton...

  16. Nathan Dimelow

    Yellow car ruining funerals anyone?

    Kyle Broflovski

    Nathan Dimelow Inbetweenrs lol

    Hello Hello

    Yellow shitheap 😂

  17. Stardust

    Friday nights are magic
    I love friday night songs .
    Katy Perry and I came across this one.

  18. Maddie McCan

    Good dancing love but you should of wore a bra 😂


    hi i am autistic i do not why this is in the song or what it means of this can someone explain

  19. Maliyah Moores

    Mine and my sisters favorite song! This song is amazing! 🙌

  20. HeyI'mLame

    Wires by the neighborhood

  21. zedata57

    brilliant song. I could listen to it all day.

  22. Ramzi Zouaghi

    The Inbetweeners <3

  23. Skaana Freedom

    Sexy and dangerous.

  24. mrzack888

    why she ripping off katy perry?

    Taylor Corkery

    mrzack888 It's older than Katy Perry's


    katy perry ripped HER off.

  25. Princessaaliyahd Princess dokrat

    This song is so crap

    Daniel Yyy408

    Why are you listening to it then?

  26. Austin

    anyone else recognise this from the background of The Inbetweeners?

    EclipseFox31 Show?

    Austin yep

    EclipseFox31 Show?

    Austin Thorpe park


    Loved that episode, then again. I loved all of The Inbetweeners episodes

    Daniel Yyy408

    @EclipseFox31 Show? hello me

  27. Bagus Giyanto

    i love it

  28. Abby Inman

    i love it. lily allen is my 2nd fave artist. 1st for me is la roux.


    Abby Inman omg 😲 the exact same!💕 thought I was the only one x

    Abby Inman

    Morgxn_12 yay! I thought I was alone too

    Luka Jovicic

    Abby Inman mine 3rd, after sia and marina and the diamonds

    Lavania Del Rey

    Luka Jovicic Mine goes Lana, lily, marina then banks

  29. cute girl

    what is c***?

    Maddie McCan

    If you dont know your too young, don’t watch this video

    Autumn Ferguson

    cute girl c.u.n.t.. That's what

  30. Molly pull

    I know this song word from word

    Lauren Youle

    But do u even English tho

  31. ravenmagic5

    why can I imagine a full choreograph of tangoing with this song? it's almost sexy.

  32. LittlestBiche

    I almost feel like this is a Halloween song? Like I know it's not but it just feels like it.

    Gillian Pylar

    that's exactly what I was thinking

  33. Nutjay Woody

    Right on .. :)

  34. Jacqui Crawford

    I like her style...haha

    Ralf Gummerus

    I like story telling but have no clue what this one came down to. I can live this lyrics to a plethora of real life outcomes, so long ago with near death experience but fortunately without any casualties.

  35. BeautifullyDemented

    So true damn it...... Some c*nt at a concert once challenged me to a fight. Looked me up and down. I didn't make a sound. She pushed me. I'm standing there like "SECURITY!!!!"

  36. Tati Wood

    Please do If I ain't got you by Alicia Keys!

  37. Kiera Perry

    *two sorry that was bothering me haha

    Marjorie Eslit

    I love katty perry


    +Marjorie Eslit its spelt katy

  38. hanazada

    The best friday night song. Love how lily dgaf about anything #queen

  39. 3gogirl

    Excuse me, I don't remember the part of the lyrics saying "I want to impress deanedgx" That isn't very catchy while the rest it.

  40. frisky bits

    This reminds me of amber from mcl

  41. Lily Chloe

    -Virtual slap-

  42. Whitney McDonald

    This is how you do a Friday Night song Katy Perry

    Pim Smets

    Because this is the real thing XD

  43. Gracie Abarca

    This song reminds me of my boyfriend

  44. minmex0x

    I love this song it's the best one of her but that's jujutsu my opinion lol also I think she a fantastic voice but again that's my opinion also I agree with a lot of you about the lyrics and that some are wrong :)

  45. Adventures with Lizz

    Not to be mean or anything,but it seems everybody copied Lily Allen!

  46. ケイ

    Lily's genre she sings is just so AWESOME.

  47. IAmDaLyricsMaster

    The fact is that it's meant to be the CORRECT LYRICS

  48. Shananagune

    What's you point!? You can still fucking read it!

  49. wildearthlove

    this song kind of remind me of st.trinians, especially the very beginning

  50. IAmDaLyricsMaster

    so many mistakes..
    a reaction*
    mic.* not mike

  51. TheRazzeyy

    Nope, cause I'm British.

  52. chelsiedommett

    i forgot how much of a tune this song is

  53. DarkHylianOfficial

    Exactly. Therefore, she's not the only one. :P

  54. George Sigmar

    I really like lily allen. She is so talented and this song is my favorite by her.

  55. DarkHylianOfficial

    I am British, so... No.

  56. Patience cotton

    With any of her songs i have to sing it in her accent


    Patience cotton me too

  57. cait brooner

    i hope that i am not the only person that sings lily allen with a britsh acsent

  58. Kat Ruttledgge.

    LOVE Lily Allen.

  59. Saie Chane

    Yes I ment the same.If you scare people in the right situations and the perfect amount you don't have to dealwith alot of crap.Sometimes it's easier to cut corners then to waste time being nice to jerks who need to feel some scare in there life -__-

  60. Saie Chane

    it will if you do it right >:3

  61. Saie Chane

    who says making people scared is bad,i find it works very well

  62. ayame mashiba

    like this if u think or KNOW that lilly allen songs are better than katty perry's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Liger Muffins

    Katy Perry's Friday ain't got nothin' on Lilly Allen's. BI

  64. Josie Del Castillo

    dressed like a *&%$

  65. amir ridhwan

    yeah good song like it

  66. Inez333

    ROOOAAAR I love it

  67. Mini Mouse

    Love it <3

  68. Lilly Shulman

    like this if you think this song is catchy! :D

  69. lalla12123

    Nice song:-D

  70. Sea Earl Punch

    The original 'Friday'.

  71. gilesP

    cool i love it
    its friday nigth lol

  72. Jessica

    I luv singing to this song :)

  73. hesti riswanti

    i like this song...:)

  74. Abbey Bo

    Ooh i lov that song, some songs make me feel queasy