Allen, Lily - Don't Get Me Wrong Lyrics

Don't get me wrong, if I'm looking kind of dazzled
I see neon lights, whenever you walk by
Don't get me wrong, if you say hello and I take a ride
Upon a sea where the mystic moon is playing havoc with the tide
Don't get me wrong

Don't get me wrong, if I'm acting so distracted
I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile
Don't get me wrong, if I split like light refracted
I'm only off to wander across a moonlit mile

Once in a while, two people meet
Seemingly for no reason, they just pass on the street
Suddenly thunder showers everywhere
But who can explain the thunder and rain, but there's something in the air

Don't get me wrong, if I come and go like fashion
I might be great tomorrow, but hopeless yesterday
Don't get me wrong, if I fall in the mode of passion
It might be unbelievable, but let's not say so long
It might just be fantastic, don't get me wrong

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Allen, Lily Don't Get Me Wrong Comments
  1. Kay C

    Her brother serve house Stark well, but sadly John wick killed him for being a prick.

  2. Arcadia Jacky

    Definitely better than the original. So much sweeter. Lilys interpretstion is exactly what the song needed.

  3. Paulo Ricardo Weller

    Ficou uma bosta

  4. sandra berti

    .... sorry...I prefer Chrissie...I love Pretenders ❤️

  5. Oleksandr Sheludko

    Дуже добре!))

  6. Rosalyn Noriega

    very.... nice!!!

  7. Enerio Romero

    I was shopping at Macys and this song came on and hit Shazam!

  8. Wilson Torres

    200th subscriber!

  9. Stiff Richard

    This sucks. This bird-brain isn't worthy of kissing Chrissie Hynde's feet.

    pink quails

    The cover is better than the original.. kiss my ass cunt.

  10. isaac davis and michael huynh

    new version of talented lady

  11. Fer Abra

    Cute as can be, and her voice is one of the best in at least 20 years.

  12. Bob Watson

    I’m just loving this cover Lilly Allan is brilliant And
    has so much talent

  13. Ruben Buenvenida

    lily allen Don't Get Me Wrong

  14. CallMeSpidey !

    Great cover!

  15. Michael and pax Huynh

    Carter is talent

  16. Billie Queen


  17. Menina das Humanas \0/

    Amo essa música!!

  18. Edgar Enrique España

    54 people got it wrong : - (

  19. John Roark

    Anyone else here because of working in retail?

    Lou Duarte

    John Roark omg I don't work retail but I heard this version in a Macy's

    Haydn Lamar

    Yes lol heard it on radio today

  20. marcb3211

    don't get me wrong.. but you're cover sucks..


    don't get me wrong... but your grammar sucks...

  21. Zoned 247

    I like Lily Allen, because she's genuine, but you shouldn't cover The Pretenders. Seriously don't fuck about with a Chrissie Hynde song, like ever

  22. Patrick Lyons

    A stake through the heart of a great song.

  23. Finco Bherthë

    perfect her beautiful voice...

  24. Al Locke

    How can you not like this?

  25. annakrshm

    love it 😍

    Abby Inman

    Same. Lily Allen & la roux are the 2 best bands out there.

  26. Chuck Fu

    OMG NEVER HEARD THIS BEFORE I'M DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    André Diniz

    +Chuck Fu Check the original by The Pretenders, then.

    Chuck Fu

    +André Diniz I've heard that I never heard lily do this until here. I'm sort of crazy for her. Thanks

    mikey p

    @Chuck Fu I know you posted this a very long time ago now, I knew what you mean't as there is no way you wouldn't of heard the original before unless you were stuck on a dessert island all your life or you were 1 years old lol

  27. Diana Hyland

    nice song

  28. Paulo Pimenta

    This Song makes me remember good memories :-)

  29. Moriyoshi Sato佐藤 守克

    when i heard this, i feel good sense of that her way of covering the song ... indeed Lilly challenged the great song, She did It !!!

    Moriyoshi Sato佐藤 守克

    @***** the first time when i watched Lily's video, She sang country music "It's not fair"... i thought she's American singer... and now she is the kind of singer who can sing many different type of songs. i like her songs and so on i love the covered songs which she is singing...

  30. Kate Holme

    Heard this whilst it!!!!!

  31. Mr Perfect

    Lily I smply love it 👏

  32. Claudia Rabago

    Makes me feel like the reggae..thanks for posting this version

  33. boulkak02

    I miss those days she was good know she is doing .... shit

  34. Antony Heath

    Like this a lot more than some of the stuff she has done. 

  35. Mike Parker

    Oh yeah, this really works. Good job Lily and that is going some with such a tough act to follow

    Diane Paulse

    Mystic moon playing havoc with the tide ...don't get me wrong ...across a moonlit mile 

  36. John Rogan

    drop dead gorgeous!...lily allen....smoother than chrissy....would like to have her try it in french...took guts to outdo a legend!

  37. Samuel Hernandez

    LUv this song ♥

  38. suru

    Amo esta canción :'D

    Manuel Ayala

    @Anaid Ylonen yo tambien,pero la original

  39. Monarque

    that's sound like shit seriously

  40. Bob Peden

    Do I wish I was forty years younger ? No she still wouldn,t fancy me but I dream.

    Pedro Heberle

    This was unexpectedly cute.

  41. Onceuponascheme

    This just makes me happy

  42. Cheleeama Chapin

    Angelic Musician,Kydoz 2 Katy Perry who led meow..animal instinct 2 U Y'all R Amazon Grace..Long live thee Old school popupz..we dissapear but thru Gods Grace we always Pop back up..Pray&Peace..melodee Faith...luv ya

  43. keith jaynes

    Not good, Pretenders a lot better

    Robert S

    Pretenders superior. Lily Allen inferior.

  44. Janae Gonzalez

    God, I love this woman. Her voice is perfect.

  45. Saru Wakusei

    So beauty

  46. pythoncase

    Sorry, nothing against this version, but it just doesn't do it for me. It is a good version, though.

  47. Denise Brutus

    you are rght!

  48. AJCC

    What a shit voice stick to talking songs u cant sing mate :-X

    Alejandro Robles Dominguez

    AJCC this is a non-commercial song, it’s just a cover so chill...

  49. Izmir Mendoza

    A very lovley song

  50. Владимир Лебедев

    Yes this song clings

  51. Mario Irving


  52. hateUmankind

    nice song but i still like the original batter

  53. Peeanut Butteer

    lily allen CAN do you think she became a singer? most people including me like Lily's singing. so stfu. dont like it? ignore :)

  54. S1deshowRob

    I love this cover

  55. miracat53

    Its funny. Since she has an accent we kind of think of her as a cool backstreet brittish singer. In Britain I bet shes thought of more as a Colbie Callait kind of girl.

  56. Djsolaur

    I like it alot
    soft voice and that nice British accent
    I don't think this is bad at all shame on the naysayers
    before you naysay something best be sure that you can do it better yourself...
    that's what I say on the matter.I like it much though really

  57. Karen Schooff

    How do you figure? She doesn't miss a single note OR end every sentence with a whine like Hynde.. (which is fine cause it's her style) but seriously. Lily sings awesome. Get real.

  58. marcel-nine-one-one

    Love it. A great song with the uniquely Lily treatment :)

  59. razor tailed

    Ok, im a cat. woof.

  60. Manon D

    Kinda ironic for someone named "Kitty".

  61. razor tailed

    I'm a dog, woof.

  62. Centigonos

    Well, it is a matter of opinion, right? But with you fond of both and me only fond of the Pretender's version, you win by 2:1. :D

  63. Richard Harris

    Nonsense; I love Hynde but lily is wonderful too.

  64. carlos rojas h

    me gusta mas la version Original .... :)

  65. Manon D

    It's really just a matter of taste. I genuinely like Lily Allen's voice. It's not very powerful or anything I'll give you that, but it's cute, nice and easy on the ears (which makes the lyrics of her songs sound fun until you realise their meaning so that makes the songs really funny and cruel and I love that). And she's a singer songwriter and I respect her for that, so I guess she earned the right to do a cover from time to time.

    paul rawes

    Kelly Magination This version, sounds rather cold, and lacking emotion!

  66. Centigonos

    Big difference though:
    - Chrissie Hynde -> can sing.
    - Lily Allen -> cannot.

    Jef De Beuker

    Centigonos maybe you should shut up since lily is da best singer ever

  67. Daniel Tellez

    such a pretty British jewel!! cheers from Colombia!

  68. Ian Clayton

    Didn't think would be any good...great effort

  69. amanda rhymers

    How do I purchase this track??

  70. dan4466

    I think I like this better than the Pretenders version. Great job, Lily.

  71. Tomboyu

    This is good. I don't know what everyone is complaining about.

  72. Chimchimchubs

    you are you doing here??

  73. Weasel Shark

    wow.....this sucks complete ass

  74. Rene Nuñez

    Lily sos hermoza, este un temaso.

  75. marcb3211

    way to ruin a classic Lily...

  76. mummel18000

    Ganda ng kanta! Lilly, pag-mahal aking buhay!

  77. winxclub musa

    Lily is awesome

  78. cocainine1

    love that's all i have to say :)

  79. Mauricio Parra


  80. craig foley

    Shit hot

  81. pradalalice

    2:19 Cro *__*

  82. noxinixon1

    noxinixon: don't get me wrong...check it out

  83. patrick jensen

    remember keep both hands on the wheel

  84. patrick jensen

    can i barrow your towel

  85. Rel Niggah

    I'm speechless I love you lily

  86. Andy Bruger


  87. Showing Love to Helen Mirren

    Ella es Muy buena cantante felicitaciones para Lily!!!♥

  88. Dánely Jéssica Yépez Sánchez

    Don't get me wrong, if I'm acting so distracted
    I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile!!!♥♥♥♥♥
    QUE HERMOSO!!!!♥

  89. h00ligan

    Good voice, cool song.

  90. Akira Ryouta

    Why is she so sexy.... -gets jealous-

  91. Manon D

    How can one be so immature ? It's not about "excelling The Pretenders", it's a freaking honour to have someone covering your song ! Se liked it, she sang it ! Don't you ever sing songs you like ? In the shower at least ? Well, since she's a singer, we actually get to listen to her versions. Don't like it, go listen to The Pretenders. I love their versions as well, congrats to them for writing it. But this is good as well.

  92. Ginevra Ryhanen

    She's so pretty:)

  93. Meli

    She is so pretty :D And her voice is really beautifull *-*

  94. electrojones

    Asti spadabza! Asti perideo spadabza! Hec! Hec!